The desired END RESULT of spiking is hitting the ball in a way that scores your team a point.
Being effective at spiking is so important in volleyball because spiking is the most effective way to score your team points. Basically, if you achieve all 3 of these things, you're likely to get the END RESULT you want. Coaching Volleyball TipsThese 3 things should be the focus of training when first learning to spike a volleyball. Focus on hitting in the precise POSITION you want to be as if you were spiking a volleyball. You can apply this system of learning to learn all other volleyball skills (spiking, passing, setting, digging, serving). Volleyball Muscles, Genes, and Strengthening Muscle Feb 27, 15 08:50 PMVolleyball muscles and what you can do to develop strength and power for volleyball. Beginner Volleyball Drills Feb 27, 15 05:02 PMBeginner volleyball drills are good not only for players are new to volleyball, but also players that want to sharpen playing skills.
Just about every time there’s talk of beach volleyball on TV it seems the hosts of shows bring up what they are wearing, or not wearing.
I bet if the men were allowed to take their shirts off to play beach volleyball in the Olympics, like men naturally do to play beach, we would suddenly see a media frenzy over what they aren’t wearing too. Danielle went on to tell me she heard women think the risk of having their hands called by the ref is greater than the reward of precision. I didn’t splurdge on the poles, btu picked up these nice volleyball net rails that really make the net system work nicely.
So, I just got back from Milwaukee where I spent a week watching Bond Shymansky coach the Marquette University volleyball team through their first week of practice. The first thing that grabbed my attention was the level of expectation the coaches had for the players. Finally, the biggest lesson for me was that a team needs to learn how to win and it that learning happens in practice. Besides our summer weights and practices, we hosted a summer league at our school and invited 7 other schools in our area play. Our grand finale this summer is a 5-hour road trip to a tournament (we were invited as a result of last year’s success). These fundraising events were great to give the girls ownership for our summer volleyball and even had an effect I didn’t expect. Whether you are a coach or player, there are plenty of activities you can do over the summer to improve your game and your team’s togetherness. This is why coaches tend to spend so much time teaching the volleyball spike approach. The uniforms of female track athletes are pretty much exactly the same as beach volleyball uniforms.

Germany is pretty good but don’t really make the scrappy defensive plays the Brazilians do.
Sand volleyball (or beach volleyball if you’re near a beach) is much more difficult than playing indoor. It is mandatory to call Dig Safe to make sure there are no hidden utility lines in the space you want to dig. Once I came back the next day to dig the trench for the where the drain pipe will go, the water started to flow out nicely. Sand and gravel will eventually mix together and you’ll be left playing with rocks in your sand. We rolled our fabric out in sections so the dump truck could drive in on the gravel and dump onto the area we rolled out and not tear the fabric. Once again, we were feeling strong and planned to have our team put in some elbow grease and shovel sand around. They crank the net tight much like tie-straps you’d use to hold down cargo in a truck, plus they can slide up or down to change the net height. Well sorta… I ordered a sweet custom-made professional quality volleyball net with our school name on it.
And I brought Bond’s expectations and Division I coaching techniques back to my team.
I also loved to point out to my players the footwork and different strategies the USA men do exactly how I teach our girls. There’s something about being stuck in a car together for hours that builds relationships, not to mention hotel roomies.
We didn’t have the turnout we hoped for on this, but it was fun and a good bonding experience. Famous beach volleyball player Kerri Walsh has outwardly expressed that she loves that some people only watch beach volleyball because of their skimpy uniforms.
You know the one… the blocker at the net is bent over making her blocking signals and a photographer gets in real nice and tight on her rear end.
Maybe because I have a bit of a stereotype of women having more control and men being a bit more brute?
But what shocked me was seeing BOTH teams setting the volleyball almost always with their hands!
We only have enough room in our area for one court, but theres a vacant house on the other side of the lot that my school will be tearing down soon, so hopefully we will have two courts before long. I got a good lesson on why it’s so important to make sure you dig and take into consideration a good drainage plan or you will be playing mud volleyball instead of sand volleyball. This helped us not to have to move the sand from the edges of the court, he could put piles in the middle of the court.
We had 200 tons of mason sand hauled in to give us a 2′ depth after it was leveled out.

Unfortunately, it didn’t come in time for our first time to play, so I dug out an old net from our storage closet to use temporarily because we were dying to play.
Trust me, this was the only time we played with this many because everybody wanted to play. I’ll confess, I get bored as a coach during passing drills for extended periods of time. I put my players in groups where they coached 4-5 campers each (my 6-year-old daughter also attended the camp-oh the benefits from Coach Dad). When one player didn’t show up, other girls were texting and calling to make sure they were going to be there. Well the gravel helps the water drain away from the volleyball court easier than if you just had sand there.
This can smash pretty easy so i used the tractor to dig a little trench in the gravel in the two areas the ground was dug 12′ deep. But after one afternoon of 12 girls shoveling, we had barely one pile flattened, only 11 more to go… Thank goodness I could use the tractor again.
So much character and history, not to mention a sweet beach where I played sand volleyball any chance I had! But now I really have an appreciation for the time it takes to develop good passing habits. My volleyball team knows that hard work pays off and I know that this trip will pay off in the end when my team has the edge to win a tight match down the road. He said these teams believe they get so much more control using hands and can place the ball where they want. This turned two weeks worth of shoveling into just a couple of hours of tractor action to smooth it all out.
This is a good way to build a mentally tough team, who learn to win even when things may not be going right. It creates more well rounded players and reminds them that their teammates in different positions don’t have it as easy as they might think. It makes me wonder why more teams (even the top US beach volleyball teams) don’t use their hands while setting. What that will do is all the water will drain to the center of each side of the court and then flow down the natural slope of the land. I borrowed my friends Skid Steer (I thought they were called Bobcats, but I was wrong) to do all this digging. It took me two days to get the digging done (I had some bad luck with mother nature) The night after I dug the first side, we had a huge thunderstorm pass through.

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