The program has a wide arsenal of tools, and this article will show how to use most of these for various website and SEO auditing tasks.
When viewing results, you can in extended details see where each image is referenced without one of above mentioned text types. Together, this makes a useful combination for finding pages that may have duplicate content.
Set Select stop words to match the main language of your website or select auto if it uses multiple languages.

Note: If you use multiple languages in your website, read this about how page language detection works in A1 Website Analyzer.
Notice that we have to name each our search patterns, so we later can distinguish among them. To ease the day-to-day work flow, the software has a separate tab with various 3rd party online tools.
Windows, Mac and Linux A1 Website Analyzer is available as native software for Windows and Mac OS X.

This includes XML sitemaps, video sitemaps, image sitemaps, HTML sitemaps and some other formats as well.

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