Pingdom ToolsThis free online website speed-testing tool by Pingdom (a server, network and website monitoring service) provides you with several reports such as a breakdown of how long each web page object (e.g.
Another useful report is a page analysis that provides information on load time, page size and requests.3.
Which loads faster?This interesting tool pits two websites against each other in terms of loading time; for example, you can find out if Google loads faster than Bing does by using this tool.
This can be a simple tool for comparing whether your website performs better or worse than competing sites. This open source tool (view the source on GitHub) was originally created to promote the importance of web performance.5. WebPagetestThis nifty online tool tests your web page’s rendering speed in real browsers (Chrome, Firefox and IE) and gives you a choice of conducting the test from several locations around the world. It also has advanced settings with options for simulating common Internet connection speeds (e.g. DSL and 56K dial up) and ad-blocking so you can see the performance cost of running ads on your site.6. Show SlowThis is the web-based version of the open source server application by the same name (Show Slow).

Show Slow allows you to add a URL to be monitored (publicly) and regularly captures results from three popular testing tools: YSlow, Page Speed and dynaTrace. Site-PerfThis web-based website speed testing tool displays relevant data on page-rendering time, such as total download time, number of connections made and number of requests made. It also has some bonus features such as being able to run the test even if the web page has HTTP authentication (simply supply it with the password to the page) and the ability to simulate different types of Internet connections.9. This online web performance evaluation tool has the ability to show graphed data such as user load time (simulated by an automated virtual machine) and requests per second (helpful for seeing how durable your web server is and how fast it can handle web page requests).10.
I really like using WebPagetest, seems to have a lot of good information.Cristi Nov 10 2011Number five and number six is what i used until now.
Even though broadband speeds are ever increasing, users arent waiting longer than a few seconds before going eleswhere.I wrote this article about set cache expiry dates on the different mime tags to speed up your site.
Here is the link to the site Nick was referring to: StellaMichael Cobases Nov 12 2011I am mostly using Pingdom, but looks like Google offers competitive tool as well. But for me as a guy who doesn’t know much about coding I use cloduflare to speed up most of my websites. Thanks for sharing this with all of us.l Nov 16 2011this article is goodRajesh Namase Nov 16 2011I like Google Page Speed Tools, I improved my site performance by using Google Page Speed Tools.

Thanks for posting such a nice tools.l Nov 16 2011very informativeElettronico Nov 25 2011Hello, thank you for the list. I personally like google page speed.Devin Walker Nov 28 2011Very useful for me to know what other tools are out there. Test cases are configured in XML and published in a container for local or remote execution. This means that KeY can create JUnit test cases from proofs (or proof attempts) based on the information obtainable from the proof tree. This book - is for those who have finished studying the basic level of the Japanese language.
Include Cricket Cage's AspectJ code to install a code generator, then run the program to generate the TestCase.

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