This question is from 20-Volt Max XR Lithium-Ion Cordless Brushless Hammer Drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit (2-Tool) 3 answers Does the product make in USA? This is a pretty nice set really, need to wait and see how tough it is for light contracting work.
I just want to know when they are going to cut it out with the stupid torch in mulitpower sets, or at least give people the option of no torch and a cheaper price! On one hand, there are no other cordless table saws, drill presses, or scroll saws on the market, at least to my knowledge. My main concern about this set is that it might be underpowered, and its seemingly mostly plastic construction doesn’t instill a sense of durability or reliability.
I wrote out a whole long critique of the Power8 workshop (link), and won’t be convinced to consider it HOT anytime soon. Without using it how can you grade any tool system and how can you comment on it from a video. I have been using this piece of kit for over a year and have not found any trouble with the rugedness or quality of the tools. I have just used the jigsaw on 30mm timber to cut a recess and the hammer drill to drill into brick and found no problem with the performance at all. In fact for such small tools they ferform above and beyond as I have used them to there limit and they have done what it says on the tin. I think this would be great for many small contractor jobs, even having a small drill press and all of your tools in one handy box is nice, People who do trim work, or even some electricians might want this to modify baseboards and drill some small holes in sockets and boxes. Absent the workshop case, the design has a serious flaw: the union location for the batterypack and tool head. I could see this used in certain situations where (un)packing the usual suspects could be a pain.
Can we get a separate category for comments by those who have never used a tool they are commenting on? Canadian Tire (in Canada) started to sell it around Christmas time and it’s already gone from their website.
I saw the unit and tried it (the rep was there doing demos and the tools were fully operational). Anyone with a little bit of experience also know that making tools capable of a zillion functions often turn them into poor tool for each individual function.
The saw can cut through a door at a pinch and the hammer drill which I bought separately is very powerful. It’s out of stock everywhere, probably because they get sold faster than they can be produced? Having been involved in retrofitting security systems, I would have liked something like this to carry in my van for the occasional time I had to fab up a piece of moulding that got broken.
Nobody else has said it, so I will: Are they trying to fool wives into buying this for hubby by coloring it the same as the Hitachi tools he has in the shop now?
It’s true, this workstation is not aimed at everyday worksite use but it is very sturdy and reliable. For the record I would put this in the HOT category having used it and having seen it abused by Chris and his team at CEL Enterprises.
Concept is excellent, but it should really have an option to use the tools from a mains power source, as I’m sure every owner will eventually be frustrated when the battery runs out and there is a mains source nearby. The only con I can find is the small swivel feet on the one end of the stand fall off ocasionly.
It is very handy and the drills are powerfull especially the hammer drill option which is powerfull and ruged and comes with a single sleeve chuck. The saw- I use it a lot as a table saw instead of my large Ryobi tale saw as it is more accurate and more portable. And using it as a stand alone saw I have sawn through several internal doors and it managed those at a push.
When using the saw in the table I use it pluged into the mains with the transformer in place of the power handle. I have used the power8 workshop for 2yrs now and arguably one of the best buys I have made.
I am pretty sure you could plug the cord to the power source and charge the unit while still using it. If this could be plugged into a 12 volt system it could be a dream come true for sailboat cruisers. This was a great set I bought this off the tv in 2011 and loved it but then it was stole out of my truck I have gone online to buy another one and you can’t buy them anymore it suck if anyone knows. After a year of owning it now, I need new batteries and am not sure if the batteries are bad or the charging system. I was given the Power8 package about 18 months ago and have found it quite useful for many jobs around the house and know that it is a not a tradesman’s tools kit.
I’ve had an Ozito power 8 on my 26ft Westerly boat for several years now (in Victoria Australia) and it has been terrific for those unexpected jobs when cruising. Oscillating multi-tools have become extremely popular in recent years for a number of reasons. While a lot of professionals prefer to use corded multi-tools, improvements in motor technology and higher capacity battery packs means that cordless oscillating tools are gaining popularity. We have been testing the latest and greatest cordless oscillating multi-tools to help answer a question we are asked quite frequently these days: Which is the BEST cordless oscillating multi-tool?
This was a tough comparison to make, as all of the cordless oscillating tools we have used and tested are built around drastically different designs.

Performance is decent, and runtime is respectable, but it’s the ergonomics that really deserve recognition. Despite the great ergonomics, there are three reasons why this would not be our pick for top cordless oscillating tool. First, the tool-free blade change mechanism only works with Dewalt, Porter Cable, and Rockwell oscillating tool blades and accessories. The bare tool (DCS355B) is priced at a very reasonable $129, and the 1-battery kit (DCS355D1) is priced at $199.
The Milwaukee tool-free blade change mechanism is a different design than we were used to, and requires folding over a large gloved-finger-friendly lever and unscrewing a finger-friendly accessory bolt.
Ergonomics and comfort are ever so slightly better than with the Bosch but less so than with the Dewalt.
With bare-tool (2626-20), compact battery (2626-22CT) and XC high capacity battery (2626-22) kits priced at $119, $229, and $299, respectively, Milwaukee’s M18 cordless oscillating tool offers a nice balance between features, performance, and cost. While some might be inclined to lambast Milwaukee for not building the M18 cordless oscillating tool with a brushless motor, keep in mind that the bump up in performance and runtime would have been led to a hefty bump up in price. This is a great cordless multi-tool option, especially if you already have M18 Li-ion batteries and a charger you can pair it with. An easy-toggle tool-free blade change mechanism and reasonably good performance (for a 12V Li-ion tool), make Craftsman’s 2nd generation Nextec multi-tool our favorite compact cordless oscillating tool. Right now the full kit is priced at just $70 at Sears, which makes it an incredible bargain, but there have been signs that the entire Nextec line is destined to be discontinued. This model is well suited for DIYers and professional users who might not need a heavy duty tool for infrequent use, but overall it feels a little lightweight to meet regular jobsite demands.
We have had good experiences with Dremel tools in the past, and their 8300 cordless Multi-Max adds to the warm sentiments.
The Dremel 8300 kit doesn’t come anywhere near the runtime, performance, or robustness of the aforementioned 18V and 20V Max Bosch, Dewalt, and Milwaukee models, but it feels like one of the tougher consumer models out there.
I checked out the Bosch and Milwaukee 12V models a couple of times at stores, but considered them as being lower-interest tools compared to corded oscillating tools, and so I never sought to test them fully. I haven’t tried the Milwaukee M12 model, but can recognize a few advantages, most notably tool-free blade changes, better runtime, and presumably better performance. My father was thinking about getting one of these, I’ll be sure to show him this review. If you already have Makita 18V LXT batteries and are on a budget, then the Makita model would almost be a no-brainer.
While, I know that the Rigid tool does not have a quick-change offering, one thing it does gave thatI wish was on more brands was a VSR trigger, Having used single speed as well as dial models. I didn’t see any mention of the Fein which i believe makes the best corded oscillating multi tool. I have, and love the RIDGID 18 volt multi tool, I would prefer a tool free quick blade change but aside from that it is my favorite tool, I started with their corded version and bought the entire 18 volt set when they introduced the 18 volt multi tool with the interchangeable heads I now also have an 18 volt jig saw and right angle impact driver it is all so versatile I really can’t say enough good things about it all. It would be nice to have an updated review on the ones which changed, include new contenders and how the ones which did not change hold up against the new tools on the block. I don’t think it would take any less time to change a blade with this particular thumbscrew setup although changing the blade position would definitely be quicker.
If you’re leaning towards Bosch, and can wait, news of their new oscillating multi-tools are hopefully only a few weeks away.
This question is from M18 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Combo Kit with M12 Bluetooth Speaker and Battery (3-Tool) 0 answers If I don't need a speaker can I receive some other tool instead? This question is from M18 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Combo Kit with M12 Bluetooth Speaker and Battery (3-Tool) 0 answers Does it come in different colors? This question is from M18 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Combo Kit with M12 Bluetooth Speaker and Battery (3-Tool) 2 answers Does the speaker have an input for a 3.5 MM cable? These tools feature a DEWALT built brushless motor that delivers up to 57% more run time over brushed. Also the biggest benefit is that the brushless motors do not have brushes that can wear out. There are a few reviews on retailer sites here and there, but nothing on enthusiast blogs, forums, or other such sites.
I have been waiting for them to come up with some idea to give them an excuse to make a full line of cordless tools, seems right up their alley. I grew up hearing the adage to use the right tool for the job – and by doing so you have a better chance of getting the job done right, on time and safely.
The concept is amazing, but that says nothing about the quality, performance, durability, etc. I’d be pretty tempted if it had a lithium ion and a bit more metal in the construction of the frame. In fact I bumped into him at the weekend at the Gadget Show in Birmingham where he was promoting the Power8 as well as all the other new inventions he has. This works a treat and I can use the drills for drilling and screwing with the two power handles. The ni-Cad battery rus out fairly quickly when using the saw but with the Li-Ion battery it is great.
CEL sell an accessory called the PH-AC which is a transformer you put into the charging port on the bench. But now the batteries won’t charge (light flashes red but never goes to green to indicate charging).
My 18v NICD batteries were showing about 11v –apparently too low for the charger to charge.

However in my case I used a 20 volt laptop computer charger and connected the handle via a jury rig wire for about a minute.
I had luck unplugging and plugging in the charger repeatedly (about 50 times), then leaving it plugged in. You can use multi-tools for cutting, sanding, grinding, and scraping tasks that would be harder to do with other types of power tools. Since Fein’s patent expired a few years ago, nearly every major power tool brand has come out with their own multi-tools. We are actually happy about this, as it means users are able to choose the design that better suits their particular needs or preferences. Dewalt built their brushless multi-tool around design notes taken from their 12V cordless line and 20V compact drill handles.
To use Bosch OIS, or any other brand’s accessories, you have to pull out the included adapter and hex key.
Although it is not as quick to change blades on the Milwaukee oscillating multi-tool as with other tools, the tool-free blade holder is still easy and effective to use. If we were looking to buy an 18V-class cordless oscillating multi-tool, it would probably be this one. Battery life is a little on the short side, and the blade change mechanism is not tool-free. I am fairly committed to the Ryobi One+ line, which have worked well for my needs, so would like to see how theirs stacks up. 18V and 20V Max-class tools on the other hand provide good enough performance and runtime that some users will look to use them instead of corded ones and not just as secondary tools.
For some reason the bare tool is not eligible for Amazon’s $25 off $100 holiday discount, but $100 is still a great price. I can’t remember which brand (maybe Makita) but it was nothing more than a clamp lever and a thumbscrew. The main benefit is not having to worry about losing the hex key and not having to worry about replacing a lost hex key with some very specific length on both ends (I’m looking at you, Makita).
Suitable for handling a wide range of applications with ease and accuracy, this kit is powered by REDLITHIUM batteries for long-lasting and reliable power and has a compact and lightweight design for comfortable use. An assortment of drill bits, driver bits, and jigsaw blades plus a soft tool bag are also included. Folks with issues like severely limited budgets, tight space requirements and difficulties in transporting equipment might buy into the multi-tool concept.
Too much flex in every tool and their weak NiCad battery will eventually turn this piece of junk into a nice boat anchor. This offering is best left to the armchair carpenter, to set proudly gathering dust on a garage shelf.
A cruiser in the Bay of Cortez has few options when it comes to repairing a grab rail or hatch cover, etc. Even amazon says out of stock and don’t know if they will even be getting them back . Where do I buy replacement handles and how long should I expect the handles to last with weekend work. Has anyone managed to fix such a problem I tried writing to Ozito in Oz but they just said the power handle was no longer available! If you don’t have any Bosch 18V Li-ion battery packs, budget another $100 for a 1-battery and charger starter set. Even so, we do love the simplicity of the tool-free blade change design, which was carried over from the latest Porter Cable model.
Some users will love this about the Dewalt tool, as it feels great for quick operations, but those who want to work at lower speeds for longer times might suffer some hand fatigue.
If I were looking for an oscillating tool on a very tight budget, I would prefer a better 12V tool than entry-level or mid-ground 18V one. Durable and built-to-last, this cordless kit is ideal for jobsite use or for DIY projects around your home. Both tools feature LED lights with 20 second trigger release delay providing increased visibility in dark or confined spaces. The quality of construction and weak battery pales in comparison to offerings from Dewalt and other serious toolmakers who at least attempt to meet the needs of their customers. That brought the voltages up to about 17v, at which point they both became acceptable to the charger (as indicated by green flashing light). I don’t expect it to be a permanent solution, but hopefully it gets the tools working again. But when you’re transporting your tools to the jobsite by truck – you probably have a bit more space than would require resorting to something like this – even if it would survive the jobsite or being tossed in the back of the truck. Also their extender plugs into the transformer and the other end is a power handle so you can use the tools corded when required. I try out a lot of new tools – to see if they can improve our performance, productivity, safety etc. Also with a system to plug into a boat’s power system for charging and use, would extend the usable time. I will not likely try this set – but as always I’ll keep an open mind if others try it and it gets high marks.

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