Enduro Mountain Bike Magazine has noted two Lezyne products for this year’s Enduro Design and Innovations Awards!
The new annual UK-based print magazine and digital download mag RCUK (Road Cycling UK) has selected their 100 best and influential road bikes and products from 2014-15, and included Lezyne in the LED, tools, and pumps categories! Get a look at the full Fresh Goods Friday 167 article to get a look at what they had to say about our 'fresh' products. JET Shop ToolsJET has the selection of Jacks and Shop Cranes needed to get the job done.  JET's line includes bottle jacks, screw jacks, toe jacks, service jacks, specialty jacks and shop cranes that can assist on any jobsite. JET® Hydraulic Bottle Jacks have capacities from 2 to 100 tons, and are available in standard and low profile heights.
JET® SJ Series Screw Jack is available in five capacities ranging from 5 to 25 Tons that hold the load without creeping.

Along with motors and motor parts, Essex Brownell is also a full line distributor of major shop equipment and tools for all your operations, maintenance and repair applications. The Stemco Equipment product line features several shop tools designed for fleets and commercial vehicle technicians.
The truck alignment system allows fleets to set up and receive alignment measurements in less than three minutes through a wireless Bluetooth data connection.
Stem Equipment heavy-duty wheel balancer features TouchSpin technology and is designed to make wheel balancing simple, safe, quick and accurate. DriveCam is a company that provides an in-cab camera monitoring system and fleet tracking and management software.
The line includes a new truck alignment system, wheel balancer, power press and Stemco Axle Pro Equipment.

The truck alignment system can diagnose alignment on trucks and trailers without the need for a dedicated alignment bay.
The heavy-duty, industrial grade power press can be used for replacing bushings, bearings and performing many other tasks around the shop.
Pre-sized, pre-hardened sleeves allow axle eyes to be resized quickly, and a new bushing design enhances out-of-round axle eyes in order to achieve longer lifespans.

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