Having good flexibility can improve your sports performance and reduce your risk of injury (it also applies to life in general, not just sport). As was found in our previous article, 30 seconds per muscle is optimal and frequency of 3-7 times per week is recommended.
My personal improvement from this stretching time and frequency was an 8cm improvement in toe-touch reach in 1 month of calf and hamstring stretching. Daniel has a strong interest in evidence supported fitness training, preparation and supplementation.
Today, most students and indeed many teachers are unable to understand the importance of drills, i.e. I am informed by students that there are courses which can pin-point your problem in half an hour and give you enlightenment in a weekend. Such a therapy may change the tone of your voice and your emotional sensitivity, but it will not enable you to sing, unless you can do so already. To learn to sing, play an instrument or think with a trained mind, and do this with above average ability, requires hundreds of hours of practice, much of which is in the form of drills. In the army, a lot of time is spent taking your gun to pieces and putting it back together again and similar types of activity. The human mind consists of layers of behavioral programs (a special kind of habit), all of which have been overlearned until they are automatic.
A release of emotion may occur, and there may be an insight as to how the mental block got there in the first place; yet in many cases, behavior remains unchanged and performance, in relation to a skill, changes but very little. Through psychotherapy or self-help personal development, an individual may have been released from a communication block, e.g. However, whether or not the above individual continues therapy and handles the next mental block on the list, there will be little change of a permanent nature. Part of the force of the unconscious mind comes from habit patterns, recorded at the level of brain, and these habits, for the most part, are derived from and reenforced by a person's typical lifestyle, i.e.
Humanistic psychotherapy works from the premise that mental flows of energy, particularly emotional energy, are blocked, as the result of traumatic injuries of the psyche, usually in early childhood. The true situation is more complex than allowed for in either the Humanistic or the Cognitive psychologist's model. A drill or an exercise is first learned until it can be demonstrated, then practice continues, i.e.
The purely mental dimension that may appear to produce sudden results is directed towards getting an individual to change their mind.
Working on the cognitive level will handle attitudes, emotions and unwanted sensations and pains, it can improve certain types of memory, particularly long-term memory of personal experience.
Working at the cognitive level of mind tends to change what we are able to know, whereas working at the behavioral level of brain, tends to change what we can do. Learn how to study a subject with maximum comprehension, recall and ability to apply what you have learned effectively. Home-study course to improve the mind's capacity for perception and integration between left and right brain, boosting memory, creativity, natural eyesight and drawing ability. Learn powerful communication skills that enable you to be more effective at work and in those situations of everyday life where better communication can make all the difference. If you are concentrating you are awake and aware - your mental life is both intensified and broadened. Learn how to read both quickly and in depth over a wide range of subjects, and then to be able to appreciate, analyze and apply what you have read with clear and incisive intelligence. A structured rehabilitation program is important for optimum recovery from an ankle sprain. We strongly recommend seeking professional advice for a more effective rehabilitation program and the following is for information purposes only. Home treatment starts by applying the PRICE principles to reduce pain, reduce inflammation and promote healing. Protection of the damaged tissue is vital to prevent further damage and enable the healing process to start efficiently and effectively.
Ice therapy, also known as cryotherapy, is one of the most widely known and used treatment modalities for acute sports injuries. Compression - applying compression to an injured area minimises the amount of swelling that forms after an injury in two ways and should be applied for the first 24 to 72 hours from the onset of injury. Elevation of the injured limb is the final principle of PRICE but is equally as important as the other 4.
Taping plays an important role in the treatment of ankle sprains both in the early stages and in the later rehabilitation stages. As mentioned above, for the most effective treatment and rehabilitation program we recommend you see a professional therapist.
One of the treatments that a therapist may choose to use is electrotherapy, such as ultrasound may be applied.
If you do consult your GP following an ankle injury they will usually refer you to a therapist and may prescribe anti-inflammatory medication e.g. Sports massage may be beneficial for treating a sprained ankle, particularly in the latter stages or for injuries that seem to take a long time to recover from. Compression will help reduce and prevent swelling and can be applied immediately after injury at pitch side but only for 10 minutes at a time to avoid cutting of circulation to the area. If the pain is settling and the ankle is feeling comfortable then start some of the Ankle mobility exercises very gently, 3-5 times a day. Electrotherapy such as ultrasound may be used at this stage and can be beneficial in reducing swelling and relaxing the muscle – always performed by a professional therapist).
Begin more advanced strengthening exercises such as resisted eccentric inversion and calf raises.
More advanced proprioception exercises such as standing on an unstable surface (link) and hopping (link) can be commenced. Progress from jogging to sprinting in straight lines as long as the ankle remains pain free and does not swell up.
Compression will help reduce and prevent swelling and can be applied immediately after injury at pitch side but only for 10 minutes at a time to avoid stopping the circulation.
Pupils are taught skills to cope with a fire emergency at a preschool in Nanchong city, Southwest China's Sichuan province, on Tuesday, Nov 2, 2010, a week ahead of China's 20th National Fire Protection Awareness Day. Children wear fire-proof hoods before they are evacuated from their classroom at a Tokyo elementary school as part of a nationwide earthquake drill.
SIBU - Borneo: Children of Methodist Children’s Home Kindergarten yesterday experienced first hand ways to put out a  building fire.
Meanwhile, a fire safety officer said it was a rare occasion to be invited for fire safety campaign for a kindergarten.
He praised the kindergarten for the effort to create awareness of fire safety among small children. Bloomington, MN - In a tornado drill our Director or Assistant Director walk down the hallway with an air horn.  Teachers gather the children together and go to the basement of the church. When preplanning target hazards, consider making contact with the school administration and ask them if they have fire drill instructions or a plan that you can review.
All classrooms should have the map of the route they will walk during a drill, all the way to the designated outdoor meeting spot, or as we call it, "staging area".
When selecting a fire extinguisher to use, it is also important to think about how the extinguishing agent inside it will affect a fire. Class C Energized electrical equipment such as wiring, fuse boxes, circuit breakers, and appliances.
Finally, if your department does not have a written plan, discussing the fire prevention aspects of Fire Drills as well as other evacuation and group egress issues, it does not make sense to reinvent the wheel.
You want to pick someplace that has to deal with a lot of people, and in the event of an emergency, have a reliable, demonstrated emergency plan. An approved fire safety and evacuation plan shall be prepared and maintained for educational occupancies.
Fire Safety and evacuation plans shall be reviewed or updated annually or as needed by changes in staff assignments. The first emergency evacuation drill of each school year shall be conducted within 10 days of the beginning of classes. The fire code official shall have the authority to modify the emergency evacuation drill frequency. Drills shall be held at unexpected times and under varying conditions to simulate the unusual conditions that occur in case of fire.
Emergency evacuation drills shall be conducted at different hours of the day or evening during the changing of classes, when the school is at assembly, during the recess or gymnastic periods, or during other times to avoid distinction between drills and actual fires. Outdoor assembly areas shall be designated and shall be located a safe distance from the building being evacuated so as to avoid interference with fire department operations. Where a fire alarm system is provided, emergency evacuation drills shall be initiated by activating the fire alarm system.
As building occupants arrive at the assembly point, efforts shall be made to determine if all occupants have been successfully evacuated or have been accounted for.

An electrically or mechanically operated signal used to recall occupants after an evacuation shall be separate and distinct from the signal used to initiate the evacuation. Employees shall be trained in the fire emergency procedures described in their fire evacuation and fire safety plans. Employees shall receive their training as part of new employee orientation and at lest annually thereafter.
The more we can interact with and teach the kids and teachers the better it is for everyone!
I'm not sure but maybe others do it in the fire prevention division or something but it's not the responsibility of the companies in the operations division.
You just totally justified why I spend the time researching and putting together my forum posts here on the FFN. One of the areas with the most noticeable impact on the performance of your engine is your carburetor jetting. A quick way to determine a rich condition would be to run the engine without an air filter to see if the engine performs any better indicating that there is a rich condition.
If you are trying to tune or find the proper jet, keep it simple and only make one small change at a time.In simple terms your carburetor has a low speed circuit that will affect the engine idle, acceleration from idle and lower rpm engine performance. Larger low speed jet sizes can eliminate or reduce popping that occurs when letting off wide open throttle. On the main jet, one method to fine tune for the best sizing is to start with a little smaller main jet size  and keep increasing size until the engine doesna€™t provide any change or increase in wide open throttle performance or starts to stumble. Many times racers will ask about the numbers currently on their jets and what sizes they represent. Similar jets in the motorcycle industry will vary in size from different carburetor manufactures. Most racers, when talking about jet sizes will refer to the US decimal size of the passage diameter. Most people do not realize that a .001a€? (one thousandths) increase in a jet or air bleed, changes the volume traveling through that passage by approximately 5 to 7 %, which is huge comparative to the size change. With the substantial effect of a .001 change, drill bits have a tendency to leave burred or spiral cut passages. They ask me: Why are you still presenting courses that require hundreds of hours of drills? The best of the recently invented therapies can increase your ability to remember, to know, and to change the things that you desire. These therapies remove emotional and mental blocks, but they do not produce the positive gains of practical ability.
Cognitive development requires the addition of new layers of programming and programs of greater effectiveness. Removal of a mental block or more accurately, facilitating an individual to let go of a mental block, can have sudden and dramatic results. The old habit would be disengaged, or set aside: the mental block would not re-assert itself. Unless a problem is addressed emotionally, cognitively and also at the level of behavior, there will only be a partial resolution of a problem, at best.
When we are working on the dimension of behavior, we are working at the level of embedded brain circuits.
Once a person has let go of a fixed viewpoint, he has changed his mind, and if that viewpoint had been obstructing him, the mental block would dissolve away. Forgotten skills and languages can be recovered, but these are rapidly lost unless an educational stage is applied, as soon as possible, after the release. What is apparently unknown to a subject can, under appropriate circumstances, be brought back to consciousness. Pathology has shown cases where an individual has lost a cognitive ability through disease or trauma; the person has then regained the ability by training other parts of the brain to take over this function. To produce change at the level of brain (behavior and performance change) requires appropriate exercises and drills, and the amount of change is directly proportional to the frequency, duration and intensity with which these drills are applied. The principles described here have many applications both for physical and mental development. We outline an example of a sprained ankle rehab schedule below for grade 1, 2 and 3 injuries.
This is then followed by mobilising exercises to regain movement and then strengthening the muscles to help support the ankle.
The acronym stands stands for Protection, Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation and should be applied as early as possible and continued for at least the first 24-72 hours. Ice should only be applied for 15 minutes maximum and should always be wrapped in a cold towel to prevent ice burn. Our resident expert Neal Reynolds teaches you how to tape your own ankle - ankle taping techniques video. During the first few days, compression bandages (link to neoprene ankle support) and ankle taping can be combined with the aim of reducing swelling and providing protection and support to the injured structures. This transmits high frequency sound waves into the tissues, which in the early stages can help with pain relief and to reduce swelling. We have interviewed a soft tissue expert to demonstrate some simple self-help cross friction massage techniques that may be used to help align scar tissue on the ligaments for effective healing.
An ankle support or ankle taping may be beneficial to prevent unwanted rolling of the ankle in the early stages whilst walking.Resting the ankle from dynamic activities such as playing sport or running is essential in this stage to allow healing to commence.
Apply ice for 15 minutes every hour initially for the first day then reduce this to 4 to 5 times a day from then on as required. A tube grip or elastic ankle support can provide mild compression throughout the healing process to help reduce swelling. If the ankle is still swollen or painful after this length of time, then we definitely recommend seeking a professional opinion. A tube grip or elastic ankle support can provide mild compression throughout the healing process to help reduce swelling.Elevation by raising the leg will help swelling drain away from the site of the injury. The first one is from China and the second from Japan, illustrating how pre-schools and K-12 train children to appropriately respond to an emergency. This is your chance to provide education and ensure that this type of training is provided. Preschoolers will require help lining up and staying calm during the drill, so teachers won't have time to gather up attendance sheets or other forms. Explain that these drills are just practice, but they are very important and must be taken seriously.
The loud, high-pitched sound of the alarm will scare young children who haven't heard it before. Listed below are different classes of fire as well as the extinguisher type and location within your school. The lockdown drills shall not substitute for any of the required fire and evacuation drills. The assembly areas shall be arranged to keep each class separate to provide accountability of all individuals. The recall signal initiation means shall be manually operated and under the control of the person in charge of the premises or the official in charge of the incident.
With my wife being a school nurse, my awareness level for schools and especially special needs kids is heightened.
We simply do not have the time for things like this except for some of the slower companies. I can't even imagine how busy your house must get, and now with winter approaching, maybe even more so. If the engine runs better with the choke partially closed, then you are experiencing a lean condition.
Once the peak performance is found it may be necessary to backup (1) jet size for the optimum tuning.
Example: a Keihin #110 will be the same size jet as a Mikuni #100 so you can see that the jet size would be different if you interchanged between these manufacturers. Reamer inventories in these smaller sizes vary greatly from manufacturers and frequently will have long backorder lead times when sizes are not available. Please leave a positive rating for this guide and remember when you are buying performance tooling we have been in business for over 25 years. This becomes the foundation of the next thing to be learned, which is also often learned in the same stumbling sort of way.
At the end of the therapy session, the room will look brighter and the individual will feel good about the idea of speaking in public.
This process demands repeated practical application of the newly learned pattern of behavior.
I doubt that a worm has the power to conceptualize and add meaning to traumatic experience. Although the humanistic-emotional aspect may contain elements of classical conditioning (a part of brain function), both the humanistic and cognitive aspects are, by-and-large, aspects of mind.

Old habits have to be extinguished and new habits, more effective habits, have to be learned. Many of the methods that are used at the level of mind are methods to create a change of context.
Use a less militaristic term if you like, such as 'practical exercises,' but these tasks cannot be by-passed if the desired behavioral change is to be achieved.
Balance exercises (or “Proprioception” as it is known) are vital to ensure the ankle heals effectively and minimises the risk of re-injury. During the rehabilitation stages taping is useful to support the injured structures in addition to “firing” up the muscles around the ankle (proprioception). In the later stages of rehabilitation, the ultrasound waves cause a micro massaging effect which can help stimulate blood flow into the muscle. Do not take ibuprofen if you have asthma and always speak to a pharmacist or doctor before taking medications. Elevating the ankle onto a cushion whilst laying down can help swelling drain away from the site of the injury and ideally, we advise elevating the leg and icing the ankle together.
Strengthening exercises including the resisted plantar flexion and dorsiflexion and isometric eversion and inversion. Basic proprioception exercises can begin – standing on one leg (eyes open and eyes closed, arms out and in). The head of the school should be able to tell you where children and staff should meet outside during the drill.
This is why it is important to keep the students attendance sheet posted on the wall near the door. The school can also make a large, colorful version to hang low on the wall for children to see.
Teachers can show children where in the room they will line up when the alarm sounds and explain that they must be completely quiet during a drill so that everyone can hear the instructions that you will give. Giving children some advance notice of what it sounds like may help them stay calm during an actual drill. Play the recording of the alarm sound, have children line up quietly and walk in a single file line outside to your meeting spot. I'm putting things together to post a forum explaining how to do a station tour for pre-school and Kindergarden children and Freon Huffing. In large metropolitan departments like yours, typically, as you noted, the fire prevention bureau folks are the ones getting involved with these activities, not busy engine companies like yours. Keep in mind that increasing a low side jet will also add additional fuel to the main jet, meaning that you may correct the low end performance but now make the higher RPMa€™s richer thus decrease the higher end performance.
Very small changes here do seem to create large changes in overall carburetor performance both positive and negative. Now add the possibility that a jet has been modified, by an engine builder and you can see it is impossible to know exactly what size jet you are working with. Carburetors can be set- up with large size low speed jets and the main jet would be smaller or the reverse using a very small low speed jet and a much larger main jet. Not only do we want you to purchase from us but we want you to make improvements in your race programs by giving you the knowledge to go along with you purchase. Drills, as such, form little or no part in modern education, outside of music, sports and the military: the concept of overlearning has been all but lost. When a behavior or skill is overlearned in this way, it tends to become automatic: it cannot be easily disrupted under stressful situations. At the moment of release, the conscious mind will have become unhindered by the counter-intention of the unconscious mind, and the original fixed idea or decision, which gave the mental block force and life will have come to light. We are not determined by our experiences, but we are self-determined by the meaning we give to them. However, higher animals, especially humans, do add a further cognitive dimension and they do this either for better, or for worse. New habits require new connections in the brain and this requires work in the forms of exercises and drills.
Once assimilated, it cannot then be distinguished from our first nature and the new behavior or skill operates automatically in the appropriate situation. With the exception of reading speed, the performance of the individual's current repertoire of skills may change hardly at all.
An adult may be asked what he received for his twelfth birthday and be unable to answer, but under hypnosis this data may be easily retrieved: the use of hypnosis has caused a change of context. To change context without addressing the dimension of behavior will increase the size of a person's mind without increasing the power.
The mind can influence the brain, and the brain is only a tool of the mind - its most important tool, but only a tool nevertheless.
Finally, taping of ankles can be useful in those that are recurrently injured by providing additional support whilst playing sport. Taking medications is not the only answer to treating ankle sprains and caution is required. If you don't have a pre-plan map that shows the evacuation routes and staging area, request a copy. You can also suggest that they tape a folder next to the attendance sheet and keep copies of any other paperwork you'll need inside. Once children have done one successful drill, explain that you'll do it again sometime soon, but without warning this time. Before reviewing or possibly developing your departments approach and priorities for making the children's environment safer, review the following to get additional ideas. Its hard coming up with new topics that don't discuss fire helmet color or the difference between volunteer and full time firefighters. Before changing jets start with a new spark so the readings will represent your current changes.
The same will be true with a main jet change: there will be some effect at the lower RPM jetting. These changes will affect both low and high speed jetting by changing the venturi vacuum draw created at the top of the emulsion tube. The gunner will be able to repair his gun under the stress of battle and the singer will not be put off her stroke by anything that happens in the audience.
Personal development consists of 5% cognitive insight and 90% drills and exercises to establish new skills and patterns of behavior. A new skill or behavior may be said to be fully assimilated when it can be demonstrated effortlessly, i.e.
These are the limitations of all therapies which work at the level of mind and ignore the dimension of behavior. There is some evidence that anti-inflammatories can impair healing so do not take them for more than a few days at the beginning of the injury. However, doing too much exercise or putting too much stress on the healing ligament in the early stages can be detrimental so this needs to be finely balanced. There may also be certain materials you may suggest school teachers to bring during the fire drill, such as attendance lists and parent contact information. Tape a photo of the classroom and a photo of the meeting spot over the corresponding points on the map.
If the correct fixed idea or wrong goal is discovered, or the correct memory of a traumatic event is brought back into consciousness, the mental block being worked on will usually fall away. Also, taking medication can sometimes "mask" any pain and may therefore be detrimental to the healing process. This is the type of information that you can suggest the school has on hand in the event of an emergency. Ice should not be used for longer than 15 minutes as prolonged cooling has the reverse effect of increasing blood flow and long periods of cooling can also cause nerve injury.
Ice therapy should be used throughout the rehabilitation process to control inflammation, but only in 15 minute sessions each time. Rehabilitation is both an art and a Science.• Continue with PRICE and plantar and dorsiflexion mobility exercises.
If the ankle is still swollen or painful after this length of time, then we definitely recommend seeking a professional opinion.Grade 3 injuryThis is very severe injury of the ankle and are often associated with other injuries (complication link).
We strongly advise you seek a professional opinion before rehabilitating this severity of injury.Stop playing and rest immediately.
If you are concerned that there may be an associated injury, go straight to a Doctor or Hospital.

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