40 weeks pregnant the bump

My mom flew in from Michigan late Tuesday night and we’ve been being the best Gussies we know how to be! Reading your post, I feel so silly about being impatient for a rug to arrive that I ordered last week haha You’ve been waiting all week for a BABY! Praying that whatever the situation is tomorrow, that you will feel God’s peace and that baby will be delivered safely!
I have also run into Germans in this country with nhitong good to say about Germany: Its too conservative Its too racist There was a book I read by the author of stones in the river about Germans dealing with their heritage. I love that your Mom came from MI to be there with you…I wait with bated breath on FB AND Instagram to hear how you did and what blessing God has bestowed on you and Mr.

From very early on the doctors said Baby has been measuring a week or more ahead of schedule.
I would love for labor to happen naturally, but at the same time we’re taking comfort knowing this is what God has planned for our family. That was not the way I saw it going and lots of women told me stories about how inductions are slower and can be a more long and painful process but my labor was 12 hours long and honestly, not that bad! Keep an open mind and let things happen as they may, and ask lots of questions during the process if you have them!
No matter what baby’s birth day looks like, these next couple days will be so beautiful, try to enjoy them – even the painful parts!

I mean, it wasn’t a piece of cake but I felt God there with me and the love and excitement from so many family and friends and it was completely ok. Just thrilled ourselves and waiting for that first glimpse, cheering you on from afar, all these sisters who know the courage and wonder of becoming a mom that first time.

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