I've been wearing the carpenters combo 140 with a drill holster and suspenders, and replaced the right side electritian pouch for the stock one for 3 weeks and I was compelled to write this review. I work as a commercial carpenter with metal studs and acoustical ceilings, drywall and other products in my field. I just picked the tool belt up from the mail - 100 times better then the junk I looked at in the stores around town. Did you know that Fastenal has a SmartStore program which sets up vending machines at industrial shops and factories? In addition to traditional styled vending machines, a locker-style distribution unit can be used to dispense larger items such as chemicals, paper goods, hand and power tools, calibrated test equipment, and other such equipment. There are of course installation fees, usage fees, and software fees, but this seems like it could be a promising and cost-saving program for industrial work environments.
I’d like mine stocked with the things I always run out of in the middle of a project like various sized fasteners. It is said that Waterloo’s glove consumption dropped from $13k to $9k in the first month of use.
I don’t understand why Fastenal would charge the shop to have their machine in their.
I noticed (and was surprised to see) a Proactive vending machine in a shopping mall (the face cleaner for acne). I could be completely wrong, but I ASSUME proactive pays the mall rental space for the machine, not the other way around. I’m sure that companies could negotiate different terms and fees depending on their needs and typical purchasing volume. Mike, your best bet is to check out this page and to contact your local Fastenal store for price quotes and demonstration details. There is a lot of work involved for larger customer on the software side to input and remove employees and change their access codes. I know 3 companies (2 smaller shops with about 25 employees each and 1 larger shop with 250 employees) here in the midwest that didn’t pay any additional money to put these in their shops.
I can only see an increase in spending as a result of someone needing a foot of masking tape and getting a whole roll.

The Alien Workshop Skate Key is the best skate tool on the market period!A combination of 8 essential skate tools in one, makes up the perfect tool for tuning up your current board or putting together a new one.It is also the only tool to offer an axle rethreader. All orders are shipped the same day with our courier or Royal Mail if the order is placed before 3pm with the exception of Saturdays in which case they will ship out on Monday for delivery on Tuesday. Here at Native Skate Store we make sure that all of our customers have a safe and secure shopping experience however they choose to pay. I purchased this toolbelt for the wide belt which is nice and for what i thought was large front pouches for screws and rivets.
I will be sure and tell evryone what a great product and what great service I received from Gatorback!
These vending machines can be stocked with first aid supplies, safety consumables such as goggles and gloves, cutting tools, general MRO supplies, and other such regularly used items. We imagine that non-consumables such as power tools would have RFID or similar tags to help manage and confirm their return at the end of a shift. Fastenal’s site mention a few companies that have put their new SmartStore service to use, such as Waterloo, and the city of Sacramento. That includes the installation, service, stocking, training as well as saving the company countless dollars on their end. The local Fastenal stores invests the capital to buy the machines for the custumers leaving only a small fee for the customers which is recouped in months. No more problems with worn down axles.Just use the rethreader and they'll be like brand new again. Thats why our website is fully PCI compliant which means that your details and personal information are protected with the latest internet security systems whether you choose to pay via credit card using Sage Pay, Paypal or Google Wallet. I went with the black and white stitching over the normal green based on reviews saying the green nail pouches were very small and hard to get a hand in and I'm glad I did. Fastenal’s large footprint of stores with local service close to most of our customers makes this type of program a perfect fit for Fastenal. If the green pouches are smaller than the black it would have been a problem but the black seem like the standard size and for me are perfect.
I can't comfortably fit my hand in them and pull out screws or whatever else i need to put in them.

I have been through the craftsman leather bags, always pulling loose at rivets near belt loops or wearing through at top of pouch at belt, bottoms wearing through. We also have vehicles equiped with demo machines available to come and show you the solution at your site. I have had the 140 combo belt for about 10 months, with a little wear, holds everything I need- pretty much, as I get older I try to work with less tools in the pouches- less weight to hump around all day.
With this rig I have successfully carried (in order right-left) my hand tools in my right side electricians pouch, a tape on the tape clip, drill in holster, hammer, my speed square and gauges and pullers and other trim tools on my left pouch(glue, nails, etc.), and also a paslode nailer hanging from its clip and not been uncomfortable or weighed down. Not without a few draw backs though, they are a much wider setup than ordinary pouches, like squeezing through stud walls at 16 inches wide, and turning aroung in tighter spots, originally feels like you are a gunfighter from the old west- arms out to your sides, but have gotten used to them by now I guess.
But needless to say i sent back this toolbag combo and was very disappointed in the size and holding capacity of this product.
I have worn the bottom out or through the utility knife holder, due to the fact that I use a non-retracting knife- blade is always out.
Couldn't imagine paying any more than the price I paid for an occidental or other high end brand.
The belt-loop holding the extra belt after fastened has broken- a leather loop- only stapled together.
I took off the hammer holder that comes in the back, by your rear end, just don't use it or need it.
The hammer holder on the back of the right bag is OK, took some getting used to after years of using leather bags with a loop at the front of the right bag- from Home Depot and Sears.
For under $100 - for the whole setup-delivered to your front door it is a good buy, by my standards. But definitely spend your well earned money on a well built product such as the Gatorback tool belt.

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