Help improve statistical reporting by including your accident into our statistical database. Another method that allows the operator distance from the blade by using the push block to push the workpiece.
Table Saw Accidents, Copyright Automation Engineering, Inc, All rights reserved.This website was built by Ewisoft eCommerce Website Builder. The top surface of your work piece will not be scratched, and It is not necessary for you to lift and lock the Guard Basket above the work piece for more efficient dust collection.
The Guard Basket is designed to accommodate the splitter and anti-kick-back pawls that are installed on most table saws.
Conventional Guard Basket installation with a table saw has the telescopic Mast standing on the floor and positioned at the rear right hand corner of the saw's table or table extension.
For the mounting assembly, I simply lay the existing mounting blocks on their side giving me a level surface.

Personally I got tired changing my TS blade riving knife from the original one that can also hold the blade guard with DC port and the one I made which stands a bit lower than the blade allowing my cuts I could not do otherwise. So the idea for a blade guard system which will allow me to have my short riving knife almost always there and at the same moment guard my fingers was in my to do list for some time now.
My decision was to go with Steve Maskery's SUVA guard proposal with two minor but essential additions that suits me better.
Plus the only changes done to the original guard was the two small holes for the brackets to hold on. Also made myself a long push stick to go through under the guard’s bracket and the fence.
DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ. Coupled to an appropriate dust collection system, the EX0A-2 will help control airborne dust thrown up by the revolving saw blade.

When cutting stock longer than the space between the blade and the mast, the upper part of the mast and the boom, can easily be removed without the use of tools.
I also fashioned it to be as close as possible to the blade when it is fully raised and also cut the front in an arc to match the Saw blade. Hold the guard back and safe without the need to use of tightening the knob every time I wanted to lift the guard, just an easy lift and will rest there nicely.

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