3 months pregnant can you get abortion

If a woman is considering an abortion, she must know how far along into her pregnancy she is. Late-term is defined as an abortion performed after viability of the fetus: If a pregnancy is farther than week 24, abortion is no longer an option. Although a pregnancy is considered full term between week 37 and week 42 of pregnancy, babies born as early as week 24 have survived.

Currently 41 states have laws banning most post-viability abortions, according to Michigan State University. If a woman's fetus is not considered viable, she may have the option of terminating her pregnancy.
However, if she's past the viability mark, then an abortion is likely illegal unless her life is in danger.

Even if her life is in danger, a late-term abortion may not be an option, but a preterm delivery of the baby may be considered instead.

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