Themes to me are exciting (I may get excited by different things from most people, I admit). You now get a suite of characters to use (sadly not animated), so you can easily add these to your courses. You can now record high quality screen-casts, which will be good for any system demonstrations you may have. Quizzes are now more powerful; you can create pre-tests, so depending on how a user does they will jump to different sections of your course (branch aware).
There are a lot of other features – in the last version of Captivate you could add shadows to objects, and you can now add reflections. Well there you have it; some of the best features and useful extras I’ve been using so far in Captivate 6.
They’ve taken some of the features that were strong in competing tools and worked them in well. Former MD of Kineo and member of the City & Guilds Board, Steve has been in the learning industry for over 20 years.
Web stress test or website load test is an important activity to find out failure points in websites under moderate to heavy load conditions. A Web Application Performance Tool, commonly known as WAPT, allows you to specify how many virtual users are involved in the testing environment.
HttpRider creates http scenarios by profiling http requests using Fiddler and replicates them based on user configuration. In the next step you can configure the regular expression to include and exclude required URLs. Once the scenario validation completed you can save them to execute again in future and you can proceed to the nest screen. Use our contact form, if you have any comments, questions, suggestions about this site or would like to send us a tip.
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In the past you might create your own bespoke buttons or captions, but themes allow you to create a whole set of slides with various page templates. Captivate can do so much more than just general ‘systems training’ - you can create some great soft-skills training with it too (and we did this for Adobe to prove the point).
There are 9 interactions supplied with Captivate 6: Accordion, Tabs, Process Circle, Pyramid, Timeline, Circle Matrix, Glossary, Certificate and Word Search. A nice touch; once you select this option you have a whole host of different expressions and poses to add. What is also exciting is that you can add a video demo to your existing course and then edit this and add pan and zoom to your video. Due to security issues and lack of support for Web Standards we highly recommended that you upgrade to a modern internet browser such as Google Chrome.
Website stress testing and load testing is performed to determine a website’s behaviour under both normal and peak load conditions. Let us see how you can use this free tool to do a load test of your website and review its performance under stress conditions. While running the application if your system doesn’t have this version, it will ask you and will redirect to the framework download page. Here you can delete unwanted requests or you can change the query string or post data values. But, if one day you find that your email system is in tact just fine and suddenly no one is receiving your emails, you have to start asking questions as to why you’re having problems sending email. I’ve blackened out private data, but you can see where the verification happens once I type in a domain name or IP address.
I suppose these kinds of tools have been out there for a while, but no one seems to be really promoting them in my circle. But over the years I’ve always been jealous of the interactions you can easily create with Articulate and always wanted something similar with Captivate.
There are currently 12 different characters to use and about 50 different graphics for each.
Finally, you can zoom into an area of the screen, add a highlight or two and then zoom out.
I would love Captivate to have its own drag and drop question, but thankfully there is a third party widget, which does this very well. Once you’ve added a transparent button you can change the fill of it, add a solid line around it, change the corner radius and now you’ve got a great looking button, perhaps you may want to add a shadow or reflection – and it looks far more exciting than the default style.

Past versions have been good but not ground breaking nor had the huge changes I’ve wanted to see in a new version, but I have been very impressed with Captivate 6.
To be more specific , stress testing is usually done to measure the robustness of software. See the below screen that shows how to change parameters if that is present in the request. A LOT of new features have been added and I personally think it’s the best version I’ve seen so far. They’re easy to use - just select one, select the colours you want, add the text and click OK and the Interaction is automatically created. This is similar territory to Articulate Storyline – interesting to see these two powerful tool players going more directly at each other through these enhancements. Adding a whole library of characters to use is again another great thing to have in Captivate, also in Articulate Storyline. Let us see how you can use HttpRider to measure your website performance under normal and peak conditions. You can edit the query and database connection string based on your database and schema properties. It helps to make it more obvious that Captivate can do more than just replicate your systems. One of the new features, which I will find really useful, is the variety of bullets (and easy to amend margins), which I used to find frustrating in past versions. Once the test is over you can see the results and compare the performance from the results values. If there are potentially any issues you can run the HTML5 tracker which will highlight any slides or objects that may be unsupported – very useful.
This will also help you to identify your hosting requirements in case of increased traffic in future.
But remember this step is optional and requires only if you have an authentication restriction on your website.
In that case this data source configuration can be bound to your navigation scenario in order to mimic synchronous user requests.

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