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There was considerable shareholder concern in 2012 about her focus, but she announced she would only take two weeks of maternity leave and did. Since Mayer joined the company in near-collapse, she has hired more engineers, strived to revive flagging sales and ordered a string of top management departures.
Mayer launched her biggest initiative in July, the $32 billion spin-off of Alibaba shares into a separately traded-company that may be worth more to shareholders than the current value of Yahoo shares.
The deal was roaring ahead until the IRS questioned the transaction after Yahoo!’s July 17 SEC filing.

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Although shareholders give her credit for preventing the company’s demise, she still hasn’t convinced enough consumers to make Yahoo! The spinoff is to be called Aabaco Holdings is expected to consist of 384 million shares of Alibaba, representing a 15 percent stake in Jack Ma’s Chinese Internet firm; and Yahoo!
But attacks in the blogosphere have called her short maternity leave “a bad precedent for Yahoo’s lower-level employees, mothers and fathers, who do not have the job flexibility and cannot afford the extensive social support and backup systems that Mayer and her husband will be able to construct,” according to CNN blogger Stephanie Coontz.

As someone who is sympathetic to the needs of her employees, Mayer doubled Yahoo!’s paid maternity leave from eight to sixteen weeks in 2012.
If the IRS rules the deal is a sale, Yahoo would owe a 40 percent tax, or $12.8 billion in tax.

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