Park's Folding Chain Tool is a heavy-duty tool-steel shop-quality chain tool that also folds for carrying in your pack or pocket for use on the road and trail.
Specially built for inflating all bicycle tires and tubes, on all the different sizes and types of bike wheels, Park's Shop Inflator is a great shop-grade upgrade for your air compressor setup. These shop-quality L-shaped hex wrenches have a genuine Bondhus balldriver tip on the long arm (excluding the 10 mm) for hard to reach bolt heads and a straight tip on the short arm for high-torque applications.

Northern Tool + Equipment, Generators, pressure washers, air compressors, power tools, trailers, heaters, stoves, food processing, go karts, and more! For quick and easy inflating it has an ergonomic body for a sure grip, a 2-finger handle to control the air, and best of all, a small rotating head that's easy to fit between spokes, and that works on Schrader and Presta valves. Plus, you get an oversize, reinforced pressure gauge that reads from 0–220 psi (0–15 bars) and a pressure-release button for getting the psi exactly right.

This fine inflator is built durably of quality materials throughout for everyday use in your shop and is rebuildable!

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