Some people will sharpen the blades on the chain but this is quite a skilled kob and, often, it is better to buy a new chain.
The more powerful the saw and the longer the extension pole the more dificult they are to handle. Having said that, Poulan offer some lightwieght, easy to handle, models like the one pictured below. For anyone with a lot of trees to prune and a big area to get around, a gas saw is a worthwhile investment. Ft a€? Stone 95CM portable mixers a€? Atika & Crown mixers (14) Mortar Mixers, 4 a€“ 8 Cu. If you prune froma  a ladder it is hard to know if you have got the shape you want without coming down and stepping back to see your progress. For pruning at high levels (up to twenty feet) a hand operated pole pruner can be a good option.

This is useful for general work like cutting up fallen branches or even making a rustic table!Where Gas Pole Saws are BestMost professional arborialists will use a gas pole saw.
A gas pole saw used everyday is much easier to start than a gas saw that has been stored in a shed for several months by a home owner who only prunes  a couple of times a year.
If you are super fit and strong you will have no problems using one but for many of us a fifteen pound tool on the end of a fifteen foot pole is hard work! If you look after the machine it will start OK and it will usually give you more power- as long as you are able to handle that power! It can be disheartening to discover you have cut too much and left a tree or shrub in a strange shape! It might be slower but it can get the job done safely!Where Electric Pole Saws are Best.Electric pole saws have plenty going for them. Small pruning jobs can always be done with a hand operated pole saw or pruner.How Power Pole Saws WorkPowered pole saws are like mini chainsaws on an extension pole.

A typical, powered pole saw has a bar of about ten inches, whareas a chainsaw can have a bar of up to three feet.
They tend to be lighter than gas pole saws- this can be a big issue when you are waving around a sharp, mini chain saw on the end of a pole! If you are in a hurry or need to cut big branch- over five or six inches thick, say, a gas device gives you what you need. They are also very quiet in use which means for most people the job is much more enjoyable.

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