Hi Robin, yes the lighter pallets tend to split easier, you've done a great job there, I'm very impressed! I got the pallet splitter from Tony Cox at Screwpak, he's a member, give him a shout, I'm sure he can get you one.
I'm not sure it would have worked on these, since they were much lighter than the ones you used, but that meant that the nails were lighter too, so I could separate them with a mallet onto a block of wood, if you understand me.
On the inside of the frame there is another board which spans that joint Nicholas, that's what makes it super strong, although the glue and the screws would probably do fine without it.
I know I see a lot of guys using a jig to use their table saw to make scarf joint angle cuts.
I have both a chop saw and table saw and to be honest i prefer using my band saw to cut scarfs. I decided to move my fence back toward my body so that the neck would sit over wood and have some support.
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Made and recovered from my mistakes (one of which can be seen if you look closely) and shan't make them again. Just a quick question: It looks like you've used two pieces for the length of the table, how did you join these together?
There are loads of them!    I ran everything through the table saw to trim the edges so that all the boards were exactly the same width, again this step could be skipped if you don't have a table saw. I need an actual plan, with numbers and measurements marked on it, and to do three at once, since once I got in the groove I was working really fast and accurately. Now thinking of making more - apparently stuff made from pallets is really London chic at the moment and all my friends on fb are raving.
I have a barn full of cuts of wood here as it was owned by a man who had a wood mill before me and would love to able to make some good garden furniture with it. All you need is a good sharp block plane and chisel to clean it up and get that perfect fit. This is the timber I was left with from two pallets, I had to do a third in the end as I was making it up as I went along.

This is just a top for an existing (horrible) metal table, but will do the legs differently, I think, for the next ones so that you can easily push your legs under the table.
The table saw has a larger surface which helps keep the neck straight and at the right angle, very important when doin a scarf joint. I was initially intending to place the boards across the table, that would have been easier as they would all have been the same length. Kept the moss that was growing on one of the boards too! I gave the top a quick sand with 120 grit paper, not too much though as I wanted to retain the patina and gave the whole thing two coats of V33 Aquastop.

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