Abortion hotline

The hotline, which was created by Pakistani and Dutch women's rights organizations, advises women on the use of misoprostol to self-induce abortions. She created the hotline in hopes of lowering the high rate of pregnancy-related deaths in Pakistan.
According to an Inter Press Service report, there are 30,000 pregnancy-related deaths each year in Pakistan, and between five and 15 percent of these are due to abortions.

The hotline is called Sahailee — "female friend" in Urdu — and is running in three Pakistani cities, including the nation's two largest. Immediately following its launch, religious leaders in the overwhelmingly Muslim nation spoke out against the hotline. Women on Waves, the Dutch nonprofit involved in the creation of the hotline, reported that the drug has the same health impact as a spontaneous miscarriage.

The New Zealand Herald reports that Wairarapa doctor Simon Snook set up the hotline to help people seeking abortions get quicker access to counseling, arrange medical tests, and make an appointment with an abortion clinic.

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