I'm reposting this from last year.I bought a 10" Craftsman to replace my little Delta Home Craft.
Someone posted in 2008 of restoring a Shopcraft Band Saw, how do I find out if and where they ever found parts? You should feel good about you restoration, I have restored the mid 50's Delta Home craft models myself because they are fine machines.
The belt that came with it has no teeth, as they have been since long worn off and the material is brittle. I hate getting rid of it, but the cost of replacing the dead motor, plus the fact that it's so small, I'm slowly building a new kitchen and this little guy just can't do it (for me).

The only thing that would put the finishing touch on yours would be an original stand- They do come come available and can be aquired even if there's a busted tool mounted on them. If you are interested let me know, I'll send pics and we can talk, it's in Mason, Ohio 45040.
I'm working on cleaning up the table saw, and other than a little pitch and saw dust, the thing seems to be in perfect shape. I'm also getting rid of an old Delta 24" scroll saw that I bought at school auction about 15 years ago. It's built with more steel and greater precision that anything I've seen at Home Depot or Sears.

I've got to get it put back together and realigned to see if it cuts square, but I'm excited about it.I do need belts and would like some table top extensions. My apologies if I'm violating any terms of service, but this seems to be the right group to present this to!

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