Expand your lung capacity with the Long Piropiro Lung Exercise Tool, a unique fitness tool that stretches up to 1 meter when you blow into it. The Data Tool U1 microSD Card Reader Pen by Zebra Wing offers a microSD card reader embedded in the pen itself.
You can use the pen to have a spare USB card reader for transferring those pictures, music or emails from your phone's microSD. Wenn Sie ein Produkt haben, das wir unbedingt in unser Sortiment aufnehmen sollten, dann schlagen Sie es uns vor. Compact and lightweight, it can fit comfortably and safely against almost any part of the face, even under the eyes.
You can use it all over the face for the best results, though the tool is also designed for use on other parts of the body for total skin care treatment. Japanese beauty tool makers MTG say that wearing the Paofit Mask will give you a face as smooth and well shaped as global soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

In the same way as a face pack, the Paofit Mask is designed to be worn directly on your skin and will improve the impression you give.
Ingredients: Water, ethanol, methyl gluceth-20, propanediol, carbomer, plankton extract, menthoxy-propanediol, lemon peel oil, rye extract, etc. If you are hard of breath or feel the cold easily, strengthen your physique at home just by blowing on this tool ten times a day.
Toshiki Fukutsuji, an expert on acupuncture, shiatsu and seitai physiological treatments, the Sleeping Back Shaping Cushion requires minimal effort from the user while offering incremental benefits to your physique. Simple to operate, just place it over on face and press the button once for the low setting, or twice for the high one.
And being slender, you can keep it in your bag when you go to work, ready for when your tired skin needs some TLC. Switch between the separate modes for body care (high) and facial care (low) to vary the vibrations and provide a hot spring-like sensation for your skin.

They even say that he personally uses the mask, though we've only seen one picture he posted on Instagram so can't say that for sure! The black, sleek mask is a comfortable fit and its natural plant compound ingredients will transfer to your face to tighten and reinvigorate your features. Like the Facial Fitness Pao Smile Trainer, the beauty gadget that became an internet sensation, this unisex skin care tool helps tone your mouth and cheeks. The cushion is lined with special varying pressure points to help with your pelvis and back posture.

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