Electric water heater element test procedure: this article describes how to test electric hot water heater heating elements, what readings to expect if using an ohmmeter.
This series of articles describes how to inspect, operate, diagnose, and repair electric hot water heaters. Note: Once you have diagnosed which heating element is bad, also see Electric Water Heater Element Replacement. Electric water heaters have two heating elements - thick metal loops that get hot when electricity flows through them, similar to the burner on an electric range. As we introduced earlier, if there is some hot water but it is limited in quantity or temperature, just one of the heating elements may have failed.
If the electric water heater produces the same old quantity of hot water, but water is only tepid rather than hot, we suspect that the top water heater element has burned out.
If the electric water heater produces the same old hot water temperature, but the quantity seems drastically reduced, we suspect that the bottom water heater element has burned out. As we're about to show in detail, one can test a water heater heating element by a simple procedure using a continuity tester or a volt-ohm meter- a VOM.
Turn off electrical power to the water heater - you should have done this earlier if you read the instructions above. If the ohmmeter needle moves or you get some Ohm reading (other than infinity) then the heating element is OK and you are ready to test the other heating element on the heater. We do not usually make this test but we include it here as it appears in some diagnostic procedures for electric water heaters. Turn off electrical power to the water heater - you should have done this earlier if you read the instructions above.
Connect the alligator clip or test terminal of your continuity tester to one terminal of the heating element. Connect the other probe of the continuity tester (or VOM) to a bolt or bracket that holds the heating element in position. If the test light goes on, the buzzer sounds, or your VOM (set to Ohms) indicates continuity, there is a short circuit in the heating element and it needs to be replaced. More water heater element test recommendations are in the Residential Gas and Electric Water Heater Handbook [PDF] provided by A.O.
Besides old age and high usage, if your building water supply provides hard water (high in mineral content), scale build-up on water heater elements can lead to their demise. See WATER HEATER NOISE DIAGNOSIS, CURE for details about removing scale from a water heater. Continue reading at ELECTRIC WATER HEATER ELEMENT REPLACEMENT or select a topic from the More Reading links or topic ARTICLE INDEX shown below. A much simpler, faster , more accurate method is check for voltage 1st, and see if any amp draws going on! I don't think you've got it correct, Keith, and too, it's safer to test water heater elements with electricity to the unit OFF. The standard test of the condition of an electric water heater element is the resistance test described in the article above.
If the heating element is dead shorted out it will show continuity - that is not an OPEN circuit, it's a CLOSED one.
Take a look at DMM Digital Multimeter HOW TO USE for a nice article on how to hook up and use a digital multimeter or a VOM to check for voltage or for circuit continuity or for resistance.

Question: GE water heater flooded by Hurricane Sandy - can we just turn it back on to see if it works? Before turning on electricity electrical components need to be dried and inspected, lest you otherwise cause a short circuit that could be dangerous. Worse, if floodwaters submerging the heater were unsanitary, say with sewage contaminants, the heater insulation icontaminated as well.
With power OFF to the heater so you don't get electrocuted, you or your electrician can remove the access covers to expose, dry, and inspect the wiring and connections. Questions & answers or comments about how to test the heating elements on an electric water heater. John Cranor is an ASHI member and a home inspector (The House Whisperer) is located in Glen Allen, VA 23060. Our recommended books about building & mechanical systems design, inspection, problem diagnosis, and repair, and about indoor environment and IAQ testing, diagnosis, and cleanup are at the InspectAPedia Bookstore.
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The Washburn Festival EA 15A acoustic-electric guitar has a florentine style cutaway body made of catalpa with a laminated flamed maple top. The Amana AER5630BAB 30" Electric Smooth Top Range features a SpillSaverâ„¢ Ceramic Glass Cooktop. Ohm chart of measured resistance of electric water heater heating elements for common rated wattages.
This article describes the steps in testing electric hot water heater heating elements, followed by a guide to replacing a bad heating element.
The bottom element is heating the entire tank but it is not capable of heating the water to the same high temperature as if both elements were working. If the water heater is hot, run hot water in the building (with the water heater electrical power OFF) until water flows lukewarm or colder. If the Ohmmeter needle doesn't move (or no reading is given on the DMM) then the electric water heater heating element is defective and needs to be replaced.
Continuity in this case means close to zero resistance - which is not normal for a water heating element and thus would indicate trouble. This is a more common mode of electric water heater element - the element just burns up and becomes an open circuit.
Cramer is a past president of ASHI, the American Society of Home Inspectors and is a Florida home inspector and home inspection educator. The text is intended as a reference guide to help building owners operate and maintain their home effectively. Spills and splashes are a cinch to clean up thanks to the upswept design of this smooth cooktop. Smith) describes the actual ohm reading you'd expect if testing a factory OEM heater element of the wattage shown. Of course to avoid confusion these tests are done with electrical wires to the heating elemen t removed. An under-the-saddle Piezo pickup and a 4-band WT-92 Preamp with built-in tuner gives you the freedom to perform at any venue.

How to test and repair an electric hot water heater that is producing only tepid hot water or not enough hot water,.
Lightning had struck a large pine tree in the front about 40 yards from heater two days ago.
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