I don’t have the most conventional ideas, but maybe using tarp or plastic see-through sheeting and magnets to attach to saw or other areas.
So, I think Greg is on the right path with a concentrated high velocity suction at the bottom rear of the saw where the majority of the dust is kicked out at high velocity, and a larger duct that draws the scattered air born particles.
My setup is very similar to Greg’s and I also use swimming pool hose feeding into the DC pipe. Well you could make a plexiglass hood with brushes on the sideso you slide the wood in, like on commercial cut-off saws usedin factories.
Bert I have the same miter saw as you and I have a small hose hooked up to the dust port that had the bag on it,and then behind the saw I have a big gulp hood that I think I got from Woodcraft or Rockler.
The big gulp is quite large and and that is hooked up to a 4 inch hose to the DC, as is the smaller hose via a reducing coupler. I do have a little bit of side spray to vacuum up, but its the best solution I have come up with so far, but I think a box enclosure as others have suggested may work better. Hey Bert, I would think the blade guard and the rotation of the blade should propel dust to the rear. My current collection project is part of a bench rebuild project to provide proper room for the saw itself.

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We have been using a larger Shop Fox model for several years as a dedicated gang panel cutter.
As you note a riving knife that stands proud of the height of the blade limits its use to through cuts – much as a splitter is limited in this way. I would assume this means that you can adjust the height of the riving knife, otherwise what use would it be? Charlie R { Conductive hook and loop tape was used extensively in the Space Shuttle program for temporarily installed protective covers on the SRB booster segments. Chris { Rumor has it harbor freight was forced to discontinue the machine for patent issues.
Dust collection is getting more important for me as it seems that I get more allergic to the wood dust as I get older.

In the botton back area of the box bottom I have an outlet that hooks up to my dust collection that pulls most of the dust out. Between the two of them I do not get any dust blown back into my face and it captures a good deal of the dust coming off the saw. Typically the only vaguely decent one is the Festool Kapex, which is out of my price range. While a sliding table saw is most often used on sheet goods – where through-cutting is the norm (as I noted we use our Shop Fox to gang cut sheets) – having the knife sit at or just below the blade height would give the operator additional cutting flexibility. I have a vacuum hose whee the dust bag would normally go now I could like to close off the huge opening with something to limit the opening to what is strictly necessary for each operation, but I do not know what I could use which would still allow me to rotate the saw for miter and compound cuts.
Do you have any idea?On the eighteen wheeler on the road they use brush or broom like thing the limit the over spray when raining.

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