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Tens of millions of women around the world are getting abortions done every year, and the numbers just keep growing. Many anti-abortion groups will use the abortion side effects as a way to discourage women from having abortions. While it is indeed true that there are abortion side effects and that they can sometimes get pretty ugly, the number of women who experience abortion side effects to an extreme degree is actually so small that it is almost negligible. The longer you wait to get an abortion, the greater the risk of the abortion itself, and the greater the possibility that you will suffer abortion side effects. Period like cramps are also experienced by many women after an abortion, especially in abortion methods that administer medication to cause uterine contractions to expel the uterine lining to complete the abortion. Nausea is one of the more common abortion side effects in the case of medical or non-surgical abortions.
Other abortion side effects of both medical and surgical abortion methods include diarrhea and dizziness. Uterine scarring is one of those abortion side effects that may have repercussions in future pregnancies. Sometimes, abortion side effects can be caused not by the abortion method but by the anesthetics or other medications that are used which can lead to allergic reactions or heart attacks.
Most important of all, choose a qualified doctor and ensure that the abortion will be conducted in a hygienic facility with the latest medical equipment on hand with electricity backup. If you experience any abortion side effects that frighten you, especially bleeding or a fever (symptom of an infection), call your doctor immediately. Research shows that a high percentage of women who have abortions are more suicidal later in life.
Many women who have abortions also tend to abuse recreational drugs, medicinal drugs and alcohol. Self-esteem issues and self-confidence issues are the more common emotional abortion side effects.
Another way of punishment or dealing with the stress of abortion is to eat too little (anorexia nervosa) or to try to fill the emptiness and dumb down the pain with compulsive eating sometimes followed by purging (bulimia). See an abortion counselor before and after the procedure for as long as you feel necessary. On Monday, February 28th, 2011 in response to the continued epidemic of abortion in the Black community and the recent revelations of Black Philadelphia Abortionist Kermit Gosnell's house of abortion horrors, a National Day of Mourning has been called into being by the National Black Pro-Life Coalition. According to the Alan Guttmacher Institute (AGI), Black Americans account for 30%1 of all abortions nationwide, even though the racial group only comprises 13%2 of the population. Obviously, the reason one feels compelled to seek an abortion has its own corresponding mental aspects and effects.

The quotes above shed light on some of the reasons women in Russia may feel they have no other choice but to seek an abortion. Though limited access to contraceptives played a large role in the high abortion rates in Russia, even in circumstances of availability, women would often preferred abortion. If you ever visit a pro-life website, the abortion side effects listed there would make you think that every abortion is a horrific hack job and that an abortion is the most unsafe procedure in the history of medicine. As an empowered woman of today, it is your right to know about abortion side effects, no matter how small the chance that you will ever suffer from any of them. In other words, abortion in the later stages of pregnancy carry greater risk for the mother and the abortion methods for the later stages of pregnancy carries a higher rate of abortion side effects too. Bleeding is bound to occur in the case of surgical abortion methods since there may be a cut involved, depending on which stage of the pregnancy the abortion is being conducted, and because of the sharp surgical instruments used to carry out the abortion.
This can happen even if there is no perforation of any organs and if the abortion is carried out under hygienic conditions. The reasons are not always known, and the risk of death is a possibility with any type of abortion, whether surgical or non-surgical in nature.
But the truth is that the psychological abortion side effects go much deeper and are more wide-ranging than most people realize. This is a way to deal with the stress and anxiety of the abortion and an attempt to block out the memory of the experience. A considerable percentage of the women who have abortions will have feelings of guilt that manifest as self-loathing leading to a very low sense of self-worth. All across the country, Americans are invited to mourn the loss of over 55 million babies killed by the Supremely wicked Supreme Court decisions of legalized abortion, known as Roe v. The chart below gives more detailed categories of reasons women sought abortions in various regions of Russia and Ukraine. The abortion methods today have evolved to being much safer and less invasive than they were before. This is understandable since these groups want to prevent women from having abortions, so they use they blow information about abortion side effects out of proportion.
While it is your doctor’s responsibility to tell you about abortions side effects, it is not always possible to fit the range of information about abortion side effects in an abortion consultation. Following are some of the physical abortion side effects that you may experience after the abortion. However, it is usually excessive bleeding or an untreated infection that can be fatal abortion side effects. You will be given detailed instructions on what to do and what not to do after the abortion along with prescribed medication.

However, an abortion is still going against the natural way of things and it is still somewhat of a shock to the body, not to mention the mind.
Your doctor will probably just stick to the abortion side effects pertaining to the abortion method that you are showing a preference for.
However, it has been observed that women who had negative feelings about the abortion or were depressed or nervous about the abortion experienced higher levels of pain than women who were more accepting of their circumstances. But this happens very rarely in abortion procedures carried out in modern medical facilities that are using up-to-date technologies and abortion methods. So take some time off from work, turn that phone off, and do something you love for a couple of days after the abortion.
Just like all the other abortion side effects, the psychological and emotional abortion side effects may affect some women while others remain unaffected. This is not normal sleep but another way of not having to deal with the negative emotions associated with the abortion.
So women who suffer from low self-esteem as a result of the abortion are more likely to have eating disorders as well. So here is an overview of the abortion side effects that have been known to occur after an abortion, the normal abortion side effects as well as the more intense manifestations of them.
Following are some of the long-term psychological repercussions of abortions that are not usually addressed even by the medical community and which most people do not know about.
And women who are depressed will likely experience more extreme physical abortion side effects too.
If thinking about an abortion, make sure that you are mentally prepared for it just as much as you physically prepare for it. Some abortion side effects are very common and will be experienced by most women, while others are relatively rarer.
Many women who have abortions end up with low-paying jobs even though they are qualified to do more. Get abortion counseling, and see a counselor for a few weeks after the abortion as well to ensure that you learn to manage any negative residues that linger.
Even if you think you are OK with having an abortion, many women find that it haunts those years after they get it done. Psychiatrists feel that this is because the women feel guilt about the abortion and degrade themselves as a sort of punishment.

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