This suggested apprentice electrician tool list courtesyof George Stolz, electrician and NEC consultant.
As far as hard hats and goggles and PPE other than gloves, those are the contractor's responsibility to provide.
The basis for the distain for people who provide power tools is that employees should be providing labor, and compete on their skill and knowledge, and not be jusded in part on their willingness to invest their personal monies in power equipment for the company that employs them. If you want to be viewed in a more favorable light than someone else, dazzle them with your brilliance, but do not lower the standards or take shortcuts through the course. And in truth it doesn't really matter exactly where that line is drawn, what matters is there is a condition set, and as the years go by that condition does not get worse, only better. So of course anyone willing to step slightly over that line is stepping in the wrong direction. Over the years I have employed men who have used many of their own tools, most of which were unknown to me. Of course, we all have our own tool preferences regarding brand, ease of use, availability, on and on. Some locals will be very strict about what tools the individual are to provide are their own hook as opposed to those the contractor is supposed to provide for their use. Merit shop employees OTOH will buy and use all sorts of tools with varying standards of 'compensation' for that by the contractor they work for.

I could have been more graphic in some of these examples but I think I covered the bases accurately. But, with my know how and the aid of my extra tools I could add lights and fish in wire like nobody else in the company, and do a damn good job. First day with a union shop I was handed a brand new 18v lithium Milwaukee drill with 2 batts and a charger.
I think it's up to me if I want a battery screwdriver or something else that makes my life easier.
Coming from union construction, I was amazed at what the contractor didn't provide, and what the wireman brought to the job site. No doubt those men saved me much lost time by pulling out that special widgit hidden in their arsenal. The JW is not aware of project specific safety requirements (until the first indoctrination). I carry more tools and power tools in my truck than any other guy in the shop I can guarantee. Maybe not so much as when you were contracting, but I can tell you these days, the unorganized, faced with mounting competition, a bad economy, and illegal immigrants who are getting smarter every day, are finding more and more ways to lower the bar.
To each his own I say, whatever an individual finds most comfortable and productive is the way to go.

When I was a greenhorn apprentice, the first day on the job my tools were inspected to make sure I didn't have more than what the tool list required. I was told if you start bringing tools to the jobsite that the contractor is supposed to supply, eventually, they will assume they don't have to supply them. I take some ribbing from the other guys about this and my truck sagging in the back but, to me it's worth it.
I don't think it's going to push my local back to the stone age, or increase my companies bottom line. I have one set in a pouch and another in a backpack for those long walk jobs, that just makes it easier on me as well. I also have a third set of hand tools in an aireal bucket but those are all company purchased. I have had a lot of freedom in the way I do things with my current employer and the last two as well, so I kind of run my own show on jobs. One small perk is Dunkin Donuts gift cards which we get for various things, I think there has only been two weeks since they started giving them out I haven't earned one.

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