Coming soon to Sears are these great-looking special edition Craftsman Harley-Davidson tool boxes. DynaGlide ball bearing slides give the chest a load rating of 75 lbs per drawer, which is appreciably higher than the 50 lbs per drawer rating of the blacked-out ball bearing combo I reviewed. If my memory is correct, Craftsman’s older Griplatch and Professional chests had similar 75 lbs drawer load ratings.
It features gas struts on both sides of the top lid that keep it open for quicker top-compartment tool retrieval, enlarged drawer pulls for greater finger clearance, heavy duty handles, integrated key lock, and a Harley-Davidson inner lid decal. The 4-drawer rolling tool cabinet is similar in construction to Craftsman’s other I-frame cabinets, with a few differences. This portable tool chest features a comfort grip handle, three full-extension tool drawers, large drawer pulls, and two heavy duty drawbolt latches.
The new H-D products are timed to entice Father’s Day gift shoppers, but with a combo price of $700, they will probably be more popular with H-D motorcycle enthusiasts shopping for themselves. If you don’t particular care about the H-D color scheme or branding of these tool storage products, there are other new Craftsman heavy duty ball bearing products coming out with better pricing. You might want to brush up on your geography because, last time I checked, Milwaukee, Kansas City, and York were still part of the United States, P H. There is one combo that features Griplatch drawers and 75 lbs per drawer DynaGlide ball bearing slides.
Just bought a combo set including 4 drawer cart and 5 drawer chest, local store closing shop so price was as good as I could find.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This attractive wood tool chest is crafted of hardwood, a walnut stain, a clear lacquer finish and chrome-plated hardware for lasting durability.
New and used work truck utility beds, service bodies, and tool boxes that fit GMC Pickup Trucks, Ford Pickup Trucks, Chevy Pickup Trucks, and Dodge Pickup Trucks. The V-370 service body pictured above mounted on a Dodge Ram flatbed pickup truck is a welcomed break for BP oil workers.
Time is running out, only 30 days left to enter and win Big Red as t he winner will be selected and announced on  April 15 , 2013 ! Reader and frequent commentor IndyEngineer tipped us off to a great deal currently at Sears. The ArmaLite AR-7 Explorer, designed by Eugene Stoner, is the civilian-commercial version of a rifle developed for the US Air Force as a pilot and aircrew survival weapon. The prototype of what would become the AR-7 was designed by Eugene Stoner at ArmaLite Inc., a division of Fairchild Aircraft. Reliability of the AR-7 is highly dependent on the condition of the magazine and on the ammunition used, perhaps more so than with other models of semi-automatic .22 rifle.
Herter's used AR-7 receivers and barrels to make .22 replicas of the Broomhandle Mauser, Thompson Submachine Gun and M1 Carbine.
The Charter Arms AR-7 Explorer rifle basically replicated the Armalite AR-7 Explorer with variations in finish. Due to NFA 1934 regulations setting minimum rifle barrel length at 16 inches, the barrels on the rifle and pistol are not interchangeable to avoid installing the pistol barrel on the rifle.
AR-7 Industries made solid steel barrels much heavier than Armalite, Charter or Henry barrels. In 1980 the design and production rights passed on to Henry Repeating Arms and the compact rifle was slightly revised. In common with many blowback .22 rifles, the AR-7 bolt cannot be locked open to demonstrate the weapon is in a safe unloaded state. A complaint sometimes heard about the AR-7 is its lack of a sling, apart from the highly modified Israeli models, although some users have attached slings that do not require modification to the rifle in order to use. Another issue that was common with the AR-7 was failure to reliably feed flat-nosed .22 Long Rifle cartridges.
As opposed to the original hunting and survival weapon envisioned by its creators, the .22 calibre AR-7 was used as an assassination weapon in several films.

The AR-7 features prominently in From Russia With Love where Q Branch issues James Bond with one as part of his attache case. Charles Bronson's hitman character used an AR-7 in Citta violenta to assassinate a person in a moving car. In the 10th Episode of Season One of Boston Legal, "Hired Guns", the character, Denny Crane wounds a hostage taker with an AR-7.
The AR-7 with various accessories such as a wooden stock, front and rear grips, and an extended barrel was used in such superspy films as The Ambushers and television shows as Get Smart. These boxes look great to me, although I must admit I seem to be a sucker for orange tool chests and cabinets. First, it has the same DynaGlide ball bearing drawer slides as the chest, giving the drawers a load rating of 75 lbs. I am familiar with DynaSlide drawer slides, but not DynaGlide Рperhaps these slides were specially developed for Craftsman by the same company. Personally, there are times when I would gladly pay more for a special color scheme, but only up to a certain limit.
The ones without ball bearings don’t slide well with any weight in them, and with ball bearings they open too easily. Some recent Griplatch ball bearing units, such as their limited edition red one, have ball bearing drawer slides rated at 50 lbs per drawer. While the eight felt-line drawers protect your tools, a single-key locking system secures the lid and front panel of this compact tool chest. The above shown ball bearing storage combo is now $700, which is 50% off its regular price of $1400.
Its intended markets are backpackers and other recreational users as a knockabout utility rifle.
According to some accounts posted by enthusiasts, this is where quality began to deteriorate.[5] Barrels were said to have a tendency to warp. The Armalite stock did not accept the receiver with a magazine in place and the gun was normally sold with one magazine.
The Israelis further modified these rifles, adding the telescoping stock, a pistol grip from from a FAL-type rifle, shortening the barrel (to 13.5 inches), and adding a front sight based on the K98k Mauser. The AR-7 is a light firearm with heavy bolt and twin recoil springs and must be firmly held for reliable blowback operation.
A 20-gauge shotgun sling swivel meant to clamp to the magazine of a 20-gauge shotgun and a universal sling work well for the purpose. After many tests, standard and hyper-velocity, round-nosed .22 Long Rifle cartridges were recommended for flawless action. Scott uses an AR-7 in his revenge campaign against those he believes are responsible for his son's accidental death. For this reason New Zealand classes it as a handgun, with far greater restrictions on ownership. In this case, since these decals are quite large and complex, they might be pre-applied to avoid misalignment issues.
I don’t see that these boxes have the GripLatch, but the prices are right up there with the ones that do- pass.
As a bonus, a machinist's safety mirror is built-in to the lid interior of your portable wood chest. Name Mail (will not be published) Website Facebook Discussions on Kitchen Images Of Layout Kitchen Designing Tool Design A Kitchen Free Kitchen Planning Tool Designer Kitchens Kitchen Renovations Kitchen Sale Kitchen Planners Kitchen Design Online Kitchen Designer Online Free Kitchen Planner ToolJoin the discussion on this Kitchen Images Of Layout Kitchen Designing Tool Design A Kitchen Free Kitchen Planning Tool Designer Kitchens Kitchen Renovations Kitchen Sale Kitchen Planners Kitchen Design Online Kitchen Designer Online Free Kitchen Planner Tool using your faceb??k account below.All contents published under GNU General Public License. The AR-5 had the advantage of repeat fire over the then-standard M6, using the same .22 Hornet cartridge. Even the barrel is aluminum (in later production composite material), using a rifled steel barrel liner.[4] The AR-7 measures 35 inches overall when assembled.
The transition of cartridge from magazine to barrel can be smoothed by minor beveling of the chamber of the barrel, by using round-nosed as opposed to flat-nosed bullets and by paying attention to condition of the feed lips and feed ramp of the magazine. Other sources state that the first production at Charter had problems which were corrected in later production runs.[6] Since Charter Arms sold the design and rights to Henry Repeating Arms in 1980, the Henry AR-7 has regained a reputation for reliability.

The receiver had a built-in pistol grip with no provision for the rifle stock (the internal parts are interchangable between rifle and pistol).
The receiver notch and barrel lug for rifle are on top; for the pistol, they are on the bottom. In order to comply with US Federal law, a 3-inch muzzle brake had to be permanently attached in order to meet the minimum 16 inch barrel requirement. Other firing range operators allow use of an open bolt indicator to prop the bolt open so that the chamber is visible. These include collapsible stocks, wire-framed stocks, pistol grips, flash suppressors, shrouded barrels, high-capacity magazines, telescopic sights, reflex 'red dot' sights and other occasionally fanciful-looking hardware, usually at a cost greater than the rifle. An appropriate length of parachute cord with a slip knot at either end makes a usable lanyard, given the light weight of the AR-7.
Due to fears of possible illegal use, Henry installed a stronger recoil spring in the action to ensure that subsonic ammunition would not be able to cycle properly in the firearm. Bond uses the AR-7 to assassinate a Soviet agent with a suppressor and infrared telescopic sight on the weapon.[8] Bond also uses the AR-7 to shoot a crewman of an attacking helicopter causing the crewman to drop a hand grenade that destroys the helicopter. It disassembles to four sections (barrel, action, stock, and magazine), with the four parts storing inside the plastic stock measuring 16 inches long. All iterations of the AR-7 from the Armalite to the Henry use bolt and recoil springs that are heavy compared to most other .22 semiautomatics, requiring high velocity ammunition for reliable functioning.
If a pistol barrel were installed on a rifle (or vice versa), the extractor on the bolt would be opposite the extractor slot in the barrel, preventing the bolt from closing (plus the front sight would be upside down). The yellow plastic flag for CMP range use is recommended or a spent cartridge case can be used. However, the hyper velocity (or even normal) loads could warp the barrel of the Henry US Survival variant. The AR-7 returns in Goldfinger being used by Tilly Masterson in unsuccessful assassination attempts. The barrel nut tends to loosen after firing and may need hand tightening to maintain both accuracy and reliability. Modifying the pistol barrel to fit the rifle, or cutting a notch in the rifle receiver to accept the pistol barrel, would legally be "making a short barrel rifle" requiring federal registration on an ATF Form 1 with payment of a $200.00 tax. The receiver recess in the Henry stock allows storage of receiver with a magazine in place and the rifle is normally sold with two magazines. This scope mount can be used on the Armalite and the Charter Arms Explorer rifle and Explorer II pistol.
The rear sight is a peep sight, which comes on a flat metal blade with an aperture (in later production two different size apertures), and is adjustable for elevation (up-down). The magazine well in front of the trigger guard would accept any magazine designed for the rifle.
However, with the bracket in place, the rifle receiver will no longer fit the recess in the stock for storage. My toolbox arrived in the cardboard box from the manufacturer With bands on it From Harbor Freight They Did not put this in a box they just shipped it as they got them from the manufacturer I was lucky it arrived ok and I was not giving it as a gift. When I opened the package my toolbox had a Glob of Glue on the top of the lock from assembly I had to peel it off and clean it up that I could live with. Then I noticeable deep gouge in the front of one of my draws look like it was done in manufacturing, that I cant live with if I wanted a used look I would have bought one at a garage sale Next I noticed a big scratch on the inside panel where the bottom draw goes in to the tool box looks like it was done in manufacturing as well.
The color of this box on harbor freight web sight looks like a nice light golden honey color the box I got has a light honey color with a greenish brown tint. It is not as nice as the one in the picture.Maybe I just got a bad box?For the money on sale it is ok deal if you just don't expect much.

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