24 weeks pregnant chances of survival

Out of 750 babies born before 24 weeks in the womb, 92 lived for at least a year, the infant mortality data from the Office of National Statistics show. Experts said survival of very premature babies has not changed dramatically for twenty years and disability rates remain high in those who live.
But now, thanks to medical advances (some as simple as using a plastic sandwich bag to prevent water loss immediately after birth), more of these tiny babies are managing to survive.

According to the latest figures released by the Office for National Statistics in 2011, 80 per cent of babies born extremely prematurely survived. High numbers of babies used to die from a lack of surfactant, including President John F Kennedy’s youngest child, Patrick, who was born five and a half weeks early in 1963, weighing about 4lb 10oz. In the womb a foetus will gain between a third to half of its birth weight after 32 weeks, growing from, on average, 1,800g (4lb) at 32 weeks to about 3,600g (8lb) at full term.

Cerebral palsy affects about 10 per cent of those born at 23 weeks (the risk falls to 1-2 per cent at 26 weeks).

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