Home Depot and Lowes are in a fierce marketing battle, with each saying their house brand makes the better 18V cordless drill driver. I owned a Ridgid 18 volt compact drill (older version of the one pictured), it was great drill with the exception of the short battery life,and the slightly odd placement of the LED. I would go with Ridgid, they’re an established powertool brand now, have a good warranty, proven support and have gotten a couple of generations of powertools lines under their belt now. I’m just a little leery of new powertool launches, especially when I dont know who the OEM is and how long the tools will be around if the line doesnt pan out. I also have to say its weird that Kobalt, with less than six months and only 10-15 tools on the market would take on such a well established brand like Ridgid. To show how mixed up they are with remembering which imaginary torque rating they’re using at the time, they have a new 12V impact at Home depot. The Kobalt tools are made by Chervon, an OEM that makes tools for Craftsman and other well-known brands.
I own a ridgid set, and the drill chuck recntly stopped ratcheting, I went to the local ridgid authorized shop, and it came back like new, no hassle at all, are you speaking from experience?
I think you will find that most manufacturers are very helpful solving any issues you may while the unit is in warranty. What I have never understood is why customers think it is ok to try to ripoff stores by trying to return units that are out of the mfg.
After the Bosh cordless drill battery quit on me, I did some research to help me decide what company made the best cordless drill to fit my needs.
Individual battery purchases carry a three year warranty only, based on the purchase receipt. I agree with the comment above that the warranty is a selling point but a fraud in practice. I did have a challenge registering with Ridgid—that took about 8 months, but it got done.
I’m a carpenter and use cordless drills all the time for roofing, framing, remodeling, decking, etc.
And on top of all that the 15.4v Rigid out performs the 18v Dewalt, if that tells you anything about performance. If you are looking to buy power tools for yourself or maybe as a gift for Dad and want to know which cordless drill is the best for the money, read on. From building a set of new cabinets to hanging curtains and pictures, these are a great time saver. The lithium battery that comes with the 18 Volt Dewalts charges full in about 30 minutes and lasts longer than the NICAD batteries that some models ship with. Unlike some cheaper brands the Dewalt have multiple clutch settings and various speed ranges that allow this tool to work flawlessly regardless of the intended use.
If you are looking for a light impact drill with a great run time and a 15 minute battery recharge, you should take a look at the Makita LCT200W 18-Volt Compact Lithium-Ion Cordless set. It is popular with professionals for that very reason, and comes with a second battery so you never have to stop work just to wait for a battery to charge up.
These compact lithium-ion drills have been highly rated by reviewers (4.6 stars from nearly 300 reviewers) and are built to last, while making your construction jobs easier.
I recently bought this 12 Volt cordless model for myself after my Rigid starting to become unreliable (after a spell in the rain) and it is the lightest drill I have ever owned and is powerful too. I like the quick half-hour lithium ion charge, being impatient and hating to stop work just for a battery to charge.
There is a fuel or power gauge so you know where you stand on power and the amount of working time left, but I never really use it, due to the long run time. This is another lighweight, well-designed 18 Volt compact power drill that is well worth a mention, and I am including thanks to my professional readers who have shared some of their experiences with this reliable piece of power equipment. Like the other Makitas, these comes with a 3 year guarantee on the tool and a 1 years warranty on the charger and 2 Lithium Ion batteries, that you will likely never need, but gives you peace of mind and the knowledge you will not be stuck with a lemon of a battery. There are many specialty models and variations including 18 Volt, 14.4 volts, 12 Volt , hammer drills, impact drivers, right angle models, and even battery powered screwdrivers.Will you be drilling through hard surfaces such as stone and rock? Cordless drills come in a range of volts that can vary from 9.6 volts clear up to 24 volts.
A 24 volt electric model will work great, however it will not fit in as many areas because of its large size and it can also be extremely heavy to handle even if you are simply using it to drive some screws.
If you can stretch another $30 or $40, it really does open up a world of great power tools, and instead of replacing them over and over, you can build up a collection of more quality tools over the years. It is better to buy a well matched, top rated drill such as a Dewalt brand and make sure it works for you. You can buy inexpensive drills for less than $50, however these will do nothing but damage the threads on screws and require a lot more effort on your part to make them do their job.
Basic battery operated models such as those made by Dewalt are among the best tools on the market for most people. If you take care of it you can get many years of use out of it, although it will eventually need replaced.
Depending on the situation sometimes it becomes very difficult to locate the most appropriate wireless drilled in huge range offered on the market. I want to put all my efforts to find the best cordless drill affordable, so I studied all over the web and in my research, I have become more aware as the majority of website Wireless drills just bogus subsidized products to the comments that are not justified. So, I built up the cordless drill is where my research will help you a lot and you’ll be able to get the cordless drill. In my opinion, this model of a cordless drill is very practical for all drilling mechanism as it gives you a sky-scraping performance for drilling heavy duty. When cordless drill belong reputable company and reliable and it is offered at reasonable rates anyone can get it easily. It performs the task of drilling with a variety of materials such as plastic, sturdy wood, metal and hard as well. Drill highlights this as a great deal of stimulation and urbanization has been a lot of fans who are sure about the extraordinary task of its drilling. DEWALT is one of the leading brands available on the market and is committed to being the best in the business, whether it extends to product design, from engineering to manufacturing and services. A cordless drill is one of the most innovative equipment and necessary that can do the job faster and easier.

Get advice from friends: Ask friends who have bought cordless drill and those with such experience with such devices. Battery: One of the important things to be done in the mind is the battery which is the source of power. The size of the chuck: This is a very important feature illustrates what size of file you are going to buy. Warranty: While choosing wireless drill keeping in mind that the products you are going to buy should have a minimum warranty of one year so if you find any problems, or if you see any defects in products that the company is responsible for resolving issues related to this, and not any additional costs. I'm leaning toward Rigid I just bought this and have been more than happy with it in the 2 weeks I've owned it. I bought a Dewalt 18 volt set about three years ago (circular saw, reciprocating saw, impact driver, & drill).
In years past, I purchase several Mikita cordless drills that preformed below expectations (low power, batteries that died less than a year, & just generally sucked). I will be buying Dewalt again when my current set needs replacing, its been a workhorse, and only cost about $275. If you're going to be drilling a lot of holes in concrete, consider a rotary hammer drill with sds bits. I also borrow these tools when I need to and they've never made me question if anything was better.
I used to like Dewalt years back but they had a lot of issues with the battery life and garbage keyless chucks, not sure if they are better now. The Black & Decker PS9601C 9.6V Cordless Drill is a nice addition to any home for a variety of household projects. The Black & Decker PS9601C 9.6V Cordless Drill is a fantastic investment for many homes due to how easy it is to use.
Seeing the Black & Decker PS9601C 9.6V Cordless Drill in pictures can help you determine if this would be a good purchase for your projects. Lowes struck first, with an in-store banner behind their new Kobalt cordless power tool displays comparing the Kobalt Li-ion drill driver to Ridgid’s.
But looking at the Ridgid sign it says the Ridgid drill has 537 inch lbs of torque, but the web site says its equal to the Kobalt at 455. The Ridgid sign says that those are the PTI torques, which doesn’t make sense since why would they rate their tools’ torque as lower than PTI-compliant results?
My experience with both stores is that their warranties are no better than the paper they’re printed on. I work 40 hours a week with them and put an excessively hard effort on the 18 volt Li-Ion drill. And if you use drills often you know that balance is key, the Rigid has a much better battery to drill balance than Dewalt or Kobalt as well. When building chicken coops and doing repairs out in the cold, we find a fast recharge on the battery and lots of power save time and hassle. Dewalt is known for the reputation for making power tools that are very durable yet able to be used daily for professionals. This Dewalt tool is designed in a compact form so that it is easier to use and will be able to be used in tight positions where larger units will not fit.
The 18 Volt lithium batteries by Dewalt are also interchangeable with other Dewalt power tools which make it extremely handy. This set of ergonomically designed impact and drill drivers both weigh under 3.5 pounds each, and have LED lights for working in dark corners, making life easier.
The 3 year warranty on the tools and a one year warranty on batteries and chargerĀ also give peace of mind and likely you will never need them with this quality power tool set. Do you need a compact model that can fit in tighter places, or has a light for dark corners, or do you simply need the biggest and most powerful tool available.
It can be used almost anywhere and you will not have to worry about the power line getting tangled up.A battery operated power drill is safer than a comparable corded model, so when you shop for a new power tool, you should really only consider the battery operated ones. If a power tool is too large or heavy for you to handle efficiently then you will tend not to use it very often.
If you will be using the unit for stone, brick, and other extremely hard surfaces than you need to buy a cordless hammer drill.
It is one of the devices most widely used can be used directly from any building sites for homes, offices, commercial places, indoors and outdoors. It is lightweight easy to handle and provides good balance and not give the driver any fatigue. If you explore the market for a few models also carry 4-star rating or higher from the user than the model of Black and Decker would be the most appropriate choice. It is necessary for many projects and cordless drill can make things more convenient and simpler.
Here are some simple tips and comprehensive that will help you find the cordless drill with the best deal possible for it. Ask around for advice and research to evaluate the authenticity of the various brands of wireless exercises.
Some wireless drills lighter and you can keep them for a long time and they can operate in a longer period.
It’s better to find out the minimum drill speed for drilling, and for low speed driving is necessary to reduce screw stripping.
Almost all wireless exercises are provided with batteries ranging from 9.6 volts to 24 volts.
Fixed rate used for basic tasks and simple, but the wireless drilling machines are available with different speeds. That is the way people will be able to know the advantages and disadvantages of different types and kinds of wireless drill if you search for information online. I would imagine any of the ones you listed will suffice if you use them as I do and also take care of them. A 15 minute charge is sweet though so it really wouldn't make too much of a difference if it died on the job.
Plus there's an awesome electric sawzall that I love using when the opportunity presents its self. That handle has saved my ass more times than I care to admit when drilling into things I shouldn't be.

Very lightweight at 4.5 pounds, you will have no problem carrying this tool around and getting projects finished. The Black & Decker PS9601C 9.6V Cordless Drill is designed to be lightweight and comfortable to hold, making it very easy to work with for long periods of time. Even those who need something for small household projects will find this lightweight drill easy to understand and still very powerful.
Ridgid torque levels are different depending on whether you use the slim or extended capacity battery, so maybe that has something to do with it. It also wouldn’t be a good idea for to Lowes to suggestively compare the Kobalt power tools to other brands they carry, such as Porter Cable. In the 18 months that I have owned the tools I have had 3 problems (all replaced without hassle at the local Lowes store). Only the batteries accompanying a qualifying RIDGID cordless power tool purchase, qualify for that coverage, if that coverage has been obtained for the qualifying RIDGID cordless power tool purchase that the batteries came with.
This has 4+ stars from over 100 users and buyers, and is well worth considering for general purpose use. Even if you are just using it occasionally around the house it is still highly recommended that you buy one with at least 12 volts. On the other hand if you buy a tool that is cheap and under-powered then you will spend more time damaging stuff with a model that does not work efficiently.
If you buy a quality tool, then you can rest assured that it will last a lot longer than cheaper devices and will work much better. Cheap units are built cheaply and the gearings and the motor will not last near as long as a quality built power tool. I want to get the idea plausible, since then I have identified myself to take steps to help others with accurate research but honest than me. It is a high capacity drilling machine and make maximum torque for any drilling its mission. It is powerful and strong enough to grip most DIY work, but also allowed quick bit changes and meet and therefore offers a perfect combination of balance and control. This model of a cordless drill is also from DEWALT is designed to perfect for those hard to reach workspaces.
If you’re thinking of buying one for yourself, it makes you confused to choose a correct and appropriate.
I've had issues but there has a been a close call a time or two because I wasn't focused where something could have gone wrong. Whether you need something to install cabinets, hang pictures, or put together furniture, this drill is an excellent option. Instead of feeling strain on the wrist, customers find that this drill is perfect for long projects and never gets tiring. Below are top-rated best-selling cordless drills and the reasons for choosing a certain size, Voltage and style. If you buy this Dewalt tool locally, you could pay over $400 for it, but Amazon constantly has this drill kit listed for around $300. It has many unique design and simplicity of it will be helpful for you, while giving you the maximum benefit. As far as its operation is concerned, it is very easy to operate and gives beginners a very friendly basis.
There is a large range of wireless exercises that are offered on the market with a variety of models and brands, so you can not choose the right one until and unless you know the secret formula to find the best cordless drill. I'm sure they would all work fine, I'm just not looking to replace batteries every 6 months or so. They also all run on the same 18v LiIon batteries so swapping between tools on the job and charging the dead ones isn't a big deal. The cordless design allows you to work in small areas without needing to pull out an extension cord. The 6 position clutch makes it easier to use this drill for a long time without the screws getting stripped or having any other types of problems. Look for a drill with a smart charger is capable to keep the battery charger for the best possible performance.
Tools are nearly indestructible - crap gets dropped several stories off manlifts all the time and survives. The keyless chuck makes it easy to change bits without a lot of hassle and ensures they are in tightly. This is so great as it ensures this cordless drill is going to be good investment to own for a long time to come. Register your guns and they have a lifetime warranty on batteries, chargers, guns, parts, etc.
The reversible Phillips bit, AC adapter, and battery allow you to work for prolonged periods without as many charges.
The AC adapter and other included accessories allow you to keep the drill running as long as possible without a problem.
Thankfully Lowes replaced all items including the drill on my first trip to the store with no receipts and no hassle whatsoever. I really want the newer compact one and would hope the old one would break for a logical reason to buy the newer one with the newer X4 hyper lithium ion batteries, that I gather reading from ppls messages up above are even better and more longer lasting.
I was already insanely happy with the quality and performance before, but to know they are constantly updating and upgrading their generation of product lines, I am satisfied they are not going anywhere and will back their brand reputation and quality. Home Depot will exchange batteries for you up to one year, and the chicken made it blatantly obvious its most people lazy and not registering is the real problem. People complaining are being extremely lazy and ignorant and unfair to the actual LIFETIME warranty that they offer everyone who buys their stuff and takes the time to register like they ask. So anyways when buying Ridgid I noticed the two batteries plus now are lithium ion without memory problems.

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