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Addison Drills, Cutters, Totem-Taps, Dies Miranda, Jhalani, Taparia, Ambika, Venus, Hacksaw Blades & Tool Bits J.K. Widia, Sandvik, Carbide Tips Jhalani Taparia, Everest-Hand Tools, Carborundum, Grindwell Norton Grinding Wheels, Ajax John OK, Emery Cloth, Rolls, Water Proof, Polishing Paper Etc.

Turner-Champion Asbestos-Rope, Tapes Sheets, Teflon Rope Steam Jointings Gland Dory Klipco Clamps, Dunlop Hoses, Fenner, Couplings, V-belts, Rubber Sheets, Silicon, Neoporin, High pressure for Steam & Oil, Feibig, HGURU, Pressure Gauges, Diamond Industrial Chain, Dewalt, Black & Decker, Hawera drills, Bosch Power Tools, Drill, Machine Etc. ESSAB, Advani Welding Material, Drill Chucks, LPS, UNB Bolts Etc., Wire Rope, Hydrolic Hoses, Trolly Wheels, Holdite, Rustolin, Polycoat, Molykote, CRC, WD-40, Kluber, OKS – Greases & Sprays Comando Drillls, Steel Tapes, Unik & RIF Sanitary Fittings Etc.

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