20% Off All Toys School Holiday Sale Now On!Be Quick - Closes Wednesday 13th Or When We Sell Out. Toy Tool Box is a great colourful collection of chunky pretend tools in a practical strong carry around tool box.With 24 large pieces for little fingers this is a great first tool set. This eco-friendly set comes with everything your little one needs to create small structures and take them apart again.
This toolbox is a wonderful addition to our collection of sustainably-made toys that are safe for children and for the environment. Our Aircraft Swing takes your little pilot on a swinging sweeping plane ride through the room. Interested in announcements about new arrivals, contests, and informative articles about parenting?
Just like the rack on the wall in Granny's country kitchen, this mini kitchen utensil rack magnet includes an assortment of tiny wooden utensils and an old fashioned red handled rolling pin. Note: By changing your country, the pricing will display in the currency of the chosen country. By redeeming your coupon you're agreeing to be added to our weekly sales and future coupon offer newsletters. I came across Moulin Roty tool sets, which are marketed as tool sets for the young woodworker, and beautifully crafted high-quality tool kits with child-sized tools, and they’re pretty affordable too, with prices starting at $35+ via Amazon. This brings me to ask – are there any great hand tools or brands that you would recommend for children? Back when I was a kid, my uncle ran the woodworking arts & crafts workshop at our daycamp.
I don’t remember if we used hand saws, but if we did, they were probably one of the many types of smaller saws currently on the market. As an aside, my knock-hockey boards (wherever they may be) are still in great condition, and my two mini step stools can support my adult weight. I think I would be an advocate of smaller versions of real tools, rather than child-specific tools.
But I have zero experience in this field, although I will probably have a full tool kit ready for my son before he’s even ready to talk.

As a child, I had a toolset that looked… Fairly similar to the one pictured above, but with blue paint on half of the tool handle. Thankfully my dad and both grandpas started giving me real tools for Christmas when I was about 7 or 8. I’m an advocate of giving children age-appropriate, simple, high-quality adult tools to learn with. My nephew entered college this year and has a part time job repairing and maintaining outboard motors.
At first I had a kids toolset (similar to above but with the blue paint) that someone gave me. I will likely be ordering one in each color so when the kids get big enough they will have them. After looking at it more it looks as though they are adult sized tools, so probably just put a kit together myself.
Agree with dreamcatchereDB, and will raise… I let them choose and use whatever they want. I don’t remember where I bought this puny hammer (I think it came as a set with interchangeable tips), but as an adult, I have used it a couple of times. The set comprises of a Screwdriver, Spanner, 2 Hammers, 5 working bolts, 1 Saw, 2 chunky nails, (not sharp), Ruler and 4 Construction pieces to attach the bolts and nails to.The tool box itself has holes in it that the bolts and nails fit into, so the box itself is a project in itself as well as a portable storage solution. Flip it over and it becomes a handy tool box that allows little carpenters to take their tools along. Baby is sure to laugh and giggle as he safely swings back and forth in this extra soft seat. Encouraging large motor skills as well as hand eye coordination, this game is sure to delight both parent and child. In six basic colors, the twelve simple cubes are easy for your infant to hold and maneuver as he practices balancing and stacking. As a first-time subscriber, you will receive a coupon code via e-mail for $10 off your first order of $30 or more. We always seek to improve ourselves for the benefit of the customer and hope to provide the best shopping experience possible.

We used proper woodworking benches, proper vises, smaller claw hammers, and were supervised when holding projects against the power sander. The hammer was tiny and very impractical, but the saw was a small coping saw and worked with real blades. Some were new and some were used that they did not need anymore (one grandpa was a mechanic and the other a carpenter – got a lot from the carpenter). The problem was that those tools were complete garbage; even I could barely get them to work. But I remember that when I was about 6-7 yrs old I was building stuff from things I would find (why I’m creative with a lot of things). From what I have noticed, every hand held tool, always has a small version, you just have to keep an eye open for them. There are plenty of tools in my toolbox that are small enough in size that smaller hands could grip them just fine. For my dad, when he tried to remove it, that he began to teach me how to use tools properly.
It’s not the size of the tool or if they are passed on to generations, the quality lessons that will last. It wasn’t until my first project, a toolbox, that I started using the tools for their intended purpose. I have upgraded and expanded since I now have a garage with space, but many of those tools still get a lot of use. Of course, I help them to decide and point out the attributes of each tool but by not limiting them to a little box of low quality tools has really seemed to have make an impact in their skill set.

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