Each of these are made with the same pattern as the vanilla versions, but using gems rather than materials like Iron Ingots and Diamonds. The gem pickaxes are fast as Diamond Pickaxes, but have only 500 durability instead of 1560. When growing Ferru, a crop from IC2, a block of Iron Ore must be placed under the tilled soil in order for it to reach full maturity. There is so, so much more to this mod collection than I've mentioned here and, if I wanted to, I could probably write about Technic and Tekkit for a week. What to do if you run the most popular (and financially successful) game in the entire world?

We can’t go a week without posting about a mod, new or old, updated or back in fashion, that we think you should try. Iron Ingots are an overly abundant item in Vanilla with players often not having enough uses for it. For many of us, there’s plenty of variety in this game already, but if you’re one of those players who still hungers for more, then the Technic mod, and it’s multiplayer counterpart Tekkit, should be more than you will ever, ever need. Originally, Green Sapphires were Emeralds, but once emeralds were added into Vanilla, the name was officially changed. In Tekkit, however, it is needed for use in many IC2 Machines, as well as using Iron Ingots in RailCraft, BuildCraft and much more.

Iron Ingots can also be re-smelted in any Furnace (except the Alloy Furnace) to create the IC2 item Refined Iron.

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