There are a million Ultimate plays out there, most of which teams come up with on their own.
The Mailman – An intense offensive tactical maneuver to guarantee a gain of at least 70% of the field.
1, 2, Kaboom – A simple play we have all done but never realized had an official name. Ho (Horizontal) Stack – Another super common Ultimate Frisbee play that everybody should know. First off I’d like to mention that TurboDiscing is only for experienced players and will increase the chances of dropping the disc.
There are times when your team messes up a point opportunity in the end zone which results in the opposing team bringing the disc up to the end zone line.
Vert Stack may seem a little confusing on the surface but it is effective and a must-know offensive Ultimate Frisbee play.
The goal of Vert Stack is to help teammates get open by organizing the otherwise chaotic cutting and running. We have all done this play at one point or another, but I bet you didn't know it had a name. A comical Ultimate Frisbee play but it is often so unexpected it catches the opponent off guard.

The Zipper – Your fly is open, and so is your teammate The zipper Ultimate Frisbee play is extremely simple yet very effective. Vertical Stack in Ultimate Frisbee Vert Stack may seem a little confusing on the surface but it is effective and a must-know offensive Ultimate Frisbee play. Horizontal Stack in Ultimate Frisbee Horizontal stack is extremely common when it comes to offensive Ultimate Frisbee plays.
Set up 4 cones in a square about 10-15 yards apart, then put the 5th cone in the center of the box. The offender with the disc check it in while the defender on the mark begins the stall count at 6.
Add a mark with a force, and have the cutters line up so that both shallow and deep are options. You can do this by implanting formation, organization, and tactics into your team to basically forge an unstoppable can of ass-whoopin. If you have a good jumper, a really tall person, or just an exceptionally good catcher on your team the 1,2, Kaboom is a good way for an easy point. It is a variation of Vert Stack so be sure you are familiar with Vert since I am going to jump right into this play.
The use of Ultimate Frisbee plays can be a huge game-changer and you will start to see why the more you use them.

Almost any offensive play can be TurboDisced which makes it harder for the defense to defend. It is up to you to guard that player at all costs, never leave him or let him out of your reach.
In addition, you will begin to feel less tired as you play because instead of being part of 7 individual players, you become one single unit. If you find any value in this page please consider adding a play from your own team with the ADD-A-PLAY REQUEST FORM, it only takes minutes!
For this play there are three main positions which are the Grandma, the Mailman, and the Grandkids. The Grandma: This player should be a Handler comfortable with throwing a flick or backhand accurately long range.

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