Salvage SNAP TOOL BOX 2000 Search for salvage SNAP TOOL BOX 2000 repairable vehicle for sale in the SNAP inventory for sale from Copart Auto Auction. Now that I’ve shared with you my affinity for bent plywood, here is another bowl stand with a completely different twist. My good friend Tim Haley (of Tangible Design, inc.) collaborated with me to produce this gem.
This bowl holder is extremely sturdy – it is made of steel and has significant heft, which will keep it stationary while pets eat from it.
I experimented with different textures by using the smooth cotton upholstry fabric in combination with the felt. We need to raise $3,200 in the next 17 days for the kickstarter project, or we get no money!
For those of you who have pledged, I’m asking you to try to find at least TWO friends to pledge. The way that most kickstarter projects succeed is NOT from a few large pledges… it is from a huge volume of people giving just a little bit (think $5, $10, $20).
Additionally, I am offering “yummy!” surprise incentives for those of you who find friends to pledge! Today and tomorrow we are passing out postcards to local establishments (coffee shops, pet boutiques, veterinary clinics) in an attempt to spread the word about the Kickstarter project. If you would like to pass out postcards in your area or give some to friends, please send your name and address to christy =at= bigheartsfund =dot= org. We also found a potential new metal former today who uses primarily CNC cutting machinery (as opposed to the waterjet cutters we used previously).
Even though I don’t have any pretty pictures of new products to show you today, I wanted to update everyone on our recent progress.
My board member Melissa and I are taking a seminar next week on writing comprehensive business plans for non-profits!
Finally on the product front – the metal bowl stand designs (in 3 sizes!) have been finalized and we are simply waiting on price quotes from our manufacturers.
The Cardiovascular Institute might be interested in our cause and subsequently in helping Lucy, thanks to the good work and endless generosity of my father’s cousin, J. Our 501©(3) application is well underway and in very good hands, thanks to the outstanding work of our dedicated lawyer, who I was so lucky to find just two short weeks ago. Here is one current idea for marketing our bowl stands in stores, while promoting our tax exempt mission – to raise funds and awareness about heart disease in dogs and cats. It has been a VERY productive weekend here at the Big Hearts Fund headquarters – check out our newly updated and spruced up website! A brand new section where you can learn all you ever wanted to know about canine and feline heart disease. A list of all the special people who have helped support us this far – a list of all our generous kickstarter backers (thank you, thank you, thank you!!!) and the companies who have been helping us along the way. We visited the plant yesterday where our bowl stands are being made, and we got to see them mid-process!
As you can see if you look closely, the silicon pads at the base are coming un-peeled on the inside edges. The event will be held Friday, February 4th from 7 – 10pm at Bad Dog Tavern, a dog-friendly tavern in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of Chicago.
Our silent auction promises to offer spectacular goods, services, and packages from many local businesses.
Capacity at the venue is limited to 100 – we cannot guarantee that there will be tickets available at the door.
Fact: Preventative care is the NUMBER ONE THING that will save you from unexpected and costly veterinary bills.
Here is a video put out by the American Veterinary Medical Association that tells us why pet dental hygiene is important, and details about how to adopt a tooth-brushing regime. The thing that fuels this organization is the belief that some people out there will now have a place to turn to when they get similarly devastating news. I recently learned that dogs are the only other animals that understand what it means when a human being points at something. Thanks to EVERYONE for braving the cold, the horrible post-snowpocalypse traffic, and the difficult post-snowpocalypse parking situation! Send it our way, along with one reason why your dog or cat makes the best Valentine, and we’ll post it on the website!
As you can probably imagine, developing The Big Hearts Fund’s Application for Aid is a tedious task wrought with potential pitfalls. Last Friday, I was lucky enough to have a phone conversation with Jacki, founder of IMOM (In Memory of Magic). Obviously with these documents, all social security numbers and account numbers should be blacked out before they are sent to us. Additional forms such as social security statements, unemployment benefit letters, food stamp approval letters, or copies of most recent pay stubs may be required of applicants who do not have federal income tax returns.
2) An itemized estimate for treatment, with cost broken down by procedure, for which this owner is applying for aid from The Big Hearts Fund. As it says in our “about” section, we hope to begin accepting applications for aid sometime this spring. The manufacturer says there is nothing they can do about this, as the punching process in this gage of metal creates this rough edge finish. We are doing several things right now to fix these problems and ensure that the product we release into the market meets our quality standards, ultimately because we care a whole lot about YOUR satisfaction with our product. 1) We have gotten quotes from laser cutting and water-jet cutting manufacturers to fix the edge finish problem. And here again is Charlie, cute little guy belonging to Big Hearts Fund Vice President Melissa Scaglione and her fiance Peter. Here is an interesting article about the health benefits of owning pets, originally posted by the American Veterinary Medical Association. The primary role of our Vet Advisory Board will be to advise the Board of Directors on questions concerning veterinary matters. Aside from trading many fun and funny personal stories, I learned that there are only about 300 veterinary cardiologists in the entire world, and about 100 currently working in the United States. I happened upon the Cardiac Education Group website yesterday, and couldn’t wait to share it with the Big Hearts Fund community! Perhaps my favorite part was listening to the heartbeats and seeing the EKG rhythms of hearts with various problems.
I also found the following quote so hopeful, and right in line with what we experienced when Lucy was diagnosed with Tricuspid Valve Dysplasia.
One of the major differences between a cardiologist and a generalist may be how they view heart failure prognosis.

All handmade collars and leashes in The Big Hearts Fund store are 30% off with free shipping for Spring!
The entire conference yesterday was focused on how Non-Profit businesses in today’s tough economic environment should explore self-generated income as an essential revenue stream for the future. It’s been a long day, but as long as I have my trusty platypus and my bone I am a happy girl. Yesterday we picked up our beautifully laser-cut and formed bowl stands from Prince Industries and transported them to Britt Industries for painting!
The more I read about the prevalence of heart disease in pets, the more I wonder why we don’t hear more about this? For your enjoyment, here is Lucy and our Vice President Melissa’s dog Charlie playing at the Montrose dog beach earlier today! The felt also adds some visual interest with contrasting color and adds a different textural component.
We used it a bit on the bowl stand concept I posted yesterday, but here it is in a completely different context. This collar could also be used on small dogs, and the final would be made with several snaps for adjustability. Earlier posts show computer renderings of some colors we are considering – I’ll post my favorite color combo again so you can use your imagination with the photos of our current prototype! This will create a soft, non-scratch barrier for contact with the floor, as well as provide visual interest with textural contrast. We are having two samples painted – one in a navy blue, and one in a light blue textured paint. Those of you who like materials and processes may find the following interesting: turns out spot welding will be cheaper and easier to perform than the bead welding we used on the original part. He suggested various ways to decrease weight without compromising structural integrity, and is making us another less expensive prototype. Well, we’re working on finding a bulk supplier for the stainless steel bowls (anyone know of one!?).
I am now searching for some good pro-bono legal help to look it over before sending it into the IRS. Cross your fingers our status gets granted… it’s looking hopeful that we will be officially tax-exempt by the end of the year!
Also, you will notice that our site will change at this point – my brilliant husband, Chris Drackett, is bringing our site up-to-speed.
We do everything from help you find a veterinary cardiologist near you, to telling you how to make your own homemade low-sodium pet food, to directing you to current studies about heart disease being conducted in veterinary medicine – this section really has it all. We are scheduled to pick up the finished products Monday or Tuesday of next week, and hope to have them for sale online by the end of the week next week. We are working with our manufacturer to fix this problem and they have sworn to find us an adhesive that is actually permanent. Money you contribute at the event will help us subsidize veterinary care of pets with heart disease!
Of additional note, please be aware that unfortunately, because the venue will be serving food, this event is for 2-legged creature attendance only. Doing something as simple as brushing your pet’s teeth for a minute (or less) each day can save you hundreds, even thousands, of dollars in the long run.
The Big Hearts Fund is not only a place where owners can find resources about how to care for their sick pets, but also is an organization they can support in order to channel their grief so that they do not feel powerless over the diagnosis. Cats are completely different than dogs, but also emotionally smart companions – my cat Sgt. Scientific studies say they lower blood pressure and generally promote our health, both mentally and physically. The Big Hearts Fund believes that all dogs and cats have a right to proper veterinary treatment, regardless of the financial status of their owners. All together, we raised $5,404.00 – which is equivalent to the cost of about 12 echocardiograms! I would personally like to extend a special thank you to some of our guests from the Chicago pet community, including Dr.
And you can count on The Big Hearts Fund to share with you every heart-warming tale about the owners and pets we help treat with your money.
Some of the questions I’ve been asking myself are: Just how do you objectively assess who really needs help? IMOM helps pet owners and shelters fund emergency veterinary care for pets who would otherwise have to be euthanized within 10 days of the diagnosis. This adhesive, paired with a lower durometer (softer) and thinner silicon, has fixed the peeling problem.
Justin Allen of AETC centers here in Chicago, has accepted our offer to become the very first member of The Big Hearts Fund’s Veterinary Advisory Board! In short, they will be helping us maintain the medical information published on this website, and consulting with us regarding the applications for financial aid we will be receiving from pet-owners-in-need and their veterinarians who recommend treatment. Allen for your time and humbling dedication to the pet community – spending day-in and day-out caring for animals in your practice and then joining up with The Big Hearts Fund in your free time, I believe, raises you dangerously close to sainthood.
The Cardiac Education Group are Veterinary Cardiologists who aim to bring greater knowledge of cardiology into regular veterinary practice. Lucy’s heart sounds most like the mitral valve regurgitation, although I have not been told she has an arrhythmia.
The vets in our regular office told us Lucy may go into congestive heart failure (CHF) within 6 months. Many generalists are less optimistic about the dog’s chances of survival, whereas cardiologists tend to view CHF as a chronic condition requiring long term management strategies. We are featuring our new, Special Edition BLUE large collars and leashes as part of this sale. Faulkner is the President of Ways to Work, a unique economic empowerment program that helps working poor families solidify position in the workforce, build financial literacy and capacity, and attain self-sufficiency.
We heard from several speakers, all of whom were directors of successful organizations that have embraced this idea (Ways to Work, Seguin Works, The Cara Program). They are organized, efficient, do quality work, and above all they do what they say they will do. Allen, the Veterinary Cardiologist heading up our Veterinary Advisory Board, the medical information on our website is being updated and added to! Well maintained, runs great, no problems, lift gate 1600#, shelving on both sides, computer compartment, 20' box designed for Snap On Tool delivery, side entrance, ready to work. In my humble opinion, it is the perfect medium to express modernity and simplicity, with the often-lacking-in-other-modern-design-mediums warmth. We’re experimenting by combining it with nylon webbing to produce some original collar concepts.

If you pledged over $100 (because you love me!) and you don’t think you can find two friends who can match your pledge, can you at least find two friends to give what they can? I got turned down by the Chicago Economic Development Law Project this afternoon because their mission excludes helping animals.
I’m sure we will learn a lot, and Big Hearts will surely benefit from our effort to learn more and network! And generous kickstarter backers – if you chose them as a reward, yours are being shipped to you TOMORROW! We missed the mark for Christmas due to some manufacturing glitches… but in product development, this happens on a regular basis.
The problem with the current adhesive is that it apparently does not stick to paint as well as it sticks to raw metal. Pepper (usually referred to as Miss Poo Poo) silently follows me around, and runs to me meowing if I ever raise my voice. The American Veterinary Medical Association says that 63 percent of ALL households in the United States have a pet, and about 75 million dogs and 85 million cats are owned in the United States. Justin Allen, the veterinary cardiologist at AETC, his lovely wife Kim (also a veterinarian), and his two gracious technicians Michelle and Gina. If you visit IMOM’s website, you will see for yourself that their application process is extremely thorough and streamlined. Tolerances on the V.2 design are tighter on the bowl holes, eliminating the “rattle-trap” effect.
Versions of the bowl stands with these modifications are in testing as we speak with some of our resident doggie testers! Allen, I assumed that most of the applications for aid we may initially receive would be for pets needing diagnostic echocardiograms (around $500 each). The site is geared toward veterinarians seeking to further their own understanding of canine cardiology, but even as a layperson I found the information useful and interesting. The other difference is that in Lucy’s heart, regurgitation is caused by deformation of the tricuspid valve, not the mitral valve (see illustration). Of course, the prognosis depends on the severity of disease at diagnosis, but many cardiologists have CHF patients that they have been managing for years. His organization provides small scale loans to working poor families, and then supports them in learning how to manage that money. I felt encouraged that The Big Hearts Fund is beginning with a business model that includes the sale of well-designed products to fund the charity. It took us a year to finally get a product we are satisfied with, but I’m so glad we did. It also increases the weight of the product to keep it from sliding on the floor when the dog eats from it. Taking this piece away is one potential solution for decreasing weight and manufacturing cost (read: welding cost). Bottom line, if we use these guys to produce our product line, all they have to do is walk across the hall for painting and finishing. They understand (probably better than we do!) exactly what we are feeling, the moment that we are feeling it.
We were also pleased to meet Tina Wallace, the founder of BARC (Barriers Against Repeated Cruelty), and two other BARC board members Len Mayersky and Jody Haile. To answer these questions, I’ve turned to other organizations who are doing the same thing in hopes of learning from them.
It is very likely that our application process will require similar documents from owners and veterinarians.
Allen to the BHF family (which will be officially happening at our next Board of Directors meeting next month), and have high hopes that our working relationship will enable us to help an even greater number of pets with heart disease. We had met previously when he, accompanied by his lovely wife Kim and two AETC cardiology technicians, attended our fundraiser in February. Viewing CHF as a chronic health problem that requires occasional adjustments in medications when the condition worsens or when complications occur al- lows us to be realistic with owners about the goals of therapy. Starting the manufacturing process over again, though frustrating, has allowed us to make minor tweaks to the original design, helping us bring you a higher quality product.
I designed and built this pet bowl stand 5 years ago, as a Christmas gift to my husband to use for his beloved (late) cat, Gorby. We have the second color combination chosen; more pictures will be posted by the end of the week. The good news is that the attorney I talked to was extremely helpful and suggested several other places I could call, including the Chicago Bar Association. We were also pleased to once again see Suzy Thomas, founder and director of Realtors to the Rescue. There was only one problem with this – I can only find two other organizations in existence that help current pet owners pay for vet care. However, Wednesday was the first time we had a chance to sit down and have an uninterrupted conversation. Allen supposed we may also receive several applications for readily available surgical interventions for common disorders, with a bill of around $3000-$5000 each. Although we are attempting to prolong the patient’s survival, the most important goal that we discuss with the owner is maintaining a good quality of life for their dog in CHF. Things always take longer than expected, especially when you really want to make a deadline. Our relationship goes back so far, and runs so deep, that they have actually EVOLVED to understand human beings.
The vibration of her purring and her heartbeat reverberate through my body, soothing me back to sleep. The Big Hearts Fund is excited for what the future holds in terms of collaboration with these other great organizations! Work- ing with the owners, our job is to do what we can medically to allow the animal to maintain its appetite and energy level and to continue to function and interact with the family. She is my shadow, always in the background like a little grey-and-white guardian angel… and sometimes also a horrendous little demon. And finally, when we carried our dog bowl prototype into the facility through the office, the secretary barked at us. I believe it is the human condition to constantly struggle with completely and unconditionally loving and accepting ourselves. If you look at it this way, its no wonder our relationship with dogs as companions goes back thousands of years.

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