Beta Crumb is science, technology, and sarcasm — curated from around the web and served in bite-sized portions. In 2012, the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System reported that there were almost 82,000 injuries involving a table saw.
Seeing that that was a pretty large number, Saw Stop has made a blade that stops on human contact. The saw isn’t damaged when this happens, but you do need to replace the blade and cartridge since they are damaged at the sudden stop. Gerald Wheeler caught the hot dog demonstration at the International Woodworking Fair in Atlanta in 2002. The saw was equipped with a safety device called SawStop that could distinguish between wood and flesh and then stop the blade fast enough to prevent a gruesome injury. Those kinds of injuries are all too common: Each year, more than 67,000 workers and do-it-yourselfers are injured by table saws, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (PDF), resulting in more than 33,000 emergency room visits and 4,000 amputations. However, SawStop still makes the only saws with skin-sensing technology, and accounts for a tiny fraction of total saw sales.
For more than a decade, toolmakers and the Power Tool Institute, their trade group, have defended the design of conventional table saws and their decision to not adopt SawStop or a similar safety device. The SawStop story is about an industry's ability to resist a major safety advance that could have prevented countless disfiguring injuries, but might have been bad for business. Stephen Gass, an energetic, intense 49-year-old, grew up on a horse farm in eastern Oregon and learned woodworking from his father. Tom Corbett was helping remodel a home in Manchester, Massachusetts, two years ago when a piece of wood he was trying to cut jammed in his table saw and his hand was thrown into the blade.
The companies are guided by voluntary safety standards developed by an industry-dominated technical committee and Underwriters Laboratories. The industry took notice after Gass did the hot dog demo at the 2000 International Woodworking Fair and SawStop was awarded a top prize for technological advancement. One of the power tool companies' main concerns about SawStop, court testimony and corporate documents reveal, was that it would worsen their liability risk.
Shut out by the toolmakers, Gass and his partners faced a stark choice: Either let their invention die or make their own saws.
Each year, more than 67,000 people are injured by table saws, resulting in more than 4,000 amputations.
The joint venture ended in 2009, when the companies said they had developed a system superior to SawStop.
In April 2003, SawStop submitted a petition signed by more than 300 woodworkers, shop teachers, and others, asking the CPSC to require injury reduction technology. Mother Jones encourages readers to sign in with Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Disqus, or OpenID to comment. To assist you in ordering your spare part quicker than ever before, we have listed our most common spare parts to suit our Hafco Machinery for purchase online. If your part is NOT listed in the "Common Spare Parts" tab below , click the "MORE INFO" button to complete the "Spare Parts Enquiry Form".This will provide you with the option to email your spare part enquiry direct to our Spare Parts and Service Department, or if you wish, you can download a printable version of this enquiry form which will include a copy of the Parts List to suit this machine (if available). NOTE: Please remember to clearly identify your part on the included parts diagram if necessary so that we can respond as quickly as possible with a price and availability for the part(s) you require. You might want to make this dedicated crosscut sled if you cut a lot of stock at 90 degrees to the blade. Also, by recessing the runner in the dado, the runner will stay straight for consistantly square crosscuts.
The larger holes in the runner will allow a bit of adjustment to remove any play and adjust for wear.
Holes are drilled and countersunk from the bottom to attach the fence to the cross cut sled. The clamps were removed and the fence was squared to the right hand side miter slot using a framing square. After a few adjustments and test cuts, I finally got the fence dialed in to cut consistently square. Now the sawdust has some place to go and I don't have to worry so much about cleaning it out after every cut.
As an added bonus, if the workpiece's bottom edge isn't quite perfect, it will still lay flat against the fence.

For the little bit of time it took to cut the rabbet and resquare the fence, it was well worth the effort. To make your crosscut sled even more efficient, consider adding a length of t-track to the top of the fence.
It's useful for accessories like a stop block or toggle clamps for those hard-to-hold short workpieces.
Cutting the aluminum t-track is easily accomplished with a miter saw equipped with a carbide tooth blade. Keeping with the birch theme, I found a length of 1" x 2" birch that would be perfect for a stop block. Using a square, scribe a line from that mark up the side and over the top of the stop block. Another possible option, and I have to admit that I am going out on a shaky limb here, is that your electric circuit may be underpowered. Unlike most newer Craftsman power tools which are now imported, these older saws were made by Emerson Electric in the USA.
Is there a key way in the shaft, a sheared woodruff key or missing key might be your problem! I have an ancient craftsman electronic table saw that for some reason had an arbor pulley with no keyway on it. From years of servicing machinery, check to see that you have the right power to the motor.
As you can see from the varying width of the sanded surface, my flange was not completely flat. Note that the light on the photo at left is at a low angle to bring out any texture in the cut. When human skin comes in contact with the blade, the skin absorbs that signal causing the blade to immediately stop since the signal has been broken. Make a tax-deductible donation to fund our reporting—or read this if you need more convincing. A man took an Oscar Meyer wiener and pushed it into the blade of a table saw spinning 4,000 times per minute. Tens of thousands of digits have been sliced off in the past decade, but the rest of power tool industry has snubbed the technology and carried on as before.
It also highlights the bureaucratic obstacles that make it virtually impossible for regulators to enact safety measures over the unified objections of industry. He earned a doctorate in physics and a law degree, then joined a patent law firm in Portland, but never lost his interest in building things. Table saws are must-have tools for millions of construction workers, carpenters, and do-it-yourselfers.
When SawStop came along, the voluntary standard called for table saws to have a guard that fits like a hood over the blade. SawStop meant that saw makers now had the ability to prevent the tragedies they knew would happen otherwise. SawStop held negotiations with several companies, and nearly finalized a deal with Ryobi, but none ended up adopting the technology.
Five companies, including Black & Decker, Bosch, and Ryobi, formed a joint venture to develop their own injury reduction system.
Prompted by the petition, in July 2006 the CPSC commissioners voted 2 to 1 to begin the initial stages of the rulemaking process. Help hold the powerful accountable by funding our reporting with a tax-deductible donation today.
Just choose between the 2 options outlined below, to find exactly what you are looking for. Once you have identified your part, you can add it to your cart by clicking on the "+ ADD TO CART" button. Further instructions for the return email address or fax number of this printable form is provided on the document for your convenience. Sounds like the “transmission” is slipping somewhere — at the belt and pulleys or between the pulleys and the shafts they connect to (arbor and motor). The momentum forces the blade to retract underneath the table and the motor is immediately shut off.

As the hot dog touched the whirring saw, the blade came to a dead stop in about three one-thousandths of a second, leaving the dog with only a minor nick. As the operator of a wood shop in Hot Springs, Arkansas, he was all too aware of the unforgiving nature of table saws. A photo on SawStop's website shows Seymour beaming in triumph as he displays his thumb, which looks like it has a paper cut.
The power tool industry representatives contacted for this story declined interview requests or did not return calls and emails. One fall day in 1999, while out in his home workshop, he was struck by a question: Would it be possible to stop a table saw quickly enough to keep it from slicing off your fingers?
A sensor detects the change in current and activates a spring, which jams an aluminum wedge between the teeth of the blade, acting as a brake. Because a hand can slip under the guard, many thousands of injuries occurred even with the guard in place. Along with flesh-detection technology, the SawStop saws came with an important safety device called a riving knife that had been mostly limited to models sold in Europe.
Yet within days of the vote, commission chairman Hal Stratton, who had voted yes, resigned to join a law firm. Here, the chemical industry fought back.When a Dirty Workplace Is an Explosive HazardCombustible dust has killed or burned hundreds of American workers, but politics and bureaucracy have stalled efforts to clean it up.
If you wish to add multiples of this part you can either click the "+ ADD TO CART" button as many times as you like or click on the "VIEW CART" button and change the order quantity, prior to completing your order. A replacement with a 1 horse accomplished a remarkable increase in power and dependability. The pulley started slipping on the arbor and bogged the blade down on rip cuts which caused the breaker to pop so I errantly looked to an electrical problem.
If it is wired for 220 volts and you have it plugged in to a 110 circuit, the motor will startup just fine although the speed will be slow, but as soon as you put a cutting load on it the motor will stall out. After a doing a series of calculations and using parts you could buy at Radio Shack, he showed it could be done. About 500,000 sold each year, 85 percent of them made by members of the Cleveland-based Power Tool Institute, which represents well-known brands such as Black & Decker, DeWalt, Makita, Skil, Bosch, and Ryobi.
By the time I arrived at the real problem, the arbor was screwed up where I couldn’t get the old pulley off to put a new one on. Wheeler felt awful about the injuries, the loss of two good workers, the $95,000 in medical bills, the doubling of his workers compensation rates.
It all happens so quickly that unless the hand is moving unusually fast when it hits the blade, any injury is minor.
Because it limited visibility, had to be removed for certain cuts, and took a long time to detach and put on again, most saw users worked without it. Ryobi, Black & Decker, and Bosch did not return calls about when or if the technology will be used. Cabinet saws often have three belts or a single super-robust belt to deliver the power to the arbor. Also note that the saw was probably originally wired for 110 volts, but the motor may be able to be wired for either voltage and some time in its history the previous owner may have changed it..
Industry comments filed with the CPSC suggest that SawStop's patents were holding them back, potentially forcing them to pay royalties or engage in expensive patent litigation to roll out their system.
I am guessing you have a single belt that may be slipping, either at the arbor or at the motor. The links connect together easily, and you can make a belt to suit any saw, regardless of the belt diameter, by just adding or removing links. Most of the motors will have a simple wiring schematic on the side of the motor on inside the cover plate for the wiring. They also help reduce belt noise and don’t take on the “memory” of the belt’s shape as they age.

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