If you are planning to sell or buy a website or perhaps you are just interested to know on the approximate value of your website or blog then try these tools that we are going to be featuring right now.
ValueMyWeb is a fun and free service designed to get full information about the site’s traffic,ad revenue,and rank.
Web Worth is a free website value calculator that helps find out the value or worth calculation, estimations about a website. Site Value Calculator is a tool that gives you an estimated amount of your website value or worth.
WebsiteOutlook is a website value calculator that helps you gain complete website information including website worth, daily income, pr, backlink, traffic detail, directory listing. Stimator is a web-service that delivers the most accurate economical value that a website could worth by collecting important data from different sources.
WebsiteValued is a free web-based valuation service which help aid with evaluating the value of a website you may own, or be considering purchasing. WebsiteCalculation is a tool that gets an instant estimate of your website worth and server information. Ninja Website Appraiser is a free web-based tool that calculates your site’s value and appraise your site.
StatsMogul is a website value calculator that give out real estimations of how much a domain is worth. The M8 multi clipboard captures everything that you cut or copy from any program and all clips are saved to disk so that they are available after a computer restart.
ActMon Computer Monitoring is PC and Internet monitoring software for monitoring designated workstations. Battery Monitoring is a useful tool for Laptop, which shows the battery status of remaining. The Portfolio Performance Monitoring template enables the ongoing monitoring and periodic valuation of a portfolio of investments.

An employee monitoring software which can capture the screen of employee's computer real time by matrix screen.
Website monitoring tool software monitors real time performance and status of various different websites or web servers with support to all server protocol.
Note: Most reports are 20 pages+, that include descriptions and glossary for simple explanation of the Appraisal Report.
Black Scholes Model - Black Scholes Formula - Black Scholes Diagram - Black Scholes Finance Valuation Model. The National Land Agency, in collaboration with Globe Insurance Company of Jamaica Ltd., recently launched a revolutionary new interactive map of Jamaica called iMap Jamaica.
In exchange, Globe Insurance financed the design of the map application, and customized it to suit the needs of the NLA’s customers.
Through iMap Jamaica, users can locate a parcel of land on the map using the property address, valuation number or title reference. I posted a few pics in the General forum "what did you do in the garage today" thread, but thought I would make a thread here too.
These online application tools calculate the value of your website base on the various factors such as the amount and types of traffic that you regularly have coming into your website, Google page rank, back links, keyword details, directory listings and many others. Take a look at this list and start on checking the current estimated price of your website.
Despite her busy schedule, she always find time to read web design books and write articles during her spare time. LANState has host-monitoring functionality ,it builds and displays a network map, monitoring device's state.
You can use it while you are writing programs, filling Web forms, making sections of related news items, etc.
The template allows the entering of investment transactions during a reporting period to calculate performance.

It is available to all Jamaicans, free of cost, via eLandJamaica, and allows users to spatially identify any parcel of land in Jamaica, and access related land information.
A valuation roll report provides information such as who owns a specific piece of land, possessor of the land, exact address, acreage, unimproved value, along with other vital information. The partnership involves the National Land Agency (NLA) providing Globe Insurance with the pertinent land-related data for the insurance company’s internal monitoring purposes. Technical resources in the creation of iMap Jamaica were jointly supplied by the two entities. For the more advanced users, a parcel of land can also be located using geographic coordinates.
You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features. They may not provide a 100% realistic value but these tools will surely give you a nice overview about your website and help you figure out what areas you’ll need to work on to improve your site’s overall value. If the user has none of the information above, the parcel information may still be obtained once the user has an idea of the physical property location.
By joining our free community you will have access to post topics, communicate privately with other members (PM), respond to polls, upload content and access many other special features.
With the  information obtained by the user, additional information can be acquired on the NLA’s eLandJamaica website. If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact contact us.

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