40 pregnant and tired

A photo journal comprised of my thoughts on motherhood and other life happenings, as well as some of professional work as a photographer. And yet I can’t stop eating pineapple after pineapple in hopes of a puddle of amniotic fluid magically appearing at my feet. I instructed the homeopathoIogist that I’m now at my due date and need the stronger dose.
You can try A, B, and C, and even E, F, AND G if it makes you feel better and helps fill your days of waiting.
My wheels started spinning, I paid the nine bucks, and I waddled back to my car thinking, “Screw her, she used the asterix. What she is basically telling me is that I can take her shit or leave it and either way my baby will come when he damn well pleases”.

With that said, I’ve put a lot of love and care and forethought into my decision and the later I get in pregnancy, the more I see my control over the situation diminishing.
Some Eastern healers believe that certain pressure points on the hands and feet may stimulate the body's natural labor process, although Dr. Even if you can't get your tired bod to a prenatal massage therapist, asking your partner to give you a rubdown might help your aching back, not to mention your mood.Become a spice girl.
Spicy foods fall into that "can't hurt, might help" category, and we say that once you're more than 40 weeks pregnant, you've earned the right to eat your baby's weight in Mexican food.Have an orgasm or two. The hormone oxytocin surges when you have an orgasm, which can trigger labor in at-term pregnant women. We're not saying that exercising is easy when you're 40 weeks pregnant or more, but try to stay active.

Although stretching, doing prenatal yoga, or going for a short walk aren't likely to bring on labor, they're all good for you and your baby.
At this point in your pregnancy, it's acceptable (and maybe even advised) to pretty much avoid anyone and everyone, both in the flesh and online, who isn't your medical practitioner or your partner -- in other words, anyone who might have the poor judgment to ask if you're still pregnant.

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