Select your membership plan and get our best woodworking videos, projects and plans with access to our woodworking experts, automatic renewal and our ‘cancel anytime’ policy. Master the process of building stylish cabinet doors using horizontal raised panel router bits. Horizontal raised panel router bits present a massive cutter that is capable of causing significant damage if used improperly. As with many woodworking operations, there are few ways to perform a task that produce high quality results, and countless ways to produce poor ones. A final step in making raised panel doors is to ensure a perfect fit into your door frames.

Biscuit joiners are great for when you want to securely fasten a butt joint on your woodworking projects.
George Vondriska demonstrates one of his expert wood finishing tips that you might not have considered. Produce three slightly different profiles using this bit—an edge bead with or without a fillet and a full corner bead—by altering the bit extension or rolling the workpiece between passes.
George Vondriska teaches you how to use the biscuit joiner to attach a shelf at a 90-degree angle to the face of another board. He teaches you how to use a piece of kraft paper or the brown paper grocery bag you have in your kitchen drawer when you want to remove an overly glossy or textured finish from your project.

This group of hard-to-find tools is particularly suitable for antique reproductions and restoration projects.
George Vondriska teaches you the step-by-step process for combining the capabilities of a parting tool and calipers to define specific diameters when using the lathe.

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