June 19, 2014 By Lisa Van Gemert Leave a Comment Tech tools make learning {and lesson preparation} more fun, and often more interesting. QR codes can be spectacularly fun in class, and Classtools has a particularly cool trick for teachers. If you’ve ever seen those cute printables on Teachers Pay Teachers and wondered how they did that, wonder no more. Just navigate to the Backgrounds page, download the design(s) you like, and then use them as backgrounds in PowerPoint (under the Design tab on the ribbon). Images are the currency of communication right now, so it’s important to have a few great sites you know you can go to to find quality images quickly. If you want to find a place where people are sharing high quality presentations, Slideshare is for you. I can’t begin to tell you how envious I am of most of you returning back to school, for I miss it very much! Each of the four semesters I was in graduate school, my school of social work required us to submit a process recording.
For the unfamiliar, a process recording is a document in which you recollect and process your entire session with a client. Dialogue Between the Client and Clinician: A breakdown of what was said between the clinician and the client as well as any non-verbal communication that either party exhibits.
Mood: The mood or emotional reaction to what the client said (or how the clinician is feeling) during the session. When I complete my process recordings, I literally record them using the video function of my point-and-click camera on a tri-Pod, unload the session onto my iPad, and tediously transcribe the part of the session that I need. With consultation, determine: Is it appropriate to use this client for observation? Prior to this recording session with your client, discuss with your plan with your supervisor. Technically Speaking, ensure that your camera’s battery is fully charged (see your charger manual) and that you have enough space on your memory card to record for as long as you need to use it. Consider framing. Is the client comfortable with a wide shot (of you and the client both in the frame)?
How are you going to discard your video? What is your process to delete the video from your camera, iPad, etc? The last time I employed this method, I filmed a client who consented to be video recorded and used a very wide angle to capture only me and not the client’s image. After transferring the video directly to my iPad using the camera connection kit (and verifying that it was all there), I deleted the video from my camera.
In GoodReader, I created a folder where I password protected the file and pulled it up for my supervisor. You can look back on your performance. Once you have your recording on video, you can watch it straight through however many times that you need to so that you can rehash the positive and need areas of your session. No Editing. On this blog, I have demonstrated some advanced video editing techniques that use images and subtitles in videos I have produced. On-Demand and Mobility. As with any recording, you can access it on demand, which is great when you and your supervisor are swamped with other duties. If Data Security Fails: This is a conversation to have with your supervisor upon agreement to pursue this technique to answer: What happens if there is a breach of security in protecting the content of the videos? I have used this method to improve my skills as a psychotherapist and social work clinician.
If from great discomfort comes growth, then this exercise provides an avenue for both to occur. For those of you who may not have access to the aforementioned materials, I would recommend discussing the ideas presented here to your supervisors.
I want to say thank you to Karen Zgoda for helping me brainstorm other Potential Issues and Ethical Concerns I had not thought about.

MissionThese articles are intended to help practitioners, psychotherapists, students, and visionaries in social work (and related fields) to understand technology tools and utilize them so that one can be better organized, improve delivery of intervention, and promote personal and professional development. VisionTo empower personal and professional development of helping professionals through the use of technology. This blog presents original content as arbitrarily as possible and will disclose partnerships, gains (potential or actual), and ethical considerations of suggestions and ideas presented here. Disclosure Policy and EthicsIn keeping with a pledge for integrity, I feel ethically bound to be open and honest when I write about a product or service.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license are available at this page: Acceptable Use of Social Work Tech Files.
Proofreading tools are an easy way to help you see and fix potential problem areas in your writing.
The Hemingway Editor (and other revision tools like it), will give you something to correct in your first draft, just minutes after you’ve written it. To use the Hemingway Editor, copy your text from your word processor and paste it into the text editor.
You can make corrections in the Hemingway Editor, and copy and paste your corrected text back into your word processor.
The newest version of Hemingway (2.0) will now allow you to  add heading and paragraph styles, and if you decide to save the file as a Word doc, the heading and paragraph styles will show up in Word.
Note: I use the PC version of the Hemingway Editor, and I’ve found that it works well for articles, newsletters, and blog posts. The Hemingway app is great and the chrome Orwell App is even better because it's embedded in the browser. Technology is everywhere and for many teachers, understanding technology can be like trying to understand a new language. Just imagine being able to leverage one of these tech tools and what it can do for your classroom. Travelling at a rate of a tool per minute, this fast-paced and informative session will help bring your technology toolbox up to speed by categorizing and reviewing resources designed to promote creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and productivity in you and your gifted students. Just imagine being able to leverage one of these tech tools and what it can do for your classroom. Children will build their recognition of letters by following their favorite characters from the Madagascar movies. The alphabet section of the app shows the child both upper and lower case of each letter on a page.
Children will have a blast in the tracing section of the app when they help their Madagascar friends find their favorite items.
They design in PowerPoint, for the most part (note to self: do a separate post just on that with a tutorial), and for the background they use graphics from places like My Cute Graphics.
There are literally dozens of places, but some are better than others because of quality, ease of use, licensing, and more. Bitly saves your links, so next year when you forget where that great site you found on underwater basket weaving was, you just type “basket” in your search bar, and voila! You can also find awesome presentations there that you can use in school or at work or home.
If you want to know more about what that means, please read about it here and go ahead and share!
Often the recording is a paraphrased account of your psychotherapy (or case management) session with your client.
Assemble your tripod and attach your camera and make sure that the lighting is good for the ambiance in the room. How can you prevent the materials from being seen wit What happens if your iPad or video camera is stolen? The camera was positioned directly behind the client’s chair and was unnoticeable and the client could be clearly heard.

When she was ready to see it (which happened two minutes prior to a different counseling session I was scheduled for). With public speaking, I generally have several ideas in my head, and quite frankly, after rehearsing my dialogue, I tend to present myself in a positive manner – a myrad of professional, charm, and wit. From what I have heard from supervisors, the warts and all transcriptions I have submitted have been more honest and less clean than what most trainees and interns submit. Assuming that your battery did not drain all the way and that your SD card captured everything, From beginning (pressing the shutter and sitting down) to end (with getting up and pressing the shutter again), there is no fuss with editing your video. The app has excellent password protection and enterprise-level file security built into it.
To look at and cringe at the way I conduct myself and to also evaluate where I have strengths of note.
At the agency I previously worked for, my supervisor saw the work that was accomplished with my video camera. The design team is working on some improvements, which means it may soon handle longer texts, such as book chapters. If you don’t want to use a separate program to revise your writing, and you already use Microsoft Word for editing and proofreading, try some of the revision macros on this blog. I recently removed the Orwell app from my browser because I found that it wanted to edit my wriing when I wasn't quite ready to edit (I work better if I can keep drafting and editing as separate processes). Four years ago I also left my job as a marketing manager in Sydney to do something I'd always dreamed of: writing and editing romance novels full time. Your students will get more out of their experience and your teaching career can be even more fulfilling! He completed his doctoral work at the University of Connecticut with an emphasis in both gifted education and instructional technology. My supervisor and I reflected on this recording during our clinical supervision later that same day. I worked so hard to transcribe the conversation verbatim because I want to be a better social worker. Dates of consent are outlined (I usually select the date of observation through one-month later). When my agency came across surplus funds in their budget, they purchased their own equipment with the intention of utilizing it for the same use.
It’s a standalone program that costs $10 US, and you can download it to a PC or a Mac computer. I included notations about inappropriate laughter, scatterbrained thinking, honest reflection (during the session and after) and really challenge myself to be a better as a helping professional while also acknowledging my strengths. The clinician also signs the document under a statement that states that these conditions have been explained to the client. Housand is the current chair of the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) Computers and Technology network, and he writes the “Untangling Technology” column for Teaching for High Potential. Karen points out that it is also a good idea to enable (in the iPad’s settings) the ability to wipe your data from the device after 10 unsuccessful passcode attempts.
Currently, he is exploring ways in which technology can enhance the learning environment and striving to define what it means to be creatively productive in a digital age.

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