Members can share messages, create plays, manage team pages and curate lists of favourite plays. This is an awesome drill that builds endurance while training players to react quickly and accurately to a thrown disc. If Football is the official sport of Thanksgiving, then Ultimate is the unofficial activity of Christmas.
Come join the Pax and maybe some Ultimate ringers to learn more about Ultimate Frisbee and it’s AMAZING AWESOMENESS!

Canned goods to donate to 2nd Harvest, cleats (if you have them), a light and dark shirt, water, chair and an Ultimate Frisbee if you have one. If you're new to this group, please click here for more details about us or for the basic rules of Ultimate.
For years this group has been meeting every Wednesday in the summer at Holyrood Elementary, and this meetup group was created as an open invitation for anyone who loves the game or wants to learn the game.
Then depending on who all shows up play a single 7v7 game, or split fields and play 5v5 or 3v3.

Males and females, young and young-at-heart, beginners and experienced players, pretty much anyone with a focus on fun is welcome.
We even have a 14 year old (I guess 15 now) who is faster and more skilled than some of the experienced adult players!

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