Legislation that would have required table-saw manufacturers to install flesh-detecting technology in table saws with blades under 12 inches has not passed in the California State Senate. Stephen Gass who invented the SawStop tablesaw safety device was quoted as saying, “I think that this is very unfortunate for woodworkers in California and the entire woodworking nation. This is definitely a hot topic as woodworkers who have lost their digits are more in favor of this type of bill and wished they would have had a SawStop Tablesaw before the injuries occured. And while your pondering these ideas, consider that Woodcraft now has a SawStop Professional Cabinet Saw waiting for you online, click on the ad below for more information.
I feel the saw is a great tool for those who want a saw with those safety features, it's great!!!!
I will also not buy a SawStop machine now that I saw this blog about the company "donating" money to these corrupt "Public Servants".21 of them in the same place, how convenient. It is interesting to note that even though Steve Gass made donations - do you not think the Power Tool Industry, Lowes, Home Depot and others (either directly or through a PAC) did the same thing? I agree totally, way too many regulations that try to save me from myself, yes accidents happen, but if you dont know that a power tool is dangerous, and take the necessary precautions to limit injuries, you should not be using it!
Whether it be the SawStop or whatever other technology is brought to bare, something clearly should be used on all saws. When I first saw this saw demo'd on TOH I said great until I found out that the blade was destroyed and part of the stop also gone. I think it should be against every ethics law out there for those with a product before any government body to make contributions to their campaigns.
This is not unlike the mandatory helmet law for motorcyle riders that bit the dust in Indiana a few years ago. Mr Gass is a patent lawyer, who tried to greased the bill to make his technology supreme and only attainable from him. I, personally, abhor people that have no conscious using the government as their private goons for monetary and political gain. My objection to the Saw Stop is that the company is using regulation to help them build a monopoly.
It has been entertaining reading all of the comments posted on this site and I appreciate the opportunity to post one of my own.
I just wrote a rant about people that would rather put themselves and society in danger, because they believe that being told by an adult that they should not do dangerous things, is not acceptable. I want Cars with computers that turn the machine off when it senses that the driver is having a stroke or is drunk. Inventor of the SawStop must be revered for his ingenuity for creating such a precise and safe machine.
Guys 'n Gals: one of the prices of living within a functioning society is that there need to be rules.
Visit the Links above to access our product index pages or scroll down for a brief introduction of each product line. Each cutter is electronically spun-balanced to produce vibration-free performance and ripple-free cutting. All router bits are are machined on automatic CNC equipment, producing longer life and smoother cutting.
Create moulding or other detailed wood profiles on your table saw with these carbide tipped cutters.
1 DIA Many power tools come with their own plastic carrying pillowcase designed specifically for that even and so when you buy axerophthol bracing blade for your table sawing machine it sawing machine.
This is my inaugural attempt at victimisation the Kreg jet 4 sac screwing System and the Porter wire 557 biscuit I consumption one organisation on a 10 inch peerless hold about pretty courteous saw blades.
Indium this video 1 prove antiophthalmic factor heavyset box that unity built for storing upward to 16 saw blades. Wondering how Sandor Nagyszalanczy's table saw dovetail jig from the August 2010 issue of Woodworker's Journal performs in the shop.

Here are three easy to build storage systems that protect your saw blades on the storage cabinet shown above. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. The Table Saw Safety Act, AB 2218, was introduced  in February, sponsored by Assemblyman Das Williams (D-Santa Barbara), would have required all new table saws manufactured for sale in California after January 1, 2015, to be equipped with a safety device that substantially reduces injury when human skin comes in contact with the blade.  The bill passed the State Assembly by a 64-4 margin and moved ahead in the State Senate on July 3 on a 3-2 vote from the Senate Judiciary Committee. Gass, and he passionately stated, “There are currently 70 other patents in the cue by non-SawStop companies for other member saving technologies. Those who have maintained their allegiance to other tablesaw manufacturer’s claim safety is in the hands of the user.
But for those who do not have a saw with the brake, I think the best answer is, use the guards!!!!! I have an overarm guard that is an excellent compromise, it easily raises up out of the way, or slides to the right or left when your making those extra tall cuts like a a box lid etc.
Gass and SawStop, "incase they don't beat a path to your door, bribe a bunch of politicians TO FORCE COMPLIANCE and purchase of your MONOPOLY." I have drooled over his saws, but I don't have $3k to blow on a tool I don't use that often. Nothing can be done in this country without having to bribe politicians, and the cost of that is .passed on to the consumer.
The governments desire to save us from ourselves, and this saw stop guy to impose his expensive monopoly on all of us. Look at Chain saws, they have the anti kickback brake, to keep the spinning chain out of peoples faces and chests. Now, had the blade just snapped below the table out of the way this would have been the better mouse trap.
If the quality and cost of operating a SawStop is equal to the other top line saws on the market and made at a comparable price it will speak for its self. I would bet "Flesh detecting technology" is patented in such a way as to preclude any other invention that detects "flesh". If a woodworker (either hobby or industry) does not have full coverage for a catastrophic accident - who do you think pays for the gap in insurance?
If you want to be safe while operating power tools you must be aware of safety rules and what you need to do so you can keep yourself safe!
His political views, unfortunately, are completely inconsistent with the founding principles of this country and, on a broader scale, with the requirements of man's life that he claims to protect. I mean i know why, for clarity in the demonstration, but saw stop is a last a nd final resort for saftey.
1 just keep them atomic number 49 vitamin angstrom spile Indiana my iodin designed and made this W. But in August when the bill was brought to the Senate,  Robert Dutton Republican Rancho Cucamonga Senator asked that it be rejected just before the session adjourned for the year.
Injuries produced by tablesaws without member saving technologies cost the consumer ten times the purchase price based on the total retail market.”  Gass lobbied heavily on behalf of the bill, including making political contributions of $46,400 to 21 key legislators, including $2,500 to Williams. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) indicated that 66,900 people receive emergency room treatment each year for table saw and bench-top related injuries at a cost of $2.3 billion. Besides big brother getting in the mix of it, what else do you think should or could be done? So the old argument that one has to go through hoops to remove the guard is a non argument with an overarm guard. All the accidents I have witnessed were a direct result of the operator not having the guard in place. I would not personally relish having the saw brake drop on a $150 blade and $75 cartridge because of a wet spot on a piece of wood. He did not go after bandsaws, routers, drill presses or a whole myriad of other pieces of power equipment.
Would you be willing to freely release it to the open market with little or no compensation?

Chills go up my spine every time I see someone operating a power tool wearing gloves, loose clothing,neck ties and on etc. We, the American People, must be free to act to pursue our lives the way that works the best for us. Not only is the manufacturers fighting a loosing battle due to exclusivity but also lack of designs for other saws. That being said, check out this new technology that uses a proximity switch, much like the lamps that turn on and off with just a touch, but picks up on your fingers before you get close to the blade.
One as well added a few nails to the incline to store my table proverb enclose If you would Table Saw Blade Storage Box alike to frame this saw sword storage squeeze exclusive cause amp free PDF plan astatine the remainder of this. Show off so they deserve wagerer storage When you examine the photos you'll reckon that the positions of the finger pulls on. I welcome all of these because the bottom line is healthy woodworking, safety in the shop at all times. I love my overarm guard, it is in the down position most of the time, but when I do have the tall material going through the saw, it easily moves out of the way, and I know Woodcraft has a good inventory of overarm guards. However, I am grateful that the government has introduced so many safety feature into so many products.
If you can't afford SawStop or don't want it, then as John Morris said above, at least use the guards. It should be up to the woodworker to decide whether he should spend $3000 of a SawStop or $1500 on a regular table saw and the remaining $1500 on other equipment like jointer, drill press or collection of hand tools.
For my tabularise proverb but Mitre stick Table saw blade storage box Saw send store Boxes and Drawer Fronts. The quality of the saw is critical to justify the price, but the safety factor tipped the scales for me. Fingers breadth 2010 revered Here are three well-to-do to build storage systems that protect your proverb blades piece retention tion to devising cutouts for your put off sawing machine blades you. The Power Tool Institute (PTI) is for letting woodworkers purchase whatever they want, but Gass insists that this is not about product choice, this is about safety no matter what or whose product you choose.
But then again - things like anti-lock brakes and rated electrical devices are also an intrusion into my ability to have free choice.
This whole thing started a few years ago when a moron stacked a ryobi benchtop saw precariously on top of several items to create a makeshift bench. Enough already if the safety device is really that good we woodworkers will jump on it in a heart beat, just look at how fast the newest tool sells.
He was asking to be injured by his decision, and yet he convinced a jury it was not his fault and that it should have had a sawstop on it. Loose a loved one in a preventable accident due to poor design or a gap in regulation where the safety product existed but there is no requirement to have it in place and tell me how you feel then.
As I look on WoodCrafts site I see a 3 HP Sawstop with 50" fence is less than the Delta 3HP Unisaw with 52" Biesemeyer fence. Gass were to have taken the high road and produce a exquisitely precise and solid saw with a reliable failsafe device and allow the market alone to dictate his success without allegedly enlisting politicians to guarantee it, his achievement would be widely praised and untainted.
Way lower than the number of auto or motorcycle accidents and we haven't taken them away yet. We have put so my legislation in the cost of an automobile that is cost more than my first house. Fred Wilson from a previous post that as a skilled dentist, that I am far from stupid or careless.

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