Specifically developed for the food processing industry, our detectable hygiene shovels are manufactured from high impact food contact approved polypropylene.
Each shovel is virtually unbreakable, lightweight, easy to clean and store, has excellent wear resistance whilst reducing the risk of damage to floor surfaces and machinery.
The Environmental Safety range is designed for use in many general applications for its resistance to the majority of chemicals and for its non spark properties. Each product is manufactured with an additive to attract moisture to the surface and assist in reducing the build up of static charge. Manufactured from high-grade polypropylene colour compounded to BS 5378 safety green, the comprehensive range of Environmental Safety hand tools is lightweight, virtually unbreakable, will not rot or rust and exhibits excellent wear resistance against concrete and hard floor surfaces. For high-risk safety environments we recommend companies undertake in-house testing to ensure the suitability of the products before use. Standard sized blade and solid reinforced shaft ensures that this shovel is lightweight yet durable and ideal for a variety of applications.

With a large blade and solid reinforced shaft, this shovel has been designed to handle bulky materials and make light work of the heaviest jobs. Deep pan large blade provides extra capacity ideal for handling bulky but lightweight materials. Our largest pan shovel; large surface area blade and solid reinforced shaft ensure the shovel is commonly used for those unwieldy jobs.
Small hand shovel, ideal for dispensing de-icing material such as grit or salt, as well as shovelling snow. Made from high-quality thermoplastic, this tough, virtually unbreakable shovel can cope with the rigours of winter. Offer: Buy any 5 or more items from the winter safety category before 30th November 2015 and save a further 5%! We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer.

Lightweight and durable, one piece construction eliminates areas where bacteria can be harboured. Designed for higher capacity lifting, this shovel provides extra depth without being unwieldy.
Smooth surface makes it extremely easy to clean, ideal for use in food production areas for moving food ingredients or large quantities of food waste.

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