A properly conducted well test is a temporary completion of a well to acquire dynamic rate through time, pressure, and fluid property data. Your use of this website is subject to, and constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms of Use. As the experience level with Selenium and other open source automation tools grows, naturally there will also develop more questions.
For the tl;dr crowd, if you have never used Selenium before, this should not be the book to start your exploration. As this is a Cookbook style title, I must give a disclaimer that I have not yet tried every single example in the book. Each chapter uses a similar structure, with an introduction to explain the tools and calls that will be used in that section.
The book starts out with locating elements, and the different ways in which that can be accomplished (CSS, XPath, text values, jQuery, locating table rows and cells, etc.). Next the Selenium API is explored and the various methods available to examine and determine what you are looking at (text, attributes, CSS values, interacting with the mouse and keyboard, using JavaScript, capturing screenshots, drop downs and menu items, even going in and changing values in the Windows Registry if desired). Chapters Three and Four will be important to testers especially, since these chapters deal with test flow and ways to create data driven tests. Chapter Six gets into some examples of how to extend selenium and shows some in depth examples using Java (examples include making an extension class for web tables, jQueryUI Tab widget, creating an object map for Selenium tests, capturing screenshots and comparing images).
Chapter Eight demonstrates some examples of how to get a handle on the Performance aspects of your sites or applications. Chapter Nine covers HTML5 and some of the unique tools provided with HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3, such as video widgets, canvas and web storage, and how to interact with those elements.
Chapter Ten shows a number of ways in which a user could Record a Video of a Test (not record and playback of a test, actually recording an instance of the test being run as a video file, so it can be reviewed later.
Two additional chapters, Integration with Other Tools and Distributed Testing with Selenium Grid are not included with the book itself, but can be downloaded from the Packt site. We now have a number of titles to help users get into the world of Selenium and SeleniumWebDrier.
Most companies and their C-level executivess are using Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics to make strategic decisions in the hope of gaining a strategic advantage in a tough business landscape. BI and Analytics software typically sit on top of data warehouses and data marts that are gathering data from other applications, databases, big data stores, web sites and other data sources. So, comprehensive testing of data at every point throughout the ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process is becoming increasingly important as more data is being collected, analyzed and acted upon.
QuerySurge is the leading Data Testing solution in the market and was built specifically to automate the testing of Data Warehouses & Big Data. RTTS' JumpStart Program is 4 weeks of formal classroom training, mentoring & expert consulting around many test types and tools.
Our live web-based training courses allow you to attend expert training courses with live instructors without leaving your office.
QuerySurge is the leading Data Testing solution built to automate the testing of Data Warehouses & Big Data while provifing views of your data's health.

The use of software testing tools can dramatically simplify testing, increase the defect find rate and ultimately achieve a higher release quality. Types of Software Testing Tools Software testing tools can be categorized by the testing activity or the process they are utilized in, e.g. Based on the MOOSE Web Repository analysis, from the total 35 distributed projects, most commonly following testing methods were used: proprietary method, Peer Reviews, Independent Unit Testing, and Walkthroughs, as illustrated in figure below. Additionally, based on the MOOSE Web Repository analysis, most commonly no testing tools were used in the distributed projects. Description: MOOSE Web Repository includes methods and tools that are used in projects for embedded software development. The well test often indicates how the well will perform when it is subjected to various flow conditions. In it, author Unmesh Gundecha has broken down thirteen areas of interest (eleven in the book itself, plus two additional areas as bonus download sections), and presents small sections and ideas to allow the developer or tester to leverage the ability to create tests, use the Selenium API, and test applications such as browsers and mobile applications. David's book is also a Packt Publishing title, and uses many of the same documentation standards, so it would feel very natural looking at section's of David's book, and then coming back to try out more examples in Unmesh's Cookbook here. The given recipe is described  and gives the reader an idea as to what can be done (along with sample code for each of the recipes, which can be downloaded from Packt's site if you prefer to see the projects in their entirety, and would rather not have to type out the examples from the book directly. Topics such as waiting for elements, handling pop-ups, determining if elements are the correct state, working with JavaScript alerts, handling frames and iFRAME's, plus using a variety of frameworks to interact with tests and set up data driven tests in these frameworks are explored, with examples for Java, win32, Ruby and Python.
There are several different books that go into this topic at length, so for more on how this works and how to leverage that aspect, you will definitely want to read more than this single chapter. This is an issue since the majority of testers are manual testers with limited SQL coding skills, leaving a much smaller pool of resources to perform data testing. This is a huge problem because 1 test query can return as much as 100 million rows with 200 columns, making it impossible to find data errors. Beyond this it can lead to improvements in reliability of the delivered solutions making them more productive and effective from the customers perspective. However, from the used tools, the following testing tools were most commonly used in the distributed projects: Hitex Debugger, QAC, GNU tooling, and proprietary method. An analysis is usually performed on the data to determine reservoir parameters and characteristics. The book demonstrates examples primarily in Java, but several are provided that use C#, Python and Ruby.
Each item then goes through and describes what you will need to accomplish the project at hand (if you need tools like Firebug or Intellij IDEA, it tells you what you need and where to get them).
Still, if you are interested in how BDD can be performed in different environments, this will be of interest. There are a wide variety of software test tools that address many aspects of the testing process; they can be applied to different types of software, different programming languages, and address different types of testing. Secondly satisfying was the Peer reviews -method, and thirdly satisfying methods were Independent Unit Testing and Walkthroughs. It is expected, and intended, that the user pick an area that interested them, and explore that area.

The recipe concludes with a How it Works section, and in many cases, additional recipes that relate to the one you are working with. The goal of TDD is meant to be a way to write test cases in a more natural language that those who do not program can both read and, in some cases, create themselves. The scope and quality of such tools vary widely and provide varying degrees of assistance.Many of the tools can be tried out these days with no commitment and can be downloaded free of charge.
From the most commonly used testing tools, the most satisfying was proprietary method, thereafter GNU tooling and finally QAC. Different projects have different needs, and being able to skip around will help focus the reader's time on the areas that matter most to them at that given time. One thing's for sure, there's plenty in this book to keep the Selenium enthusiast busy for quite some time.
You can choose to purchase a licensed version and upgrade to the full product quickly and easily if the tools evaluation works out well.
The well testing and sampling operation is typically accomplished with an assorent of test tools.
However, you should remember that the value of testing tools depends on the extent that the tool can address and support the software testing process. They certainly should not force process change on the test team if change isn't likely to be accepted or implemented by the software testers.
Think about the times when you have run a few hundred test cases and your attention waned increasing the mistakes you made with your tests. Tests tools are often used to replace hardware or software which you plan to use your product on. This application can then help respond to software issues that might be difficult to achieve in a controlled test environment.What makes software testing tools so useful is that their usability and features have improved immensely in the past few years. As these tools become easier to use the ability to deploy these tools, even to very inexperienced testers, becomes more feasible. Tubing conveyed perforating guns Service Environment Immerse in various well fluids including hydrocarbons, dilute HC1, sour gas, salt water, and CO2 for the normal exposure time for drillstem testing.
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