When we first spotted this enchanting vertical garden over at TokyoGreenSpace, we thought "Sweet, another beautiful green wall to ogle." Well, that's all fine and dandy, but there's more here than meets the eye. So while you would already be pretty impressed if you were to pass by this oasis in the city, imagine how cool it would be to see the green wall open up and watch a man emerge from within! Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. Two ancient buildings dominate the lovely village of Castle Acre, the Norman Castle and the Priory. In addition to the Castle and the Bailey Gate, visitors should see the beautifully maintained Castle Acre Priory, whose walled herb garden and the prior’s lodging give an insight into the life of this once powerful priory.
We start our tour of Castle Acre by parking the car in the centre of the village, adjacent to the village green. From the 13th century, visitors to Castle Acre from the north, would have entered the town via a huge twin towered stone gateway, known as the Bailey Gate.
A path leads to the ruins of the Castle, which was founded soon after the Norman conquest of 1066 by William de Warenne, first Earl of Surrey as his most important estate in Norfolk. Walking away from the village, we come to Castle Acre Priory, which despite being mainly in ruins, is one of the best preserved monastic sites in England.
Castle Acre lies at a strategic point where the Peddars Way (an old Roman road, now a long distance footpath) crosses the River Nar. TourNorfolk is an independent tourism website and therefore does not represent the views of any official body.
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About UsAn award winning farm shop in Melbourn, just outside Royston and a few miles from Cambridge with easy access to major routes. Unlike any regular old homogeneous green wall (not that ivy doesn’t have its own charm), this garden is a blend of Japanese garden plants and exotics that mixes color, texture, and form.
The shop inside the garden, called Kaza Hana, is a cafe, bar, florist and garden design company that is almost as green on the interior as it is on the exterior.

Both are now in ruins, but they offer a fantastic glimpse into the past and are one of the best examples of a Norman settlement in the country. Although now only its walls and ramparts remain, it attracts visitors all year round and offers splendid views of the surrounding Norfolk countryside.
This lovely village also has several tea rooms and a traditional village pub, plus some beautiful walks alongside the River Nar. You can usually find a spot and best of all, there is no parking restrictions and its free. This was one of 2 medieval gateways into Castle Acre and the only one to survive today, it is now looked after by English Heritage. The Castle is strategically placed where the ancient trackway known as the Peddars Way crosses the River Nar. Most of the building you see today was built during the 15th century, although some parts date from an earlier period. The priory originates from the 11th century after William de Warenne II and his wife Gundrada visited the great French monastery of Cluny. Although its two star attractions are in ruins, it is well worth a visit and makes a great day out.
In addition to our extensive selection of seeds and plants we have a large range of fantastic quality garden furniture and accessories, the best local selection of BBQs and equipment, gardening chemicals and tools, bird feed, baths and tables, sundials, statues, water features and a huge range of carefully chosen British traditional teracotta and glazed pots from around the world…everything for everyone from tentative enthusiasts to total experts.
Offering everything from the finest foods to beautiful garden furniture, coffee shop experience and separate farm-themed kids’ Fun Barn, Bury Lane is an inspiring farm shop experience for all the family. We need to inform you that this web site uses some unobtrusive cookies to store information on your computer.
As you can see, there are bushy evergreens, leafy maples and even some flowers and entire trees thrown into the bunch. Plants dot the floor in pots, hang from the ceiling and the flower shop actually turns one entire wall green.
Visitors to Castle Acre are entranced by the special atmosphere of this medieval walled town, which lies within the outer bailey of an 11th century castle.

An ancient gateway arch, called the Bailey Gate, was the north gateway to the medieval town. Situated around the green and in the adjacent streets you will find plenty of pretty cottages, a few shops, a pub and a couple of tea rooms.
Interestingly, the centre of the modern village is situated outside the medieval village, which would have extended down towards the River Nar and protected by the wall, remnants of which still remain. The Castle is a great example of a Motte and Bailey - the Motte was the residence of the owner and the last refuge in the event of attack, the Bailey below would contain the living quarters, stores and workshops.
Highlights of the church include a 15th century elegant font, the rood screen (with painted panels), a pulpit looking like a wineglass and various other interesting features that I will leave you to discover for yourself!
They were really impressed and decided to build similar ones to introduce the Cluniac order of monks to England. Today, it is a lovely place for a walk and to take in the views of the surrounding countryside and the village itself. Every Wednesday, delivered straight to my in-box, is this feature rich snapshot of hot design headlines for the week. And as if there weren't enough greenery on the outside of this clandestine eatery, the inside is a veritable jungle filled with ferns, palms and even a flower shop! The Barnfields for example, is a lovely tea shop, with a pretty rear garden and even a delicatessen where you can buy your own picnic.
Many of the remains of the building they created at Castle Acre can still be seen today, including the magnificent west-end and prior's lodging.
There is also a visitor centre, re-created herb garden and various other displays, all managed by English Heritage.

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