Weather terms glossary – us national weather service, Terms used by meteorologists, forecasters, weather observers, and in weather forecasts compiled from several sources.
Woodworking history, Recommended websites for tracing woodworking history directory of american tools and machinery patents a database of patent info on power woodworking tools..
Regional offices in Winnipeg Manitoba, Calgary Alberta and Nanaimo British Columbia as well as partners Great Western Saw in Saskatoon Saskatchewan and Ultimate Tools in Burnaby British Columbia have showrooms displaying a large range of Felder Group machines.
Woodworking machines from the FELDER-GROUP are the result of the 60 years experience in machine construction and a desire to develop and innovate.
Machine construction and metal processing have been tradition in the Felder family for generations.

With many patents, highly developed products and innovative detailed solutions, the Felder group is the leading provider worldwide in the standard wood working machinery sector. Woodworking machinery from the Felder group is custom made to meet your exact requirements. Performance, precision, versatility, optimum user-friendliness and processing, best describe the performance that you can expect from our woodworking machinery. The Veritas® Router Table System provides the most complete and innovative solutions to everyday routing problems. Our wood working machines are 100% developed and produced at the Felder Group factories in Hall in Tyrol.

We know what you expect from woodworking machinery and are always ready for a further challenge to create new innovative product solutions. Our precise production process, strict quality, safety assurance and also the constant training and further education of our employees, ensure that you as a customer and user can expect a woodworking machine with outstanding quality and many, many years of precision.
The areas of research and development, production techniques and assembly, marketing, advertising, sales and service, as well as apprentice training and schooling are the most important pillars of our international enterprise.

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