By Trade Articles and reviews that are trade-specific or suited particularly for a specific trade. Fasteners Hardware and fasteners, including all types of screws, nails, hinges, springs, and other devices you may find in the hardware aisle of your local retailer or supplier. The kit comes complete with a Kobalt blue case that latches closed and has integrated tiers for the drill bits. The Kobalt 46-piece Tap, Die and Drill kit comes with an assortment of SAE taps, dies and drill bits.
Since we like to educate as well as inform, let’s jump into actually using the tap and die set. When he's not remodeling part of his house or playing with the latest power tool, Clint enjoys life as a husband, father and avid reader.
GuestMusti Akyol1 year 7 months agoLooking for metric and standard sizes of tap and die set made for stainless steel work.
40pcs Tap and Die Set, tool sets, View tap and die, OEM Product Details from Hangzhou Xiaogong Tools Co., Ltd. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This pipe tap and die set is made of precision ground heat treated and hardened steel for durability. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. The size arrangement is limited, but does indeed hit some of the more popular sizes you are likely to encounter in normal use. We needed to secure the bolt, and accomplished this by using a vice, taking care to not further damage the threads. If doing this apart from a matching bolt you would use the gauge to select the correct size for the nut or hole you wanted to thread. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.

Kobalt introduced its 46-piece Tap and Die Set to take away that dilemma and provide you with the tools necessary to fix that nut or bolt right up.
In our kit, two of the retaining pieces for the tiers were either broken off or in the process of breaking, which scattered several of the drill bits and taps throughout the interior.
Since taps and dies vary in both the teeth per inch (TPI) as well as diameter, it would take a very large (and expensive) kit to hit all of the possible permutations. It helps to position the bolt in the vice such that it is not grabbing onto any threads you intend to use.
We also felt that the Kobalt tools looked ready to go another round and were no worse for the wear we had put them through. Of course, you can also use a good tap and die set to take a bare piece of steel rod and turn it into a threaded one. Before we could start spinning away, we first had to determine the number of threads per inch (TPI) in either the bolt or the nut.
Carefully align the die so that you don’t go down on an angle, but straight down the bolt. For those doing a nut on its own, you would want to use the actual matching bolt to set the size, keeping you from needing to try and muscle the gauge into a worn out bolt. These seemed like a set of tools you can get a lot of use out of if you treat them with care.
He hopes his efforts at PTR will provide builders and contractors with reliable and engaging tool reviews to help them make better tool purchasing decisions. Package: Metal box, blow case or wood caseWe can supply different combinations and packings upon your request. For most, however, you’ll use this to fix a bad bolt, nut, or threaded socket – and those are the tasks for which this level of set is best suited. When we began to rethread the bolt it started to heat up – something that is inevitable when tightly rubbing two metals together – and more apparently when you engage in longer thread distances.
Also, if the threads are completely damaged, the other solution is to drill out the hole and re-tap for a slightly larger bolt size.

From what we can tell, if your kit isn’t broken when you buy it, it will only be a matter of time until even minor handling will tear it up – a good blow mold case would have been a better choice for this tool set. We recommend you use a little cutting oil to lubricate the die and keep it cool during use. However, the tools themselves performed admirably and we felt they would stand up to much wear and tear, though we feel they might not be suitable for use on harder stainless steel due to their construction.
Since the wrench provided by Kobalt has an open top, this is pretty easy to do without having to remove the die. We then placed the tap into the nut and began turning it down by hand – being cautious to keep it perfectly straight to the hole. For most, this won’t be an issue and we can recommend this set, especially if you can find it on sale at Lowes. This is one area where Kobalt can spend a little more money, especially given the competition in this area. Both taps and dies are tapered so that they can ease into a bolt or nut and gently re-carve the threads as they were intended. As with using a die, adding oil is a must and we backed it out frequently to get rid of debris that built up in the threads. The Kobalt die fit into the special wrench that held it fast, giving it leverage to spin it around and guide it on its cutting path. Every few turns we had to back the die out a bit to clear the threads and allow it to cut better.
Once the die made it far enough down that the bolt stuck through the top we knew we were done.

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