Players will often come into the gym, and start jacking up three’s without a second thought, ignoring the importance of a good warm up in close before moving out to distance. Instead, get them to come in and hit two shots from each of these five spots: right next to the rim, the short corner, just above the block, mid key, and at the elbow. And if you really want to challenge your guys, tell them they need to get two swishes before they can move on.
This drill is great for reinforcing the player’s shooting fundamentals, letting them focus solely on form. Giving players small tips to focus on – say using their legs, or keeping their elbow underneath the ball, will give them a great opportunity to work out the kinks in their mechanics before moving to the deep ball. On my teams, we always try to make a habit of taking the same shots in practice that we want to take in games. And this is why instead of running three point shooting drills where my players are stationary, catching and shooting the ball, or dribbling up the court to shoot a three, we run drills where we take the three off of a screen, ball movement, or a post entry. My favorite is this flex screen drill, with the passer stationed on the wing, a screener set at the top of the arc, and a line on the other wing. Players will then sprint out of the line, either curling around the screen at the three point line or stepping away for the fade. This gives players a chance to mimic a game situation, reading the defense and making the appropriate cut.
And if you’re looking for more shooting secrets, make sure to check out this post on key fundamental shooting tips! In today’s blog post, we are continuing our discussion of 3 Point Shooting Workouts, and shooting drills to maximize your players performance!   Below you will find four great shooting drill suggestions that focus on the catch and shoot, jabs, shot fakes and more! You want to make sure your players always have their hands up and ready near their shoulders or chest – not only to shoot the ball quicker, but also to give their teammates a target to pass to.
I’ve talked before about the importance of shorter players mastering the technique of the catch-and-shoot. Shorter players can make themselves one second quicker and get their shot off much faster if they will learn the catch-and-shoot technique.
For shorter players, especially guards, another invaluable shot for 3-point shooting is the shot off the fast break. In this drill, the player is passing to himself, making a jump stop in a triple threat, then coming back to a catch and shoot with a shot fake, and going to a jump shot in the lane.
You can incorporate this drill only three minutes a day into your practice time and have great results in a game situation.
You’re doing a shot fake out of the catch-and-shoot, taking a side dribble to the right, shot fake, side dribble to the left, in order to improve our 3-point shooting opportunities. If a player is having difficulty in making a shot to one side of the floor or in making a shot out of a specific shooting drill, then they should go and practice an extra set or two sets of that drill every day for a week or even up to a month. This drill helps your players work on a fake to move the defender backward and then step back and get off a 3-point shot in critical situations.
The player begins in triple threat, makes a good strong jab fake, then steps back and shoots the 3-point shot. As with any fundamental, you want to practice the jab, step back, and shoot, slowly at first and then you can develop rhythm and speed.
The 3-point shot has become a great asset to any basketball team, as it does a great job of stretching the defense. The second set of ten is shot off of footwork as if your player’s coming off screens.

The third set of ten is shot out of transition like your player is getting out running a lane in transition. The fifth set of ten is shot in trail 3s out of transition or spot-ups from the top of the key. Make sure that your shooter starts off slow so that you can ensure that he has the proper technique. It’s important to note that your players should never pick the ball up and go right out to the 3-point line to start shooting it. This set is shot in ten spots on the basketball floor, the first one being in the left-side baseline.
By utilizing this shooting drill, you’ll be well on your way to building a team full of players who have their 3-point licenses. You can do a similar drill to this one (at game pace) called 3-2-1 where you shoot a 3 point shot, then catch beyond the arc, shot fake and shoot a one dribble pull up 2 point shot, then catch beyond the arc, shot fake one dribble, then a dribble move and finish at the basket for 1 point if made. For variety, the numbers can be mirrored on the floor so that the right side is where the first shots are taken from. Receive an immediate Basketball Coaching e-book with 37 ideas to improve your program today! Often in practice we "breakdown" for 10 or 15 minutes and have post players doing their drills at one end and perimeter players doing drills on the opposite end with a coach or assistant at each end. With each drill, we do both sides and we have our players start in triple-treat position, make a jab-step fake or shot fake, and then execute the dribble and shot as indicated in each diagram below. So, when going to the left, right-handed players will make a crossover step, not a crossover dribble (which can be stolen by a defender). In diagram A, the first drill is a simple dribble down to the baseline and shoot the mid-range jump shot. In diagram B, each player will dribble down to the baseline, then back-dribble out, cross-over dribble and dribble into the seam and shoot the jump-shot. Or, you can have the ball-handler lines start at the half-court line, and then the ball-handler dribbles to the top and then over toward the wing for the hand-off. Next, you can do several fake dribble hand-offs with the ball-handler keeping the ball and quickly "turning the corner" and dribble-driving to the hoop. Become a Premium Member or get the Deluxe CD or downloads to get the complete article with all 15 drills.
And while you can beat the 2-3, 1-3-1, or 3-2 zones with swift ball movement and solid decision making, there is no denying that the ability to shoot the three ball well makes it quite a bit easier.
For instance if one of your players has their guide hand to involved in their shot, with their guide hand behind their back, forcing them to use just their shooting hand.
Although this is a 3-point shooting workout, we’re also showing you how to be a more effective player. With this drill, we’re just trying to develop game habits while we work our way out to the perimeter.
Incorporate a jump stop and pivot into our practice setting before you actually go through the move.
Now we have him pass to himself using reverse spin on the ball so that he can shot fake out of a catch-and-shoot. You can do this with the coach passing to a player or players, as a team drill, passing to each other. There are going to be many situations in games where you have to get a 3-point shot or you’ll have the opportunity to get a 3 when a defender runs by you.

At the end of team practice, take an extra set of 10 or even two sets of 10 in order to develop a greater shooting rhythm from the weak spots or shots that you have from the 3-point line. An important principle to follow when practicing is to give yourself a little bit of extra distance when shooting the 3-point shot. To be successful, you’ll need to focus on footwork, mechanics, conditioning, and a lot of practice.
This set teaches the proper technique of footwork, catching the ball in a bent-kneed stance, stepping with that inside foot, pulling that leg up to get the legs into the shot. On top, your player wants to finish with his elbow above his eye and a good flip of the wrist.
Your player’s going to get out and run wide along the baseline, V-cut along the old hash line while opening that chest up, and trying to get his feet set and squared, to get him a good look at the 3-point line. Your player’s going to start at the half court line, V-cut, square himself up, step with that inside foot, right at the top of the key. In this drill, the player wants to start as close in to the basket as he possibly can and work his way out. The guide hand should be left down by the side so that we don’t get any thumb in the basketball.
Your players should start in close, getting those fundamentals close, and try to take steps to all five spots with the flip drill to get different angles of shooting the basketball. Do you think the 3-point license will help motivate your team to work on their 3-point shooting skills? We have several basketball drills that are designed to improve individual shooting and dribbling skills. We teach that the left foot is always the pivot foot (for a right-handed player) and vice-versa for the left-handed player. Again, it's triple-threat position, a shot fake or jab-step, and a dribble into the seam between the corner and wing for a mid-range jump shot (like in diagram B). You can practice baseline shots by using any of the shooting techniques – from the catch and shoot, to the shot out of triple threat, to the jab, step back, and shoot. When you practice 3-point shooting, practice at a different basket on days one, three and five, than you do on days two, four and six.
In the middle of the floor, act as if he’s coming off a couple set of screens, stepping with that inside foot, squaring his shoulders, and shooting and releasing the basketball.
The two teaching points here are: start the ball in the shooting pocket and then finish with your elbow above your eye and a good flip of the wrist. The reality is, if you can shoot in practice 80% from the floor on this shot off the fast break, the chances of your coach giving you a green light are very high.
For example, if you’re a high school coach, you may want to make your number 30 out of 50 instead of 35 out of 50.
Remember to point out to your players the importance of holding their follow-through and finishing with the elbow above the eye. It shows which players can shoot the basketball from the 3-point line and which players need to reverse the basketball one more pass if they haven’t earned your license.

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