Tenemos un excelente departamento de Artes Graficas, y mas de 15 anos en el ramo de diseno por computadora. NJPA’s cooperative contract purchasing leverages the national purchasing power of more than 50,000 member agencies while also streamlining the required purchasing process.
Mohawk Lifts Launches Mobile WebsiteMohawk Lifts Launches Mobile WebsiteMohawk Lifts, manufacturer of above ground vehicle lifts ranging from 6,000 to 240,000 lbs., has just launched a mobile version of the Mohawk Lifts website.
The mobile websites provides customers with the same information as the regular Mohawk Lifts site and has been optimized for browsing without a mouse and keyboard. To use this text: Use your mouse to select the text above, then simply copy and paste into your word processing or email program. Mohawk Lifts introduces height adjustable screw type lift padsMohawk Lifts introduces height adjustable screw type lift padsMohawk Lifts introduces height adjustable screw type lift pads.
Mohawk Lifts 2 Post 25 Year WarrantyMohawk Lifts 2 Post 25 Year WarrantyAll Mohawk 2 Post Lifts now carry a 25 year structural warranty. Mohawk Lift’s Two Post LiftsMohawk Lift’s Two Post LiftsMohawk’s two post lifts range in capacity from 7,000-30,000 lbs.
The First Style Is The Multi-Position Flip-Up Pad Generally Associated With In-Ground Lifts. The High Height For Access Under Low Riding Cars, The Set Up Time To Properly Position The Pads, The Small Surface Area Of Contact Lessens The Stability, And Frequently These Flip Pads Don’t Go High Enough For Some High Frame Vehicles.
Finally The Third Style “Quick-Connect” Stacking Adaptor System Offers Infinite Height Adjustment For High Frame Trucks, Are Easily Positioned, Offer A Large Frame Contact Area, Take Less Than 30 Seconds To Change The Lifting Height Between Cars & Trucks, And Is Low Enough For All Low Riding Cars. The Above Scenario Is Not Mohawk Lift Specific, And Several Lift Companies Use The Same Time Saving Quick Connect Adaptor System That Mohawk Does. The TP-18 and TP-26 are the first, two post, frame contact lifts made to suit the needs of heavy duty fleets, with an above ground style lift. Surface mounted design and operation of the TP-18 and TP-26 avoids the environmental liabilities associated with in ground lifts. Now one of Orlando’s best hangouts, Stardust Video and Coffee started out as a video store renting out bulky VHS tapes.
This Orlando mainstay set the trend for aspiring artists looking to catch a break in their neighborhood coffee shop.

Axum Coffee was named after a city in Ethiopia and that name carries with it the shop’s mission to change the world, one cup of coffee at a time. While you might find Barnie’s coffee on the shelves of your local grocery store, nothing beats the atmosphere you’ll find when you head to one of its two locations in downtown Orlando and Winter Park.
If you prefer your caffeine underneath a mountain of whipped cream and in a cup so big you could jump in and take a swim, then you might want to try Boston Coffeehouse over in Waterford Lakes. One of the better French bakeries in town, Cafe 906 offers guests an experience on par with a Parisian cafe by the Seine with a wide variety of light, flaky pastries and a charming outdoor patio overlooking Lake Baldwin.
One thing we share with our neighbors in the Great White North: a love for caffeinated beverages. This fresh twist on a coffee shop combines a cozy cafe with a florist, giving guests the opportunity to enjoy hot coffee while they order a beautiful bouquet.
Lake Mary might not be the first place you think of for great coffee, but Cozee Cafe’s dirty chai is worth the trip. Vinyl Classic Privacy Fence is easy to install and adds great aesthetic and monetary value to your home.
Mohawk’s adjustable screw pads are available for all 7,000 to 20,000 lb capacity two-post vehicle lifts. Advantages Of Screw Pads Are They Are Self Contained, And Give A Large Stable Surface Area Contacting The Vehicle.
The nations leading manufacturer of heavy duty surface mounted lifts announces the newest addition to the product line, the 18,000 lb capacity model TP-18 and the 26,000 lb. Installation of the lifts consists of just bolting the lifts columns to the concrete floor of the shop, and is completed in just 5 hours.
Clear floor work area between the lifting columns allows tool boxes and shop equipment to easily roll around the shop. It has grown since then into an eclectic mix of young and old, where hipsters and nerds put aside their differences to discuss old books and foreign movies over a cup of joe.
While you’re sipping your micro-roasted coffee on an eclectic mix of furniture, enjoy the open mic night offerings, which range from local bands to poetry readings. All the profits made at Axum go toward charities helping impoverished countries around the world, which makes a sip of that chai tea latte that much sweeter.

Plus, its coffee is organic, fair trade and certified by the Rainforest Alliance, so you can feel good about skipping the lines at Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks. Enjoy a flaky croissant or a colorful macaron while you sip your cappuccino and stare smugly in a classic French style at passers-by who dare to walk past your bistro table. It offers a wide variety of choices on its menu, from lattes and waffles to craft beer and sandwiches, but don’t miss some of the cyclists’ favorites, like the Tour de Force espresso.
It’s the perfect place for UCF students to take a break or drown their financial sorrows after a long day of shopping and splurging.
While the coffee is a big hit among patrons, it is the almond croissant that really draws in crowds. Canadian chain Coffee Culture capitalized on this obsession by opening its North Quarter location last year, offering Orlandoans another option for grabbing a coffee on the go.
SimTek is a revolutionary new product, featuring stunning beauty and incredible durability.
Capacity 2 Post LiftMohawk’s TP-18 is a clear floor above ground lift capable of raising medium duty vehicles up to 18,000 lbs. The adjustable screw pads are available in rubber or steal top pads and give an additional 3+” of fine pad adjustment. With a full six foot lifting height, the TP-18 and TP-26 models offer infinite position mechanical locking safeties in both columns, backed by mohawks patented hydraulic locking system.
This is a 2 post medium to heavy duty lift that handles the widest variety of small, light duty duty passenger cars to one ton utility, work, and service trucks. Each Pop Up canopy frame is made using aircraft quality aluminum for superb strength and durability.

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