The one with the rubberized handle I have no idea where it even came from or what brand it is. Here's a neat little 6" Gellman with a slick thumb drive dynamic jaw I found at the swap meet. I am pretty sure the rubber grip adjustable is a Stanley because I have one that looks very similar. For anyone that got the Stubby set, the 22MM single Industrial Stubby is almost an exact match to the set, makes a great add on piece.
Also, a couple times a year, the 1 inch Industrial Stubby goes on sale for less than 3 bucks.
Still debating on the standard cross force wrenches, I've got 10 in my cart and if I use points, I can get them for about $65 shipped which is pretty good.

The Cross Force wrenches are still at the lower price, with the 15% off online discount, and currently not considered a Hot Buy (which will allow you to stack coupons).
You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features. The 15" Plymouth gets used a lot on the farm and the two Protos probably have the smoothest action. I have the set along with the pliers that I purchased when I was younger and didn't have a lot of money to spend.
However, I wish I had taken a picture because the inner portion had so many casting bumps that I couldn't fit a ratchet into it. I don't believe these were listed before, but the 5 pc metric ratcheting "S" shaped obstruction wrench set and the 7 pc sae flex head ratcheting stubby set, are listed and are rediculously cheap compared to anywhere else!

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Go to exchange for a new one and all in stock where China, which were all 100 times better manufactured. The majority talk about the USA quality and i agree most of the time, but this took the cake.
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