Youth Basketball Practice PlansBasketball practice plans and award certificate templates for youth basketball coaches.
When coaches come prepared with a practice plan, players learn more, coaches can focus on teaching in the moment vs.
Don't know what some of the lines on the court mean?If you need basketball court diagrams, check out our selection of free, downloadable pictures with and without court dimensions. Whether it's youth, high school, college, professional, or international leagues, find the basket ball court size you're looking for. If you're interested in building a basket ball court in your driveway or backyard, these diagrams will be helpful in figuring out how you want to lay out your playing area.
Check out our official basketball rules to find all of the rules you need for high school, college, pro, and international competition. Prior to the game meet with the scorekeeper from the other team (if there is one) and exchange rosters with players names and uniform numbers. The overall running score – on the bottom of each team sheet you will see that the running score boxes.
If you look at other scorebooks, you may notice that some scorekeepers use a circle and lines to capture free throws.
Fouls by each team in each half - When a foul is committed by a player the ref will blow the whistle to stop the game and turn to face the scoring table. Hint: If the foul was made in the first half, put a slash through the corresponding number.
A bonus is awarded to the team fouled by a team that has already committed over 6 fouls in a half. A double bonus is awarded to a team if a fouling team has committed 10 or more fouls in a half. Note: All shooting fouls are awarded 2 or 3 free throws depending on the position of the shooter on the court when he or she was fouled.
Keeping track of fouls is very important because many games are won or lost at the foul line. Note: Basketball is a very strategic game and timeouts are key to the execution of the strategy.

Keeping the basic stats is not hard to do if you have a basic understanding of the game, know some terminology and are attentive. Offensive players are only allowed to be in the lane for 3 seconds before a shot hits the rim or they will get called for a three-second violation. The bounds of the basketball court are described by the sidelines, running the length of the court, and the base lines (or end lines) at the end of the court. This site is a product of TSI (Technological Solutions, Inc.), Copyright 2016, All Rights Reserved.
By having someone spend some time to carefully think thru what's to be taught and when to teach it gives you a distinct advantage. Select from full and half-court templates and find playing area dimensions for all levels of competition. By plotting the shooter's number at the spot of the shot and circling it if the basket is made, you'll get a great idea of your team's shot selection and shooting percentage. Follow the links below to find charts comparing the regulation court sizes for all levels of play: Youth, Jr.
You really only need to capture four vital stats as outlined in Youth Basketball: How to Keep Score Part 1.
A circle with no lines means free throw attempt, add a slash when one free throw is made and add another slash to make an X to indicate two free throws made.
He or she will then indicated the type of foul and the uniform number of the player committing the foul. Make sure that the number of fouls on the scoreboard are consistent with the numbers in the book. It's important to keep accurate count so that your team gets the 1 and 1 bonus shots they deserve. Teams will often foul a player on purpose to 1) stop the clock or 2) force the opposing team to shoot free throws. After a team calls a timeout, cross out of the corresponding number on the timeout boxes at the top of the scoring sheet above. Make sure that the number of timeouts on the scoreboard are consistent with the numbers in the book.

After certain types of fouls or violations, players will be awarded a shot, or shots, from the free throw line.
The center circle is for the jump ball at the start of the game or jump balls at the center of the court. The size of the court is not the only difference between the college, professional, and international rules. You can find your mistake by counting the individual points scored by each player or by referring to the scorebook kept by the opposing team. I use the simpler method of marking 1 point for each free throw, but feel free to use these symbols.
You will see that Bobcats player #38 (Rizzo) committed 1 foul in the first half and 1 foul in the second half. A team would want the opposing team to shoot free throws for a chance to get the ball back late in a game. If the coach wants a full timeout, the ref will turn to the scoring table and put both arms straight out to each side like a T.
If the numbers do not match consult with the other scorekeeper and correct your book or the scoreboard. If you determine that your book is correct and the scoreboard is not, notify the scoreboard operator that they missed some points. He made two free throws worth one point each in both the second and fourth quarters (total 4 points) and he sunk a 3 pt basket from beyond the arc in the third quarter. Making a distinction between the first half and second half fouls by player is not required but it helps you keep track of team fouls by half. There is always a chance that the shooter will miss the free throw and the defending team can then secure the ball. After you mark the box for the foul on the player line, mark the box on the team fouls line too (see 3.

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