Originally Posted By: dparmGo to Sears and you can buy the metal wands with the little clips. Back when I was in the car audio installation business I always wanted some of the Mechanic's Helper brand of magnetic socket holders the tool guys sold on their tool trucks. Northern Tool + Equipment, Generators, pressure washers, air compressors, power tools, trailers, heaters, stoves, food processing, go karts, and more! Tool box G-580-T, tool case, plastic tool box, tool chest, tool kit, tool cabinetWe supply a series of this product,high quality and very cheap, looking forward to cooperate with you! EVA foam tool box linerSpecifications: EVA rubber and plastic products are made of new environmental protection plastic foam materials. I just recently started my own business, can't afford a trailer yet, plus I was tired of running back to my house cause I forgot something.

As a tech in field I have to work fast and my toolbox can quickly get messy of different sockets. For me you have to be able to quickly drop a socket into its designated spot and grab a new one, no time to mess with metal clips.For my home use, socket rails are much better than the drop-on organizers. One day when it was slow in the shop, I thought up a few ideas, got out my paddle bit set and made my own socket holders out of a few scrap pieces of mdf.
Also have a lot of (not sure of the name) a wrench type tool with a six point on one end and a open ended 3 or 4 sided pocket on the other.Thanks. The Sears ones are nicer to use than the standard cheapo metal ones as they've got some dimension to the socket retainers.
The holders are not magnetic, but I did try adding magnets to the bottom sides of the holders.

Socket rails also let you carry all of your sockets out to the fastener in question if you don't know what size it is.But I don't have to be pit-crew fast when it comes to picking sockets.
That did not work well so I just used some thin double sided tape to hold them stationary in my tool box drawer. I believe I got those at either Lowe's or Sears, but it has been a long time since I got them.

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