Home Improvement Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for contractors and serious DIYers. I have a cheap, old (but, until recently, serviceable) direct-drive, table-top table saw, Skil 10" model 3400. Mine is a table-top (that is, no bench built in) and it's silver not red but certainly very close. If the motor turns and the blade doesn't move, something is slipping between the two that shouldn't.
So I'd suggest checking back along the drive shaft toward the motor for anything that looks like a connection, and see if there's a setscrew; if so, tighten that. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged repair table-saw or ask your own question. Isn't \usepackage{tikz} removable without changing the result, when there's \documentclass[tikz, border= mm]{standalone}?
When requesting a donation, is it better to have a prefilled button or enter their own value?
The point of the flooring saw is that it tries to be a one-stop tool for your flooring needs. Skil was nice enough to send a sample our way and for over a month we've been using it, and not just on flooring either.
The whole thing is less than the size of a college student's art portfolio and weighs about the same, 25 lbs. So to test the tool, we started feeding flooring through it like it was our job (which it sort of is).
Our only gripe with the flooring saw is that as fast as the switch from miter fence to rip fence is, we wish it was faster, like maybe done with some kind of quick-release clamp. I'm interesting for Skill 3600-02 Flooring Saw but I can't find any store has it in my area.
From the video, it looks like both the GMC and the Haussmann are much smaller than the Skil and the Ryobi.

The new SKIL MAG77LT weighs 4 pounds lighter than the SKIL SHD77 standard worm drive saw yet offers the same power and durability. This topic contains 86 replies, has 24 voices, and was last updated by  58Chev 3 weeks, 6 days ago.
To start, I’ll give you some idea of how it assembled, some features and inital thoughts. Remember one thing, this is a pre sale saw, so I don’t know if there will be any changes when they go on sale. The bevel stops were off when I checked them, but it was fairly easy to adjust with a cam stop. I like the slot in the front of the saw to store the push stick…the plastic nub that holds the push stick on my gts1031 has already broke. I like the slot in the front of the saw to store the push stickā€¦the plastic nub that holds the push stick on my gts1031 has already broke. One of the Bosch Reps at WOC told me that this saw is one of the quietest contractor saws on the market. There has to be some kind of linkage between the motor and the drive shaft unless the latter is built into the former (possible but unlikely). Depending on what's going on, you may need to rotate the two pieces relative to each other to get the setscrew to line up with a flat for best hold. And that's exactly what Skil has done with their unique flooring saw (unique, that is, until Ryobi recently released an identical tool, our thoughts on that one here). In order to do that it needs combines two functions; cross-cutting a la miter saw and ripping a la table saw. The Skil consists of a platform with an attached circular saw that slides along two rails which go the length of the base. It attaches to the platform with a threaded knob and has tabs which lock it down in the correct location. When we first saw the tool, our initial concern had to do with power because the saw itself seemed a little tiny.

It works fine as is, but the knob can get a little tedious, particularly if you're in a situation where you're going from rip to cross-cut to rip to cross-cut, etc. If we were in charge, we'd be spreading the word that it can also work as a mini-trim kit or a combo tool for the beginner.
In order to rip a piece of flooring, the saw locks into the rail and a removable fence is attached to the platform parallel to the blade.
When it's in miter-mode the fence can be pivoted from 0 to 45 degrees allowing you to make all of the necessary angled cuts. It's not free, but it's a worthy investment and one that could appeal to a wide range of folks, not just flooring guys. I did think it was strange that both companies had nearly identical tools released within a couple months. To switch to miter saw capabilities, you have to unlock the saw, allowing it to glide freely, then remove the fence and replace it perpendicular to the blade. But think about it, say you only have to case out a door and run some baseboard in a closet. I got this free and parts would likely cost more than a second-hand saw of comparable quality. The miter cuts were accurate as were the rips, and it looks like the tool is machined in such a way that it's very unlikely the fence will fall out of true. The saw has a traditional trigger switch for the miter saw function and a front switch for table saw mode. The only thing it really can't do is rip down small pieces (the fence only moves to within 1" of the blade) or rip at an angle.

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