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She wanted to use her pregnancy news as an opportunity to ask each employer about their willingness to let her work from home two days after her baby arrived, so she told them over the phone before her third round of interviews. Pynchon recalls a client who was expecting a baby via surrogate and decided not to disclose her news while interviewing for a new job. Although she was in her second trimester, Courtney Parker, a 28-year-old nurse practitioner who lives in Newtown, Conn., decided to keep her pregnancy news to herself too. Although whether to disclose your pregnancy during a job search is a personal decision, women may find some direction from studying the statistics. A study in the United Kingdom found that 76% of male and female managers surveyed would not hire a woman if they knew she would become pregnant in the next six months. Another recent study in the United Kingdom revealed that 76% of male and female managers surveyed would not hire a woman if they knew she would become pregnant in the next six months. In the end, any pregnant woman facing this dilemma needs to choose the best path for herself.
I have been in this position and was working as a temp in state government when I found out I was pregnant. A little over 31 years ago, I made the same decision when I was interviewing for a position with a very large company. I was working at a Consulting firm when I found out I was pregnant, they werent very supportive of me.

I found out that I was pregnant recently, after receiving and accepting a new job offer, but before my upcoming start date. Mentioning that you're pregnant right up front -- for instance, in a cover letter -- isn't necessary and takes the focus off of you as a candidate. Under the law, a job recruiter can't ask you if you're married, have kids or are expecting. The bottom line here is that you should do what is comfortable for you and makes sense for your particular situation (including stage of pregnancy and industry).
At 24 weeks, Parker opted to hide her baby bump under loose clothing and wore a scarf to take attention off her figure when she interviewed for a job at a medical clinic. Some evidence indicates that announcing your pregnancy before getting the job offer could hurt your career prospects. A woman desperate for income and a job may find it’s just too risky to come clean before she is offered the position.
And, the lesson I learned is that staying true to my moral compass is more important than any job.
I went on the academic job market three months pregnant, got a job and then told my new boss when we finally had to make decisions about what I would be teaching. I have been told by others, though, that the best time to disclose a pregnancy is at the time of the offer.

Didn’t say anything during my next two interviews and wore sea bands to keep my nausea at bay.
I am a larger women and the first 3 months I lost a lot of wieght from morning sickness, I was 5 month along when I interviewed and 6 months when I started. I called her, super nervous, but I had been so impressed with her during my interview, so I knew she would be¬†partially¬†supportive (and she’s encouraging me to have a second!).
I went on unemployment but knew I wouldn’t be able to afford bills let alone stuff for the baby, so I decided to look for a job (being 6 months pregnant). Try to "save that conversation until you're negotiating the compensation package," suggested Amanda Augustine of job search site TheLadders.
I was up front and honest at all of my interviews…most people completely changed the way they acted towards me after I told them.
I eventually went through a temp agency and they managed to help me find a receptionist job.
When I went into an interview with the company I would be working with my future boss was so supportive and they are accomadating everything I need from my leave to having a secret room for me to pump on breaks.

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