Porter cable amps blade size table saw model pcb270ts - The new fusion table saw is a premium light duty table saw. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
Fully hardened, expertly tensioned tool steel bodies absorb impact, remain flat and true, and resist excess heat build-up.
Inserted tooth design on some models greatly increases the body-to-tip braze area for greater support and tip strength. SawStop tablesaws took the world by storm with their patented technology that stops the blade in milliseconds, preventing tablesaw tragedies.
The SawStop Contractor Saw offers versatility and safety in the shop and stability and mobility on the jobsite.
I was recently given the opportunity to test several Freud Diablo circular saw blades in my miter and table saws. The consensus is that Diablo saw blades balance great quality with excellent value, and are a good choice when replacing or upgrading the OEM blades that are often bundled with new saws. Over the span of a few months I used these blades in numerous home improvement projects and have been consistently impressed with their performance. The general purpose and combination blades are suitable for use in either miter or table saws, while the ripping blade is intended for table saw use only. These Diablo blades all featured Freud’s exclusive shock-resistant TiCo Hi Density carbide teeth, which they claim maintains blade sharpness up to four times longer than standard carbide blades.
Thin kerf blades work especially well in lower-powered saws, as their narrow teeth remove less wood so that the motor doesn’t have to work as hard. The D1040X 10 inch 40 Tooth ATB General Purpose blade has been recently redesigned to include a 30 degree alternate top bevel (ATB) called the Precision Shear Point which increases cutting life and results in cleaner cuts.
In my 10 inch Makita sliding miter saw, I was impressed that the saw cut effortlessly and produced a reasonably smooth cut. The D1050X 10 inch 50 Tooth ATB Combination blade has an interesting blade design that makes it a great multi-purpose do-everything blade. I was skeptical about using this blade in a table saw to rip lumber, due to its high tooth count, but it proved to be very effective and did not burn the wood at all. In crosscuts on either the table or miter saws, it performed very close to the 60 tooth finish blade that I had previously mounted in the miter saw.
The D1024X 10 inch 24 Tooth ATB Ripping blade is the ideal blade for general construction ripping needs. In my Dewalt DW745 table saw (guards removed for the photo) this blade zipped right through plywood, pine, and even hardwoods with little hesitation. These blades all performed very well in my limited testing and I experienced none of the typical thin kerf shortcomings. The D1040X is an excellent choice for more general cross cutting with the ability to rip a clean cut if needed.
If I had to pick a single blade to use in both saws, I would definitely pick the D1050X combination saw blade as I was very impressed with its performance in both crosscut and ripping roles. I definitely recommend that you consider Freud’s Diablo saw blades serious consideration for your woodworking sawing needs.

The Diablo metal cutting blade is the only one used by the sheet metal crews I’ve worked with. For a little more money ($50 total) than the Diablo D1050X, you can get the Freud (professional level) LU83R010 blade. I have it on my cheap 110V contractor saw, and while it cannot cure all its ills, at least it cuts everything I throw at it easily. Thinner kerf can help you make better use of materials, but the main advantages are dramatically reduced sawdust production and, most importantly, greater power efficiency. I haven’t tried their recip blades, but I will be picking some up once my stock gets low.
Ive been using solely freud and lenox blades lately for both my sawzall and circular saw and they are great. A lot of the reviewers on Amazon complain that these blades are not stiff enough, so that they won’t cut straight in dense wood. Affordable Sharpening: There are six Leitz locations in the United States that offer professional sharpening services. Industrial Quality: Leitz Pro Series saw blades are identical in design and quality to our larger Industrial Series options. With six independently swinging side guards, this blade guard shapes itself to your workpiece, providing just enough clearance for your work to be fed through, while keeping fingers out. Six independently swinging side guards swing up as the workpiece is fed through the table saw.
This minimizes micro-chipping along the sharp edge of the blade and results in a sharper, longer-lasting edge. It delivers the performance you need with the peace of mind only SawStops patented safety system can provide. Diablo blades are available in a wide selection of sizes and styles and are easy to find online and locally at Home Depot. All of these blades have 0.098-inch thin kerf designs, laser-cut stabilizer vents to reduce noise and vibration, and a Perma-Shield non-stick coating that helps to reduce friction, heating, gumming-up, and resists corrosion.
The disadvantage is that thin kerf blades can sometimes easily deflect, and that they do not tolerate high temperatures as well. This is not something we noticed with these blades, but are tradeoffs to be mindful of.
The 40 tooth count makes it a good general purpose blade in the miter saw, but this blade can also be used to rip materials in a table saw. At one point I did accidentally chop through a hidden nail in 4×4 lumber, but the carbide teeth held up nicely with no noticeable damage or change in cut quality or performance.
Ripping did require a bit of patience, as the blade cuts fairly slow in this direction, but it still produces clean and smooth rip cuts.
The older generation D1040X had a 15° standard ATB carbide tooth cutting angle, the newer blade has a 30° angle that Diablo says provides for longer cutting life, cleaner cuts in sheet goods, and effortless cutting with an easier feed rate. Every 5 teeth are separated by a deep gullet that provides effective chip removal for rip cuts, and the high tooth count provides for finer cross cuts. With its thin kerf, this blade is at home in a contractor or jobsite table saw and can rip sheet goods and lumber with ease. There was very little tearout and it produced a clean cut that definitely put the stock Dewalt blade to shame.

It looks like the blades’ laser-cut stabilizers and Perma Shield coatings are in fact very effective at reducing heat. With the D1040X in a miter saw, the D1024X would be an excellent pair for the table saw and serve to accomplish a majority of needs over time. I would be concerned that the finer cut and higher tooth count would sooner lead to a dull blade, but in the meantime it very effectively lives up to its combination blade namesake.
Whether you’re a contractor, woodworker, or even a DIYer, these blades are high performance yet economically priced options for many cutting tools. Review samples are typically given away, donated, or retained for editorial and comparison purposes. A 1 HP motor with a thin kerf blade cuts about as well as a 2 HP motor with a regular kerf blade (all else being equal). Recognizing that no table saw blade will stand up for long to abuse – like cutting nail-embedded lumber, wet pressure-treated wood etc. Framing blades, finishing blades, even their Hardiblade for Hardiplank Lap Siding (or Hardibacker, etc.). The blade guard swings up and out of the way when needed, and it features an integral splitter to prevent binding and kickback. This smaller contractor saw is no lightweight, but it does provide portability, power, and protection.
The SawStop table saws unique brake design detects hand or finger contact with the saw blade within milliseconds, instantly stopping and retracting the blade, helping to avoid serious injury. The gullets provided excellent chip removal and allowed this blade to perform much closer to a normal ripping blade while providing a very smooth cut. They use a nearly perpendicular tooth with a triple chip grind and a particular grade carbide (I forget what it’s called) that holds up very well against ferrous metals. In both cases they cut dramatically faster and cleaner than any other I’ve ever used. To provide additional insurance against kickback, the splitter also features anti-kickback pawls mounted on the side.
The TENRYU PT SERIES goes on to include thin kerf wood cutting blades designed especially for smooth cuts on miter and slide-compound. Now when I have to pick one up I have no hesitation paying about $1 more per blade than the others at the store because I know they are worth far more than that. After doing that I noticed on most of the home improvement shows they used saws with red blades, the name was long gone but they all seemed to be Diablo blades. These things last longer than others, too!) Diablo is the best brand of blade (circular or reciprocating) I have found, at least among those with broad distribution channels.

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